Selena Gomez: 'Who Says' Single Debut!

Selena Gomez: 'Who Says' Single Debut!


Selena Gomez just debuted her brand-new single, “Who Says” with On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning and JJJ has the track so you can listen!

The 18-year-old star shared with Ryan about the track, “I feel like my fans need the song right now. Twitter and Facebook are really negative for me…within that world is such easy access to people’s feelings, basically it’s to the haters-the people trying to bring you down.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena’s new single?

Selena Gomez – “Who Says”
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  • mmbop

    I love it.

  • temii

    love it :)

  • andy

    Love it! Really cute song!! <3 Love this girl…

  • lu

    for a driving around in the car with the top down
    loving life kind of thing?
    just the song!

  • Xyz

    Selena, persevere!!
    #beliebers are not real fans.
    We do not care, whom you give your heart.
    Are you happy, are your fans happy!

  • dude

    Nanananana – It’s totally stuck in my head. catchy

  • itsmeagain


  • jj

    It’s cute, but it is way to simple. A child could write a song like this. It is such your typical “self empowerment” song. Not really creative. At least this song compliments her lack of singing talent. When she sings, she won’t have to struggle.

  • Zara

    It’s so uplifting, catchy, beautiful and amazing.
    Well done Sel.
    Now let’s help her make this single platinum! :)

  • Shan

    It’s cute, but its way to simple. This is a song a child could write. It’s your typical “self empowerment” song. Not really creative. At least it compliments her lack of singing talent. She won’t have to struggle when she “sings” it live. Stick to acting to Selena. Singing is just not your thing.

  • l_ireyshigh

    awesome!!!!best song EVAAA

  • http://deleted Troy

    I liked it. I’m not really into this kind of pop but everyonce in a while a song will come along that is really catchy and sticks in my head. This could be one of those songs.

  • tammi

    @Shan: I agree. Now watch every body say it’s the best song of the year. It’s nothing special there are much better self empowerment songs out there.

  • lulu

    dont really like her singing and im sorry but how photoshopped is that photo? i didnt even realise it was her until i looked at the title!! the nose has been slimmed and her eyes look different. just doesnt look like her!

  • mendomamir

    I love this song..

  • karina

    1 LOve IT!! can’t wait for Selena CD

  • jrr

    i love are people beginning negative..listen to the song..haters//

  • rae

    copy cat

  • Miller

    super cute song… buuut i just don’t like how photoshopped the picture is she’s so pretty they don’t need to photoshop it at all, cute song tho

  • Beyes


  • shell

    @jj: Who said simple music isn’t good music? Why does it have to be “complicated” to be good. I’m a 23 year old guy and I found this song very catchy and probably wouldn’t change it if it came on the radio.

  • kristina

    wow!! one of her best songs! :)

  • Ana

    I love it.I see that some of u here think that it’s too simple song like a childlish song.Well,sometimes that’s all u need,a childlish song to make u feel good n special,believe me :)

  • Theresa

    it sounds like something my younger sister might like, or a song id hear when i take her shopping at limited too. i just wish that she would stick to acting, because i dont take her seriously as a singer, and i loose more and more respect for her after every song she makes.

  • bbcruz

    I love it! The nanananana is very catchy and she is beautiful! If you dont like it dont take the time to sit and write negitive stuff about it! Just move one with your life!

  • Ana

    Soooooo beautiful and inspirational! I went crazy when it FINALLY came out on Ryan Secrest!!!!! <3 Who says??? <3

  • Ana

    The video is on!! Check it out!!!

  • headstrong

    i like it but, it’s like i heard songs like this a thousand times before.

  • naomi

    I think the song is ok. It sounds average. It sounded like she was struggling to hit the right notes. The first nine seconds were good. The chorus is kind of sloppy. I really don’t like the third verse. My only problem is that how is she going to sing this live? I’ve seen her live performances on tv, and she always mumbles through her performance. I don’t think that the song is going to do well. I’m not hating on her, I’m just stating my opinion. By the way, she needs to slow down a bit because she just released her last album 6 months ago. Again, I’m not hating on her.

  • Christi

    @shell: What the heck is a 23 year old guy doing on just jared jr ? No offense, but that is just sad.

  • angie

    Okay this song has a good message but overall the songs rhythm, beat is not good.

  • angie

    sound like this song would be in a justice store….

  • zrita yineth linda ARIAS

    hola selena soy kelly de colombia queria que me dijeras un dia en tu vida

  • http://FACEBOOK zrita yineth linda ARIAS


  • Kassidy

    song for demi lovato..i bet you :) lovely song

  • Xyz


    You are very ignorant … In the past, artists have packed about 15-21 songs on their CD.
    The new trend is 10-11 songs.
    In this way you react quickly to the fans who may not like a CD

  • ______

    Selenalious looking good get rid of Biebs Please.

  • naomi

    @Xyz: how am i ignorant? i never mentioned anything about the number of songs on an album. i said the song might not do so well, not the album.

  • HIH

    It’s a really good song XD

  • none

    I don’t like this song. This is the first song of hers that I don’t like. Some people want to live in a la la land and think happy thoughts all the time. It seems to me that this song is good for those who want to see through rose colored glasses.

  • Jody

    i love this song!!!!!!!! i think that it is her best song!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook Cait

    :) I love this song. I’ll be riding with all the windows down with my mom in the car and this song will be on max. :D? good way to take a stroll in the car. I love selena and i always will be. she’s role model… and to the haters.. stop hating on selena because she has the sexiest guy alive ;]

>>>>>>> staging1