Vanessa Hudgens & Brittany Snow: Birthday Dinner at Boa!

Vanessa Hudgens & Brittany Snow: Birthday Dinner at Boa!

Vanessa Hudgens shares a laugh with BFF Brittany Snow as they head into Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (March 9).

Joined by Laura New, the trio were there to celebrate Brittany‘s 25th birthday!

Vanessa wore Blu Moon‘s Leopard Summer Lovin’ Maxi Dress with Ben-Amun‘s Spike Necklace.

Psst, set your DVRs — Vanessa will be on Ellen on March 23rd to promote Sucker Punch!

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  • carly

    Awww vanessa looks gorge :D Happy 25th Birthday Brittany :)

  • Rose

    This trio are amazing friendship,happybday ,Brit !!!!!ohhhhhhlalala ,I love nessa dress I like it ,nessa I love you baby!!!!!

  • Tata

    The cutest girls ever!!!!!!!

  • carly

    they are “TRUE” friends and I love that, as the saying goes “Its Better To Have A Few True Friends Then Alot Of Fake Frends” and that’s what Nessa has a few true friends who she can call “Friends” and who will always be there for her (Brittany Snow, Ashley Tisdale, Laura New)

  • kika

    Brittanny looks the prettiest from all here..Vanessa kinda looks just normal…

  • kika

    Brittanny looks the prettiest from all here..Vanessa kinda looks just normal…..

  • joanne

    aww the bffs

  • j-ann

    can i just say, what is vanessa wearing???

  • Kerri

    Love nessa. I love that they have a true friendship. The girl laura new is she an actress? she is famous right? and isn’t her boyfriend friends with zac. What is his name?

  • Rose

    @Kerri: Laura new is a singer ,she is in the bg5 group w/manday jeruox,there boy friend are friend of zac this trio are best friend also ,how nice they have this ,so zac is w the boys and nessa w/the girls,they have strong friendship ,they hang out together,but I don’t know now if they are doing this time,I think not anymore or maybe,we don’t know .

  • potaa

    wohoo they’re having fun again : )

  • Kerri

    @rose: Isn’t miley cyrus friends with mandy jeruox? I guess everybody knows everyone in hollywood. By the way how old is laura new?

  • Rose

    @Kerri: I don’t know,but I think she older than nessa,that’s what I know,yeah Mandy is the friend of Miley Cyrus ,why?from where are you?

  • Kerri

    Rose: I just like knowing stuff. I am from south africa.

  • Rose

    @Kerri: Ok,welcome in this theard of Vanessa hudgens,her you well know all the latest news about her,and sometimes don’t upset for strong conversation her,cus there is crazy fan well make you upset ,so you should believe what you believe ok,for me every time I’m just chicking it only ,cus I fell upset for the fan for there arguing in this tread,I’m a solid fan of Vanessa hudgens ,I love her so much cus she is my role model she is amazing,thank you for coming her,and to suport her.

  • yamunah

    yes cant wait til d ellen show

  • BabyBooZanessa

    Lovely ladies ! Vanessa, Brittany and Laura.

    Happy Birthday Brittany ! <3

  • Kerri

    Rose: I love vanessa fans they are the best. It is always interesting to find her fans all around the world.She has so much.

  • Annette

    @j-ann: Why did she choose that? It’s disgusting

  • angelgirl

    @ANNETTE: Why you got to be rude to vanessa? Are you jealous?

  • Rose

    @Kerri: You are right,even me I’m from Dubai ,ha….Ha….ha..her fans is all over the world,cus she is amazing and have strong personality that’s I like on her.

  • angelgirl

    Rose: How old are you?

  • kerri

    Babyboozanessa: Do you have twitter? because there is someone called that. I like to follow celeb tweets. I am celeb crazy especially for zanessa. I don’t actually know what is going on with them but I still love them.

  • susan1

    She is totally gergeous is she do her hair like that….but the dress no i dont like it.I love the frienship of Britanny ,Laura .Vanessa ,and also Ashley .Happy Birthday Brittany!!!

  • Fauve

    Happy 25th Birthday to Brittany Snow looks like they were having fun and maybe enjoying a very good steak <3 Brittany looks very lovely in her dress and shows off her figure well. Laura and Vanessa cute as well love Vanessas hair up as well as down the dress a little to long but love the pattern all of them rocking it as usual. A girls night out is needed every once in a while <3

  • http://rdsrosyano ocha

    happy birthday vanessa anne hudgens :)

  • maria

    I think all the girls look gorgeous, and I do like Vanessa’s dress! Maybe I’m just tired of the “hooker” look, like on the other two. V’s dress is soft, romantic, and more subtle and sexy. The back of the dress is to die for- has a gorgeous plunging back.

  • Butterfly

    hey am I dumb or is laura new in the ”group” ? i have never really known her before but this is the 2nd or 3rd time her name drops…
    usually it was zac,ness,brit,ryan
    and zac,ness,ashley
    but actually i don’t think brit and ash are soo good friends,I think they are both nessas friends so they are quite good with each other.
    wondering if zac and brit are still good pals.
    and,why aren’t ness and ash not doing so much ? besides from her bdays, since hsm 3 there aren’t any private candids of both just on the red carpet. and there is just one of zac and ash having dinner somewhere ….
    so,i think brit looks gorgeous and sry for ness, i kinda hate leopard animal print stuff :/

  • kerri

    Butterfly: Ash and nessa are still friends. Its just that ash is working on hellcats and that takes alot of her time up. They did hang out at the elton john aids foundation academy viewing party at the oscars on feb 27. They were even dancing together.

  • lauren

    of course they go to boa,
    thats were all the camera’s are.

  • Lissi

    For vanessa, her girlfriends are the most important persons right now (except her family). She doesn’t want a man. That’s what she said: With “Beastly” and her next film, “Sucker Punch,” out the same month and “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” due out in September, it’s a busy year for Hudgens. “I feel like taking a break itself is just depriving yourself of your own creativity,” the vacation-averse actress says. “If I did take a break, it’s going to be a trip with my girlfriends to Spain, I think. So I’m trying to figure out where that can fall into this year.”
    With her girlfriends. She doesn’t plan to date someone this year, she seems to want to stay single and spend all the time with her girlfriends. Friendship is really imortant but it can’t replace a relationship, that’s something they all have still to learn. That’s part of maturing.

  • Merlin’s mum

    She’s a pretty girl but I don’t really like the dress.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    she looks awesome, they both do :)

  • http://jjj marcy

    love nessa, hope 4 zanessa

  • Bradley Bobst

    OMG Vanessa is so Damn Hot.

  • peggy


    Lauren you’re still an jackass. Boa actually (for those of us who actually live here) is usually not as papped up as a number of other restaurants here in Hollywood.

    You’re not only annoying you’re stupid.

  • lauren

    uh i watch tmz alot and i noticed alot of celebrities go there and alot of paps go there. cus paps know celebs are going to be there. they coulda gone to any place in hollywood to eat.

    also i was being sarcastic,

    also peggy if u got nothing to say dont say.

  • lauren

    i ment to say, @ peggy if you got nothing nice to say, then dont say it.

  • http://WWW..COM charlene


  • http://WWW..COM charlene

    a gorgeous dress <3

  • http://WWW..COM charlene

    i want miley vanessa pictures <3

  • http://WWW..COM charlene

    i love her dress hahaha

  • http://WWW..COM charlene

    they were always friends, laura was with vanessa in Australia last year

  • tee

    @Lissi: You have become the most pretentious twit on this site. NOBODY. KNOWS WHAT GOING ON BUT TWO PEOPLE AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT YOU’RE NOT ONE OF THEM. Stop trying to pretend you know something when you know nothing. I’m getting a little tried of people analyzing every word.she says. The host asked if she could give Vanessa’s number to her friends, what was she supposed to say at that point. I think she handled it well with “no but I’m taking numbers ” Did you want her to do at that point go into a spiel about her relationship? We’ll know something when The TWO OF THEM TELL US, NOT BEFORE.

  • BrittanySnowFan


  • BrittanySnowFan

    happy bday bb <3

  • BrittanySnowFan

    owwww yeaaah!

  • BrittanySnowFan
  • http://google BARBARA

    Happy Birthday Brittany!!! They all look great, Vanessa look’s beautiful as always. Laura is very close friends of Vanessa’s, and Brittany, and ashley is working in Vancover, for her tv show. If this true, she won’t date for lease a year, is a very wise ,indeed, she has a lot on her plate, and needs to find were she is going with her career. jumping into another relationship,is not wise because, there is no way she is over a 5 year relationship, does not work that way, she has to do it her own way, and her own time. Very mature for her age.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Tee, you are so right.

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