Vanessa Hudgens Walks Into A Bar

Vanessa Hudgens Walks Into A Bar

Vanessa Hudgens is all smiles as she arrives at the premiere of Girl Walks Into A Bar held at ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles on Monday evening (March 7).

The 22-year-old actress just returned from a girls weekend in Las Vegas, celebrating BFF Brittany Snow‘s upcoming 25th birthday.

Vanessa‘s new film, Beastly, took the number 3 spot at the box office over the weekend. Have you seen it yet?

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Daniela

    shes gorgeous

  • laquida

    so beautiful and classy! always will love vanessa!!:)

  • pop86

    Good to see Vanessa

  • Stella

    Gorgeous! :)

  • georgiaaaaaa

    i swear she can wear anything and look gorgeous!! and congrats for her movie making nuber 3 at the box office thats huge!!

  • potaa

    seems like her days are good these days :)
    have fun Nessa!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Ah, my favorite number, 3. Gosh, I’m so proud of her !! It may not be number one but third over all ? That’s fantastic. Congrats to the cast and crew !! :D Gr, Vanessa, why are you so pretty !? She looks great. Loving the smile !


    She looks so gorgeous.

  • carly

    Nessa looking great :D congrats to vanessa and cast for getting to Number 3 with Beastly, it doesn’t matter if it don’t get to Number 1, Number 3 is AMAZING, I’m so proiud of her :D well done Nessa xxxx

  • sunny

    ya know, I love VHud but with all the money she has can’t she have a seamstress on call to just hem her dresses and pants? She is super tiny and wears things that are standard length and it looks sloppy. That outfit would be great on her if you didn’t have to imagine her almost tripping and breaking her neck from it. Actually, all of her clothes look great on her it’s just that they are all too long!

  • ehryle

    wow she totally look pretty awesome!!! :)

  • peggy

    She came out to support Carla Cugino she not only in the movie but Carla’s boyfriend wrote and directed,

    Jena Malone went also.

  • Haters Suck!

    There’s my favorite Hollywood girl lookin great as usual. I’m on your Side 100% baby v and I’m also liking all the time she’s been spending with Brittany recently those two need to stick together.

  • sara

    Another flop I see

  • Bradley Bobst

    My favorite Girl She is totally looking Fine and Sexy Omg Vanessa keep getting more and more Hot everytime Have a Huge Crush on her. Love the Dress, her Hair and the smile on her face.

  • Haters Suck!

    let’s play a game shall we, which movie did better
    move a made 60% of it’s production cost this weekend after already making it’s money back in the forgien market
    movie b made 28% of it’s production cost this weekend
    which was the flop?
    Question 2
    this movie made over 5 thousand per theather
    movie B made just 4.5 thosand per theather
    which one did better?
    take your time and get back to me with your answer.

  • Haters Suck!

    let’s play a game shall we, which movie did better
    move a made 60% of it’s production cost this weekend after already making it’s money back in the forgien market
    movie b made 28% of it’s production cost this weekend
    which was the flop?
    Question 2
    this movie made over 5 thousand per theather
    movie B made just 4.5 thosand per theather
    which one did better?
    take your time and get back to me with your answer

  • Haters Suck!

    Crap!! sorry for the double post I did not mean for that to happen I don’t like it when I do that.

  • Pao

    Gorgeous! like always! wOW!

  • Bradley Bobst

    Looking Totally Fine and Hot as always. Totally beautiful Falling More & More In love with Vanessa every single day.

  • lady

    barbara check out vanessa finger. you will see a heart.

  • Cindy Bobst

    Looking Beautiful Vanessa.

  • Daniela

    love her

  • kyle

    Lovely smile.

  • suzy


  • mykamicks

    Her smiles speaks alot of happiness lately. Despite of the eyebugs lol! she has the cutest smile. After the tour, promos & party’, still very very energetic then, she came out again just to support a friend.

  • kika

    does anybody know wat tone Vanessa died her hair? the bottom portion looks like a type of brown..i want to die my hair like that to

  • Rose

    Omg!!!!!!!!!nessa you so beautiful ,I’m so proud of being nessa fan,you show us to become a trong woman,that’s why I adore you to much.

  • PK9

    Dang, I clicked on this article hoping to see the punch line “OUCH!”

  • http://lala aiwen

    i love her smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katty

    I love the outfit, it looks somewhat odd, but a good kind of odd. She seems to always be smiling lately :)

  • lauren

    apprently she’s getting a twtiter and still working on it,

    fantastic,, now all the fan girls are going to nag her about zac and spam her with 5905955 tweets.

  • charlene

    where did you hear she was gonna get a twitter?

  • Lissi

    She said it here:

    I don’t understand her. She always said she doesn’t want twitter etc. bc she’s a private person and doesn’t want people to know where she is. Dear god, she changed so much and Zac, too. And I don’t like that, bc I liked them for how private they were, not like all those fame hungry people. But know I think they eat their words and become one of them :-(

  • maria

    Not sure I believe she’ll actually do Twitter, but then again, she doesn’t have a relationship to stay private about, so why not? She can do Twitter, without giving out her whereabouts. That’s what I have a problem with…..the peeps who have to tell us where they are all the time. I doubt V would do that.

  • lauren

    @ lissi,
    the people vanessa and zac were at 16 and 17 years old are not who they are today, people change, its part of life. maybe this ”break up” was good for them to experience life and date other people before they get back together and have serious life together.

  • yets

    Looking good vanessa!!!
    i Love her

  • kimann

    It’s the same dress she bought in the 25 Park Store in NYC. :D

    I’ve seen a full picture of it somewhere here in JJJ.

  • peggy


    As of yet she still doesnt have the twitter and it only takes 5 minutes to put up. So maybe you should not judge until it exists

  • Lissi

    @lauren: Do you relly believe they will get back together. I don’t! The way things look rn, they are better off without the other. In a few months, they could meet others, maybe fall in love and then there is no second chance. Couples who get back together after years, are really rare. And you are dating to find somebody to be with, if you have luck for the rest of your life. I don’t think it would be fair to date, just to do it and thinking about the ex you want to be with after the dating. A break for half a year to a year is possible, but everything more has a 1% chance.

    @peggy: No she doesn’t have one yet, but she might have one in a few weeks or something and I still can’t understand it, bc she was against it half a year ago. But maybe it was Zac, who didn’t wanted that she has one, now he is out of the picture and she can do what she wants.

  • tina

    Isn’t it part of her contract with Candies to twitter on their account?

  • samantha


  • lady

    lissi did ask me but yes i do think zac and vanessa will get back together after they are done with work.after march 25 she will be finsh with her movie until fall i think.zac don’t havea new movie yet for to work on..why i think that is went she out she have her phone in her hand went she not work. and the same with zac. and they are not date other people. they are with there freind all the time.if they was date other people we would know.would though zac would have a lady by now. so that tell me they are try to work think out.they did have any prouble until zac people step in. tell him vanessa was hold him back.zac not think with his heart right now.

  • Irene

    about vanessa getting a twitter account – I don’t understand it because when she’s been asked if she had one, she’s always given the same answer: “I’m a private person”.

    not going to judge because she maybe gets an account just to mess a little with her friends and just…don’t know, be more “in the circle” (all her friends have twitter in the end) but I do hope she won’t be like some people that NEED to twitter EVERYTHING (where they are, what they’re doing…) because that would be exactly the opposite she’s been affirming she thought. once she gets her twitter we’ll be able to opine about it; until that moment…oh well, it’s her decision to make…and our thing to respect.

    either way, she looks gorgeous here; not going to lie, the dress is kinda “too long” but she can pull it off. however, her fashion choices, as of late, I don’t like. it’s like she’s getting too much “inspiration” from mary kate and that’s sth I don’t like because I don’t think MK has fashion style at all :/ I liked it better her “old fashion sense” instead of this new one, but again, it’s her decision so…shutting up about it.

    ps: don’t know why people are still insisting about whether zv are together or trying to make it work or solving their problems or whatever or if, on the contrary, they have actually broken up for good. do we know the truth? NO. are we going to know the truth? only if they decide to talk, which I don’t see happening any time soon. conclusion: forget z if you’re watching a v’s post and forget v if you’re watching a z’s post.

    the truth will surface rather sooner than later so…let it happen, either it’s to show that zv are still together or that zv don’t exist anymore and now we only have z and v. in the end, this is their life, so they are the only ones who can decide what they want to do with it….

    we may end all the ridiculous and stupid war we have here and we’ll be able to go back to before all this madness started – when just your usual haters attacked one or the other with no reason but the fact that “I don’t like him/her so I bash him/her”… :)

  • Lissi

    @lady. Oh please, not that again. Zac’s team isn’t telling him what do do, when it comes to his personal life. And you think V would take him back, if it were true and he would choose his career over her? :-D I don’t think so.
    Sorry, but that desilusional. I’m not saying they don’t get back together, but I think the chances are under 5%. And V isn’t done with work until around mid april, since she is for example in London on March 30th. So she will promote in Europe and maybe in Australia, Japan,… too. And if or if not they have film to shoot, is something we don’t know rn, bc their filming schedules are announced a few weeks, before they start filming. If they date or not, is something we don’t know either. I don’t think they are at the moment, but we shouldn’t assume they are not dating.

  • ZANE

    sweet! watched Beastly it!

  • susan

    @Lissi: I agree with you. They’ll always be working. At least that’s what they hope for, and what their agents work for. I think it’s great if they are still good friends and can do lunch, hang out at each other’s house once in a while, whatever. I’d love to see them photographed together again in the near future, even if just as friends. Does anybody remember the last time they were pictured together? Was it Thanksgiving in Hawaii? 3 1/2 months ago? Doesn’t seem that long.

  • caro

    she looks gorgeous!

  • caro

    SP reunion <3

  • tina

    Have people been persuaded to put their personal life on the back burner for their careers? Yes. Is this the case here who knows. Only time will tell.

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