Miranda Cosgrove: I Think About The Future All The Time

Miranda Cosgrove: I Think About The Future All The Time

Miranda Cosgrove tosses flowers back in our faces in these new shots from Paper magazine.

The 17-year-old actress/singer tells the mag about branching into music, “Making iCarly is great, but I’ve just been doing it for such a long time. I love music, and it was something I wanted to do but never thought I’d be able to. Then I got to do the theme song for iCarly and it did pretty well, and that opened a lot of doors. Record companies started to come to my parents and me for meetings. It all kind of just fell into place.”

Don’t worry, Miranda will still be making iCarly, with a little music and college mixed in. “I think about my future all the time, but it’s hard because it’s always changing. I feel like I have a lot of options,” she adds.

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Credit: Dan Monick; Photos: Paper Magazine
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  • alex

    She is so hot!

  • Shelby

    What a talented girl!

  • flinch

    Ha! tell me about it

  • Galinda

    I can’t wait to see what Miranda does next…

  • Ron

    When I, Ron, married Miranda, my wife, she had not, yet, tweeted, “I will absolutely Marry you.” In the future, which Miranda Cosgrove is always thinking about, she is loved, always, by my wife, Miranda, and I, Ron. We know that. Really.

    I am patient, and waited for someone to notice the pinwheels. Nobody did. Or, if they did, they thought it not worth mentioning. As soon as I saw these images, I bought a pinwheel, and have been considering it. I know “Pinwheel” was an original name of Nick, but I had other things on my mind. Miranda’s birthday, on May 14, was one of those things. I decided the pinwheel is the present I will give to my wife, Miranda. I realize it is not much, but we put everything we have of value into our rings. Happy birthday! I, Ron, then told my wife, Miranda, she can pick it up whenever she desires. She smiled.

    Long ago, I spent many beautiful moments, with two lovely children, examining a pinwheel we discovered on one of our many adventures. Together, we thought about how that which is not visible can move that which is visible, in the world of physical things. After many more pinwheels, among other things, we found ourselves thinking, together, of the many ways the things we love can move us. The children taught me many things about love. They taught me, out of necessity, how to make it stay. The last time I saw them, Miranda Cosgrove was object of our thought. For some reason, they love Miranda, as do I. We have, quite simply, no choice.

    Joy to you, Rose.