Zac Efron Heads Back To LA

Zac Efron Heads Back To LA

Zac Efron pulls on his fave black beanie as he heads through JFK Airport in NYC on Saturday morning (March 5).

The 23-year-old actor just finished filming his scenes for New Year’s Eve in the city.

Earlier last week while shopping in Soho, Zac stopped off at Armani Exchange and picked up some cool new threads including an A|XX 20th Marled Drop Shoulder, a Lightweight 3/4 Trench Coat and a Reversible Shirt Jacket.

Just before leaving with his purchases, Zac dished that the store was “dope” before exiting to a large crowd of fans gathered outside.

FYI: Zac is wearing Diesel Thavar 8NE jeans.

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Credit: Ron Asadorian; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Well, he looks.. that beanie and that coat.. He looks hot !! He deserves a well rest.

  • re

    love that jacket, he look good hot

  • lol


  • ma

    he looks handsome like always but… i don’t know… something about him it’s really chenged

  • ma


  • gwen laraine

    I miss him & Vanessa so much :( sigh

  • Katty

    That jacket is ugly lookin. Jussayin.

    Yes, I agree, as of late Zac seems different. Then again, if a bunch of people with cameras were yelling in my face and asking about my ex I’d look a little PO’ed too.

    I hope you are doing good Zac because Vanessa sure as heck seems to be and while I am not too sure on you anymore, I want you to be happy.

    I sounded really gay just now, but I’ll get over it.

  • Katty

    Oh, yeah, does anyone know if he is done in NY now? With New Years Eve and everything? Or is this just another trip back to LA because of The Lorax? Usually these ensamble pieces don’t need much time from each actor so one would think he should be finishing up.

  • http://WWW.GMX.CO.UK Jo


    I read somewhere that he will be heading home to la for now, but will head back in 3-4 weeks time. I just got that off twitter so i don’t know if he will head back to NY. But, it think he should be finishing up his scenes.

  • beatriz

    he looks sooo hot(:

  • FcZacEfron

    Zapraszam na

  • cutie

    i like his ribbed cardigan and the bennies.
    he look amazing as always.

  • SE

    Sexy Zac!!

  • Proudofzacnessa


  • Aly

    JJJ… you did it again… Saturday morning? Really? Guess 4pm is in the morning for you…
    He left Saturday afternoon… That was the time people on twitter saw him at JFK -.-

    What do you mean he looks changed? O.o In pics taken by fans or people on the set he is smiling. He looks ok in those. He only looks has a straight face in pics taken by the paps… but with the way they shout question at him i won`t be surprised.

  • lauren



    you look great Zac (:

  • tina

    Most people smile for pictures happy or not.

  • http://yahoo cody

    IT;s call guilt i belive Zac cheated on venessa while jn
    no and it is eating him a live but i think they are still very mush in love
    and they will work this OUT

  • Lyla

    Maybe most people do smile for pictures, but it’s not like he’s POSING for the pictures. He’s walking through an airport trying to get to his gate, and a bunch of intrusive paps are snapping pics with flashes going off and yelling at him, asking personal questions. I’d think the last thing he’d be doing would be smiling.

  • Deb

    You are an idiot. Zac did not cheat on Nessa.

  • lauren

    some of you people need to work on your spelling

  • say what?


    Meanwhile-over on Vanessa post are pics of her partying and going to games with various male co-stars- and obvious drinking- not saying any of it is wrong since THEY BROKE UP IN DECEMBER-but here is all this picture proof and awws for Vanessa and hate and death threats for a poor girl their are just twitter rumors about AGAIN AFTER THEY WERE BROKEN UP- So Zac cant go anywhere ever without being a cheater-but Vanessa partys day after day, night after night and its “aww she looks happy-she deserves it”

    Vanessa fans are a reall stange hypocritical breed-

    Ihope these kids can move past this chapter on their life and gain mature fans

  • alana

    Love him… but men shoudnt wear cardigans… :D

  • peggy

    @say what?:

    Have you lost you mind she was doing her promotour what was she suppopse to do cry all week and went to a basketball game with a friend and an AWARDS show with a friend (he says they are more like brother and sister) and her own premiere and this weekend a Birthday party or Brittany Snow.

    And even Fashion week she was seen out ONE night with Brit to hear a friend’s band play – ONE NIGHT!!!!

    And it was said very plaining by a few peeps she drank a glass of winw A GLASS no reference to lots of drinking.

    Thats not the same thing as going to club after club (something V is not doing) multiple nights and being accussed of feeling a woman (got named) in a public venue a week after being with V in NC

    Do you really want me to do a list of the clubs Zac has been frrequenting lately.

    If you’re going to try to make a point make on based on fact – you cant win this argumen there are too many who can give not only the clubs (sometimes more than one a night) he’s been to but the dates.

    His newer behavior is called image control since the TP thing blew up in his face

  • Aly

    @say what?:

    I don`t know you, never saw you until now, but to call Vanessa`s fans hypocrites it`s offending some of us. And i think you should go and check some things, the actual report was that they were taking a break, not that they were broke up. E! was with the broke up, and in 2 weeks after the broke up the same E! got them back together and broken up about 4 times in a week. Poor girl Teresa Palmer? Ha, you made me laugh.
    And yes, she looks happy, her movie got great reviews, someone said that it`s even better than Twilight, her movie made over 8 million $ in 2 days, it`s #3 at Box Office, she was invited to NYC fashion week, she`s the new image of Candies, why wouldn`t she be happy, because she and zac broke up or whatever?
    How would you feel when you would have 20 paps yelling in your face how are you doing and how are you feeling, what`s your ex doing – they called Vanessa his ex in a video in January, if you`re gay, if you were holding hands with a guy at the same party Vanessa was? Yeah, i think you would be mad, and pissed off, and would probably want to kill the paps.
    And, gotta ask you this, if they broke up in December how did you got them to “they were broken up”? You`re contradicting yourself.
    And should i copy paste a comment with zac all drinking and clubbing too? You are calling us hypocrites, but at the end of the day Zac PARTIED and went to clubs MORE than Vanessa did. She was in NC filming, then NYC to fashion week, when she went to LA for a couple of days she went out to parties and if she drank so what? Zac went about 3 weeks every night clubbing, at some awards he even went drunk.
    You`re “poor zac, they are calling you a cheater”. If he really did cheat on her how come the people that were there, at the reception because that`s the ONLY place he went, and didn`t see him doing the things they accused him of? How come the only person with the whole cheating was someone who LIVES in LONDON and heard it all from the cousin of a cousin of another cousin etc. At voyeur there wasn`t any sighting of him there. Figure out which one was actually true, Voyeur or Eden? At Eden were dozens of sightings, at Voyeur NONE.
    Stop trashing Vanessa to make Zac look good. I`m supporting them both but i don`t want to see someone trashing somebody else just to make someone look good.
    And what picture proof are you referring to?

  • Leslie

    @peggy: Yeah, i’d like for you to do a list of TRUE incidents of Zac 1) getting drunk and 2) having sex with any new women. I am not asking for a list of times that he maybe went out to a club or a restaurant, or even hanging out with friends that are women, because there is nothing wrong with that.

  • say what?

    ALY and Peggy=

    Excuse me, but I’m on ZAC”S thread reading all kinds of nasty comments about his ALLEGED RUMOURED UNSUBSTANTIATED partying and cheating nonsense that ALLEGEDLY occured AFTER A BREAK UP HAD BEEN ANNOUNCED ON THIS VERY site.

    Im sure that rumprs couldnt wait to be started about him and they are all over the map.

    I am not on Vanessa’s thread spewing hate because I dont want to dislike her because of the vitriole of her fans. There is photo after non-promotional photo of her out having a great time-and why not? I wont judge that. She and her boyfriend broke up-they werent married.

    No I have not lost my mind- it’s what I see. Vanessa fans spewing hate and rumors on his thread over tabloid rumors-while throwing hearts and kisses on hers- while trashing Zac for some reason as well. That IS the definiton of hypoctrite

  • maria

    @say what?: Please…..just read the crap Zac fans write about Vanessa. It’s AWFUL. And she’s been dealing with it since they’ve been together……he’s only had to deal with it since he supposedly wh*red around a week after being with Vanessa, and became a guy he NEVER wanted to be. He’s a big boy…he can deal. She has for a LONG time just being his GF.

  • maria

    @Leslie: I don’t believe anyone accused him of having sex. Just partying non-stop while in LA, and frequently while in NYC. And he’s back in LA……I’m sure we’ll hear about it very soon. Don’t worry. The new Zac will be spending his nights in clubs, and with no new projects in sight, he is especially bored. And I don’t want to hear about all the so-called projects he has planned…..none of them are ready to film. One has no director, no start date, another has no script, yada-yada. So nothing is going to start up soon. Wonder when he’ll realize clubbing and partying gets old real fast. But these are his choices. So be it.

  • say what?


    I dont want to have to read ridiculous nonsense about either of them I’m not chosing up sides although I enjoy Zac;s work more than Vanessa;s and have no real interest in their relationship but am subjected to it with every picture and post.

    Im sorry their young lives had so much turmoil but I just want to enjoy the jouney of especially Zac’s career without having to hear tabloid nastiness at every turn.

  • Aly

    @say what?:
    Well, excuse me, but there are Vanessa fans that don`t trash zac… and there are Zac`s fans that don`t trash Vanessa, except emma, but she always hated Vanessa, lol. The fans that hate Zac right now are the ones that used to be his biggest fans and where always defending him, but after the whole Teresa fiasco they don`t even want to hear about him. Hell, even i`m mad at zac for the partying and the drinking…

    And you got mad at the rumors NOW? Weeks after they stopped? Or did you move from JJ? O.o Because i remember clearly that – except the ones i know – we didn`t get a war between Vanessa`s fans and Zac`s fans. The ones that trash zac/vanessa are the same ones that trash him/her in every thread… You get to know them after some time and ignore them. But from there to call Vanessa`s fans hypocrites…

    Oh, another funny thing, the break up that JJJ announced was copy pasted from E! you know? And if JJJ is such a reliable source, i`m wondering why didn`t Zac and Vanessa got married in September 2010… JJJ posted that too long long long time ago. And, to tell the truth, as of lately, there are lots of times when JJJ posts something with the wrong facts…

  • Merlin’s mum

    @maria: You are really getting on my nerves now girl. You are just full of hate! Unless you’re not telling us something,you like the rest of us no NOTHING about what is going on. And frankly his private life is None of our business. If he’s off getting drunk and layed, bloody good for him. Hope he’s enjoying himself. He’s 23 not 93.

  • Haters Suck!

    AMEN!!!! You know I wasn’t going to join this fight but the things say what? has been saying have really gotten under my skin. Say what? you want to talk hypocracy, everything Maria said is completley true. For over 5 years Vanessa has been dealing with hate and cruel attacks from zac fans calling her all kinds of names. I don’t want to lump
    all zac fans into this group cause I do know some zac fans who have been very respectful to Vanessa so I apologize to you, but there has been a large number of zac fans who have hated on her for no other reason reaso then she’s zac’s girlfriend. But now all
    of a sudden that their little golden boy has come under attack because his behavior finally caught up to him his fans can’t take it. His fans had no problem insulting Vanessa but th second the tables are turned they can’t take it, that say what is the defenition of hypocracy, so go head let me hear you defend that. Why was it ok for his fans to do it but when vanessa’s do it they’re the ones who get blamed? Turn about is fair play if u ask me. Once again I apologize to the zac fans who have been respectful for dragging u in to this but I just can’t help myself.

  • Aly

    Umm, sorry for this, but for the past 2 weeks there hasn`t been anything about Zac going drinking and clubbing in NYC…

    @Haters Suck!:
    Did this guy/girl used to post in JJ? I can`t believe people are starting to fight here now, it used to be so nice and quiet :(

  • say what?


    Please–(sigh) I;m not upset about the rumors- two kids broke up and have obviously moved on-but in every post made-up stories and rumors are re-hashed that has nothing to do with anything real and its tiresome now

  • say what?

    Hater- Sorry Im under your skin. I stay in Zac’s threads hoping to see things about Zac and not have to read nastiness about him in his own threads. I said nothing bad-nor will I- about Vanessa-there is no need-

    I really dont understand how IM under YOUR skin when you are the one spreading vitriole on the person;s own thread but that is clearly not my problem.

  • Aly

    @say what?:

    Oh god, go to the other threads of zac, the guys that usually go back to the rumors – except some of you – are trolls, and they post like the same thing in every thread. I know it`s tiresome and sometimes you just want to yell at them and make them stop, but yelling at them won`t do anything good. The only option i could find was to ignore them and not let those stupid comments get to me.

    If it`s real or not, nobody knows, only them and them only, we are all going on guessing and on picture proved things. Or, at least, that`s what i`m going on…

  • Haters Suck!

    @say what?
    Your under my skin because of your own hypocracy. You blame Vanessa and her fans for all this and yet like i said you seem to have no problems with what zac’s fans have been saying about Vanessa for the last five years to today. To you it’s ok when zac fans go on her posts and attack her but when it’s the other way around you don’t like it so much. So like I said that is why your under my skin.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ ALY, i am really proud of you. Zac and Vaneesa will always support each other, they are on a break, because of work, and trying to find each other as indivuals, not as girlfriend, and boyfriend, this is for their careers, but i still blame his magement for the break, they have a bad reportation. people need to stop comparing them there doing there own thing, i just wish Zac would have done more character parts, then trying to put verything on his back, you learn alot more of doing and working with seasonal actors, you become better when you have better talent, working around you.

  • say what?

    @Haters Suck!

    Point taken- I personally dont have anything to say about her and I personally dont post in her threads, Its frustration on my part because Im trying to be courteous. I guess I should realize that these are tabloid sites and not fan sites and not get so bogged down in people’s fantasy on what they THINk is true and just enjoy the pictures


    Think there is to much hate here. :/
    I think we should just hope for the best, for both of them really.
    And its not us there was in this relationship.. so i dont think we can sit here and say who did what, or who didnt?. Its a little wrong, no one knows what really happened. Maybe they just ended a little break, and like they said.. there still friends, so something “totaly bad” could not have happened with them. I just hope to see them both happy, and if it are meant to be, i would love to see them together.
    Im a zac fan, but it dont mean i put hate on vanessa.. after all she did made him a lot of happy in years.. is that not what matter? and Zac made her happy. I just hope they work things out by themself.. and not how all other people want them to.

  • http://None Juddy

    @Haters Suck!:
    Thank you man ….

  • http://None Juddy

    Right …
    Thank you we only want that zac fans stop trash Vanessa in every thread zac thread , v thread they are broken up why they are still trashing van ..

  • sophie

    everyone needs to stop trashing both zac and vanessa. who knows whats going on between them, and i honestly believe they are just taking a break to focus on their careers. just let them be, and stop judging them.

  • Merlin’s mum

    Everyone. Take a deep breath. Look at the pictures. Comment on the pictures. Ask legitimate questions of each other. Be polite. AND STOP ALL THE DAMN CRAP!!!!

  • Allie

    What I want – Zac to get a good, but smaller role in a big film, where is not the biggest star, preferably by auditioning for it
    Vanessa – for Sucker Punch to do well, and get a role in a drama, whatever size the role is.
    But most of all, I want them both to be happy. Whether you’re a Zac fan, Vanessa fan. or both, I’m sure you want them to be happy. Whether that’s together or apart.

    But to be honest, they brought all this crap on themselves. If they’d just released a statement in the first place, I don’t think we’d have all this going on. People would know definetly what their status is. If they were on a break, they should have said that there was no break-up until they had figured out they were broken up. Scarlet and Ryan denied they were splitting up so many times in the weeks before they announced their divorce. No-ones harassing Mila Kunis about her break up because they confirmed they had broken up.

    By not commenting on it, and having these PR shams (I’m talking about both of them) they’re making it harder on themselves. Them, and their PRs, need a course on Public Relations 101.

  • Aly

    I love your comment, they should have really released a statement and said straight what their relationship is.

  • susan

    @Allie: I think you got your wish for Zac with this latest film he is doing: New Year’s Eve. He’s part of an ensemble cast, by no means is he the star, nobody really is. And we can all hope Gary Marshall learned his lesson with the critical trashing of Valentine’s Day. Let’s hope this script is 100 times better, but I have to admit my hopes were a little bit dashed when I heard about the scene with Michelle Pfeiffer’s character falling into a bunch of garbage bags. Please don’t let this devolve into slapstick stupidity.


    Welcome home! LA’s happy you’re back <3