Chloe Moretz: Spanish Kitchen Cute

Chloe Moretz: Spanish Kitchen Cute

Chloe Moretz walks and talks with a few family members as they finish up lunch at The Spanish Kitchen in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (March 5).

The 14-year-old actress tweeted earlier that she had just finished stopping by a friend’s birthday party.

More new news has surfaced surrounding The Hunger Games casting and Lionsgate has confirmed that there are no front-runners for the role of Katniss Everdeen. Chloe has been one of many who has read for the role.

15+ pics inside of Chloe Moretz

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  • allie

    Katniss is described as having olive skin and long dark hair Vanessa hudgens would be perfect for that role!! Ps beastly was awesome!!

  • http://@Evilmuffincao Evilmuffincao


  • Katty


    If they cast someone below the age of 17 to play Katniss who does not have DARK hair and DARK skin, then I refuse to see it if they can’t even CAST IT RIGHT.

    OMG LIONSGATE. You usually do sh!t right, stop asking these annoying little 14 year old girls to come read. A 14 year old making out with Alex Pettyfer? That will go over well (assuming he takes the role, which he shouldn’t, he should be Jace in The Mortal Intruments). And, Hailee Steinfeld would NOT be good for Katniss either. AGAIN she should be around 17+ with DARK SKIN as well. I get that the girl is talented, that does not mean she should be Katniss.

  • J.

    Chloe Moretz is a wonderful actress and if ahe were two years older then yeah, she would make agreat Katniss. I would rather they find an actress who can act the sh*t out of the roll than have them cast someone for the LOOK ONLY and end up with a terrible actress. By the way, I have afeeling that Katniss origins are either “Black Irish” or Melungeon (tri-racial, Native American, White European , SubSaharan African) hence the olive skin, dark straight hair and gray eyes. But, NOT ANY ONE RACE in PARTICULAR.

  • allie

    Obviously chloe isn’t those ethnicities also! They should at least get someone that resembles katniss!! Hence that is y I said Vanessa!! Sarah hyland would b great also! :) she looks younger

  • Crystal

    lookin’ adorable as always

  • Maddie

    my new fav actress, after Ellen Page, who was my fav actress for 6 years

  • heyjessie

    Chloe would KILL the role of Katniss. It’d be amazing. She didn’t just play Hit-Girl and Abby, she was Hit-Girl and Abby, and she would also be Katniss Everdeen as well. I’m speaking as a longtime fan of The Hunger Games — I read it before it got popular. Chloe would be amazing in this role. Sure, she doesn’t have dark hair and eyes, but she could dye it or something (though I love her blond hair :D). And there’s always contacts. Katniss is sixteen and Chloe already looks older than fourteen most of the time, and she’s a very mature actress. I’d rather have a good actress that had to tweak her looks a bit to fit the role of Katniss than have a actress that looks exactly like her but can’t act for her life.