Soul Surfer: Behind The Scenes with Bethany Hamilton!

Soul Surfer: Behind The Scenes with Bethany Hamilton!

Bethany Hamilton takes time out on the set of Soul Surfer to dish out her opinion on the upcoming flick.

The 21-year-old pro surfer shared in the video about AnnaSophia Robb portraying her in the film, “I’m stoked to have her play me. I never thought I would actually find someone to play me that would do it justice. I had such high expectations. I didn’t know who could fill this role and she did an amazing job. She’s the girl for me, I guess (laughs).”

“Having my life being made into an hour and a half movie is amazing. I never would thought a movie would be made about me, but it’s happening and it’s real,” Bethany added.

Soul Surfer hits theaters on April 8th!

Soul Surfer: Behind The Scenes with Bethany Hamilton
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  • emilie

    I love Bethany Hamilton
    She’s so amazing and beautiful
    Can’t wait to see this movie!

  • dancegirl345

    I can’t wait to see this movie. I think it is going to an awesome movie.

  • Dancer

    I saw her movie and i was sooo inspired by her! AS a dancer there are things that i cant do and she insired me that anybody can do anything as long as they try! I am doing so much resaerch on her i just love to hear and see her story!

  • Jayden

    Soul Surfer is the best movie ever!! I have seen it three times in theaters ! If anyone knows bethany hamiltons email can u plz give it to me?? Thx! Go see Soul Surfer!!!!

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