Demi Lovato & Leven Rambin: Dan Tana's Twosome

Demi Lovato & Leven Rambin: Dan Tana's Twosome

Demi Lovato and Leven Rambin share a big laugh as they leave Dan Tana’s Restaurant in Hollywood on Friday night (March 4).

The duo were joined by pals Francia Raisa, her sister Italia and Tiffany Thornton during dinner.

Remember, Demi will be posting a very special video message for her fans on Monday. Be sure to tune in and watch!

Psst, did you catch Leven on One Tree Hill?

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  • andrea

    i love demi, and i love that she looks so happy in this pictures, and in this new moment of her life :)

  • Charlie brown

    I saw leven on oth and went “Who is that? i know here from somewhere!” and that was over a week ago, just today i realized it was because of her role on wowp! =) She sure is an amazing actress! :)

  • mamsc

    Pretty Demi! I’m just glad for what seems like forever, we finally see more from Demi! :D Cant wait for her video for the fans this Monday!

  • michelle

    She looks so healthy!!! So beautiful!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I’m glad to see Demi out and smiling about. :) She looks amazing.

  • Ashley

    Demi looks so beautiful! A real improvement! Her hair looks amazing and it’s lovely to see her so happy. 2011 will be the year of Demi! She is going to be such a sensation. Think of what she’s done already, with all those burdens she’s had to cary, and demons she’s had to live with. She has liberated herself and inspired others around to world to make life work for them, that they don’t have to be unhappy – at least that’s what she’s taught me.

  • mrmn12

    Welcome Back Demi :)
    she’s beautiful

  • I Am Number Four ;)

    Oh, yeah! Before I fully read this post I said, “She looks familar.” I’m a One Tree Hill fan. She’s pretty and of course, so is Demi!

  • http://deleted Troy

    It’s definitely nice to see Demi looking happy and healthy. I have to say seeing her hang with Levan Rambin just seems “So Random.” LOL Kind of like Vanessa Hudgens attending Victoria Justice’s 18th birthday.. This isn’t a diss just an observation. I just never would have thought of them knowing each other.

  • Ella

    Demi is super healthy! Good to see her like that with her sweet smile trademark. God bless this girl. ^^

  • j-ann

    since when do these two know each other???

  • Sam

    I love her!! She is so Pretty!!!
    Monday i’m waiting for you!!!!!!

  • Evelyn

    @j-ann: She passed thrugh Disney, every Disney star or guest star in any show more than likely know each other

  • Missy

    Who cares how they know each other? They’re both great actresses and absolutely stunning. Looks like they had a fun time

  • Ryan

    Finally, some new candids of Demi happy, radiant, & smiling. This is the Dem I know & love, so, so beautiful she looks in these photos. It’s great that she’s able to spend time w/ her friends & family and enjoy life for a while outside of her career. Looking forward to her message to us on Monday as well. Demi out with Tiffany, Leven, Francia, & Italia? Now THAT’S cool. I never knew she was friends w/ Leven & Francia until just recently.

    I wonder if soon we may see the reunion everybody’s been hoping for – Demi & Selena. I say this because Francia has hung out & spent time with Sel recently. Ironic? I think not. We’ll soon see. Here’s hoping.. :)

  • jesse

    aww demi and this Leven Rambin girl are so cute together!
    demi looks so happy :D i love her so much!
    Also It’s so cool that demi and Francia are hangin out!
    since Francia and Selena are so close..
    I want Semi back :`(

  • mendomamir

    how cool that sel & demi have actually the same friends.. franci raisa I just say

  • Olivia

    Very beautiful Demi!

  • Nick

    always beautiful
    very happy my love Demi!

  • Robert

    Demi is perfect

  • Lara

    Very happy! Demi Lovato!

  • Simone

    I love you Demi!

  • Brenda

    amazing Demi

  • David

    Love you Demi

  • Fernanda

    Demi is incredible!

  • Jocasta

    Demi is the best!

  • Fabio

    Love you!
    Demi Lovato!

  • Diana

    Love you Demi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma

    Demi so happy! love you

  • Kristen

    Love you!

  • Virginia

    Love Demi!

  • Tasha

    incredible Demi!

  • ashely

    Demi love you

  • any

    She looks sooo awesome! love you Demi

  • sarah

    beautiful Demi
    Love her soooo much she is just perfect !!

  • Lope

    You HAIR baby! whaaaa! So gorgeous!! I love Leven too! ♥

  • Byanca

    beautiful Demi

  • Alice

    very happy!

  • Claire

    Love you Demi

  • Virginia

    Love Demi

  • Felipe


  • Lara

    Diva Demi!

  • Vera

    Love you!

  • Emanuel

    much love

  • http://@Mellz89 Mellz89

    woow is it just me or demi looks so fat…!

  • Mariana

    Love you Demi! ‘

  • Aline

    Demi muito feliz porque está bem agora! Love you!

  • jesse

    @Mellz89: shut up! she suffered from eating disorder because of people like you! ><
    she looks great!

  • hetevbh

    love demi. so happy to see her smile

  • hetevbh

    she looks so happy, that makes me happy. i love demi <333333333