Nina Dobrev Covers Teen Vogue April 2011

Nina Dobrev Covers Teen Vogue April 2011

Nina Dobrev lets the wind run through her hair in this outtake from her April 2011 cover of Teen Vogue.

The 22-year-old actress opened up to the mag about dating rumors, the roles she really wants and playing good and evil on The Vampire Diaries. Check it:

On playing two characters: “When I signed on to the show, I didn’t know whether I’d be playing both girls. And while it’s been cool, it’s also exhausting because it’s double the work. You invest so much of your heart and soul and energy into making even one character. It’s like doing two movies at once.”

On the romance rumors between her and Ian: We expected the rumors. Like, if I wasn’t dating Ian, I’d be dating Paul. A lot of people who work together end up dating, so it wouldn’t be unusual, but I’ve never dated anyone I’ve worked with.”

On the roles she wants to take: “A lot of things that I’m being offered right now are horror, sci-fi, or high school—related. That’s what I do every day. I want to do something different.”

On her high school experience: “I wanted to be the jock, and I wanted to be a dancer and actress. I was also a gymnast and very academically driven. I always had a lot on my plate and was really overwhelmed. Not much has changed—I’m constantly trying to one-up myself and raising the stakes.”

10+ outtakes inside…

Nina Dobrev: Teen Vogue April 2011

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Credit: Regan Cameron; Photos: Teen Vogue
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  • :)

    YAY! someone new on teen vogue.

  • Mandy

    Funny how she didn’t actually DENY the rumours about her and Ian. She said she’s never dated a co-star, but she didn’t deny she’s not dat-ING a co-star.

  • nina

    waww Nina you’re number one I love you

  • HIH


  • Karlyn19

    She is beautiful, but a shame she can’t carry a scene. It’s painful to watch her. Not surprised she’s dating Ian. He had a longtime gf when the show started, where is she now? Tsk tsk.


    ive always loved her. lol that’s not changin. TEAM DOBREV!!! btw i totally get what she means when she says she not dating ian. SHE’S NOT!!

  • http://@skyobyo skyo

    I think she means that fans gonna talk and say she and ian dating when she says no they will say so you and paul dating. she means that they will talk anyway she says they expected the rumors so they know it . plus why they will hide it if they go in public together they will say it and they would be happy ian not the type of man who`s hiding his feelings he would be the first one saying it he`s treating girls and womens like that beautiful way , once people say any two together they will say they are dating she`s saying that they are not dating when she said i`ve never dated anyone she worked with i think she didn`t say it the right way sry being long

  • http://@hebamaherr Hey

    i think she means that if she said i`m not dating ian they will say ok so now you are dating paul plus said they expected the rumors so if they are really dating why they will deny it and make it private ian is not the type of man who will deny it he will be the first one saying it to us and will be happy its normal for them to be together because they are working together he had GF before and everyone knew it she said its normal for fans to say that bec. they are workin together and she is not dating ian she means that its just ian way for treating girls and womens so gently

  • Hey :)

    I really like her style and how she behaves, but she started to annoy me in the show with all those disquieting and unnatural lips making… I just feel like all her focus during the scenes is on how will her lips look like.
    And I think she’s dating Ian, because of a lot of reasons. I don’t blame her lol

  • Deby

    There is no doubt Ian and Nina are a couple. They spent Christmas together and their families were there too. I doubt if they were just friends, their families would be included, which means the relationship must be serious. Also, Ian and Nina were spotted at the Parish Restaurant in Midtown Atlanta on Valentines Day. Even if Nina is denying they are dating, there is no doubt these two are a couple. Why else would they be wearing matching rings on their left index finger. As much as I adore Nina, her interviews are inconsistent with her actions. Actually what she says about dating costars sounds allot like what she said in the March Seventeen Magazine last year.

  • nina

    Nina look’s amazing !
    Her cat Gracie is so sweet ;)
    i love cats
    she is so pretty in this magazine :)
    i like teen vogue xd