Victoria Justice Covers Seventeen April 2011

Victoria Justice Covers Seventeen April 2011

Victoria Justice shows off her lovely brunette locks on the April 2011 cover of Seventeen magazine.

The 18-year-old actress confessed to the mag about not always being that confident girl you see and her partying experiences. Check it:

On being less than confident once upon a time: “I wasn’t always confident; that’s something I’ve grown into and am still working on. I still have so many insecurities that I’m trying to grow out of. These days beauty is something that feels so enforced. All girls, including myself, have to learn to love themselves the way they are.”

On trying things at parties: “I’m not going to lie to you: I’ve tried things. I’m not some robot who’s programmed to be perfect. I’ve been to high school parties. And even if I’ve had a drink, it’s always in a responsible way. I did go through a phase when I wanted to try smoking, and for a minute I did. But shortly after, I just kind of realized it was gross, and I didn’t like anything about it.

“If I’m at a party, I’m going to dance, not huddle in some corner and smoke or sneak a drink. I feel that smoking, drinking, and doing drugs are kind of selfish because you end up isolating yourself from everyone else. And I’ve had to make certain choices and be a lot more responsible with my life. I’ve been given a huge opportunity, and I don’t want to let my fans and family down.”

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  • jonnyb

    Victoria is a very pretty girl, but the cover photo is wayyyy too airbrushed and not flattering at all.

  • Gilmore

    I like her. She’s not like all these other teen stars, most try to hide things like that and fit into this perfect mold and act like they haven’t tried or even experimented with things like that at parties. The fact that she admitted to it makes her even more likeable because she’s got nothing to hide.

  • Victoria

    bravo for you for actually admitting that you did things, thats awesome! you’re awesome, keep it up! and nice name ;)

  • nina

    I love victoria but I dont like this cover photo:(

  • brenna

    She looks gorgeous. First Miranda, now Victoria on my favorite magazine! I’m so excited!

  • lauren

    who hasnt try stuff at parties?

  • sasha

    I love that she’s so honest about herself and doesn’t make excuses. Thumbs up Vic!

  • Logan

    I would have never known that this was Victoria if all that I’d seen was the picture. Vic is wayyy to pretty to be THAT airbrushed! Her whole face just seems deformed to me. I’m disappointed. Victoria is and always will be beautiful, though!

  • Henskie

    I love that Vic can be so honest. I think the very fact that she can be so open about herself speaks volumes about her character. She is a great girl and obviously not a robot. I still think she is the best female celebrity role model in the media. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes and need live our lives by our own terms and she does that and more power to her for doing that

  • Maxi

    She’s so pretty. I am so proud that she’s getting national recognition for all her hard work!!!! Shes from Florida just like me and the whole state is SO proud!!!!

  • magick_girl786

    Why do the Seventeen covers suck so much? First they made Miranda Cosgrove’s face look wider than usual and now this airbrushed overly photoshopped mess. What the hell?

  • azina

    Just when I had decided Victoria Justice couldn’t take a bad picture this Seventeen cover photo comes around. What sort of photoshop evil did they do? Like Logan above I never would have known this was Victoria. Yech.


    SO excited to see Victoria on the cover of seventeen this month!! She looks gorgeous!! I love her lipstick!! I can’t wait to get my copy this month!

  • Patworx

    It’s nice that she’s honest.

  • jj17

    @lauren: I haven’t! I am 17 and very proud to say, I’ve have never tasted alcohol and have never even held a cigarette!

  • andie

    WOW….i mean there is a limit to how much airbrushing is needed to uglify someone…..LOL x 1000000000

  • http://gmail Blaze

    that is a awsome cover i wander if see will be on next months

  • A2

    I love how honest she is. Others would just lie. She IS PERFECT! I love her so freakin’ much!

  • A2

    So she smoked once. That’s it.

  • Shem

    Please like us? her fanbase on the philippines

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