Vanessa Hudgens Sprints & Smiles

Vanessa Hudgens Sprints & Smiles

Vanessa Hudgens dashes out of the gym on Friday (March 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-year-old Beastly and Sucker Punch star, who was joined by mom Gina, tried to keep a low-profile with a hat pulled over her eyes.

The night before, Vanessa and Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland got pampered at The Nail Garden before picking up some drinks at Starbucks.

More pics @ X17 and below…

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vanessa hudgens run gym

Credit: Martin; Photos: X17, Fame Pictures
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  • muse

    Beautiful. Cant wait to see Sucer Punch and Beastly. Hope she has some new projects under her belt. Would loveee to her do a drama and then maybe a romantic comedy. Spread her wings a little and challenge herself. I believe she can do it all.

    Go V.

  • Fauve

    Vanessa looks beautiful as always and happy. Hopefully Sucker Punch will pay off for her and she gets more action roles she has the looks for it and is in shape!

  • babyvlover

    she’s just so beautiful in everything she wears. and I love how she’s all smiles since… (more as usual) well… since december.

  • ehryle

    Pretty Sexy EVER!!! xoxo V :)

  • musicgirl

    I love her smile! :) oh I would LOVE her to a romantic comedy, she would rock it ! :)

  • carly

    No Offence To Zac But She Seems So Much Happier Since Her & Zac Split.

  • D3awee

    @carly: that’s exactly what i was going to say, hahaha.

    gah, she looks gorgeous even after working out!!!

  • rain

    her hair looks lighter. and love her hat !

  • Ivy

    Awesome! How a smile in her face can put another in mine!

  • Lissi

    She is, that’s why it’s better that they aren’t figuring out anything anymore!

  • Ivy

    ♥ You smile, I Smile!

  • Ivy

    @carly: Agreed! Maybe Zac got nothing to do with her happiness, but we can see, she is all smiles now, and z… well, he’s not!

  • Lissi

    The intersting is, that even the people on the Zanessa forum aren’t believing in them anymore. They write about how she has handled the end of her relationship beautifully and is slowly getting accustomed to being out single. And how she looks happy and at peace with her life right now, and that’s what is important. They even think that we didn’t get a sighting of her dancing with another guy, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. You see, even they think it’s better the way it is. How can people still believe in them getting back together?

  • Ivy

    I used to be a Zanessa beliver, but now I see how everything seems to be doing better since the breakup. Vanessa isn’t being just Zac’s girlfriend, now she is Vanessa Hudgens, actress of Beastly and suker punch!

  • laquida


  • Haters Suck!

    Ugh!!! She is happier without zac she got rid of the cheat and does not have to worry about him doing anything stupid anymore and putting his foot in his mouth in interviews and disrespecting their realtionahip and can find herself a man not a little boy. There now can you stop bringing up zac in Vanessa posts.

  • http://jjj marcy

    shinny vanessa love herrrrrr

  • Carol

    Healthy body and lovely smile!

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    Neither of them are bad guys here, now we don’t know what happens with them behind close doors and sorry to say Zac will always be a reason why she’s happy too he has before before they started dating, during the relationship and even after the relationship, they broke up, that doesn’t mean they won’t speak to each other ever again, they’re great friends. That’s how she was when they started dating so let her be. You guys expect her to mope like someone died for her. She looks really amazing by the way.

  • troian

    @carly: just because that Zac is a jerk¡¡¡
    he’s with some other guy….AFTER ALL like i thought he’s GAY

  • troian

    what’s wrong with the world?????? SHE needs a man…hottie in the house and please don’t cry

  • Angie

    Lately I really like her like this single not Vanessa the girlfriend of—No Now she’s just Vanessa Hudgens actress which is exactly what I wanted for a long time. I hope she does drama a heavy one to really she show what she can do. Can already tell she has comedy in her.

  • Angie

    Although Suckerpunch is probably one of those so well Congrats V!! cute smile.

  • lauren

    this is my sarcastic comment

    uh, maybe she’s getting laid*?
    uh, maybe her and zac* are having sex privately?
    again im being sarcastic

  • Qianaa

    She seems really happy and content with her life. She seems to glow every time we get to see her. I’m happy for her. Her and Zac’s relationship was the past, it’s time for her to move on, and just spend time with some of her friends. She’s young, some people were expecting her and Zac to get married, they were having fun. They are both young.

  • Observer

    What do you guys want from her? To show she is heartbroken? Nobody knows what she is feeling only her. A persons hapiness does not rest on another person be it a mother or father, friend or bf or gf. To me she does not look any diff now and during her relationship only changes in dressing which could still have done even in a relationship. She can’t afford especially at this period goin around wit a straight face and not have pple speculatin on how she is feeling, more specially those who thought the only reason she ever looked radiant in the past waz becos she waz dating zac. She has a lot to be happy for right now.

  • tina

    I agree, she has probably “figured things out” .and without you underaged plebs calling her Zac girlfriend, she’s happier. As for her private life, it’s her private life.

  • blaire

    someone is trolling AGAIN! it seems like this is your habit already, trolling in every Vanessa Hudgens articles! and you’re doing a good job, continue being a butthurt and insecure! that’s what you’re good at! God Bless You! anyways guys, let’s pray for Japan and let’s include LAUREN in our prayer, she badly needs it! ^.^

  • Allie

    Aw, she looks so happy. Wish she’d pull the sweatpants up, I hate when they trail on the ground like that.

    And I’m not waiting anxiously around for Zac and Vanessa to get back together. But it’ll probably happen at some point because thats whats happens when you’re young and split up and you’re still in the same group of friends. That can be a bad or a good thing. Trust me, been there, done that.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I also saw pictures of her and her mother , and her mother is wearing a hat, they were keeping there heads down, you can see them trying to keep the paps from geting new pictures. and i remember, not long ago she was skiping to the doctor, after she saw Zac, the paps asked her why was she so happy. Lauren may be not far off. i’m sorry i think they are still seeing each other i love her smile.

  • DM

    If they are not back yet then it will take time. No one really knows if they are together, unless it is in private like some of you are saying. When they were seeing each other during HSM in 2005-2007 no one knew they were dating. When they were asked, they said very good friends, but then they got caught in Hawaii and so it didn’t become private anymore.

    They had to admit that they were dating each other. I don’t think that if they were not caught in Hawaii, no one will know that they were dating each other. That’s why they lasted for 5 yrs cause they keep their private lives private. So we really don’t know if they are back together. But like a lot of ppl, I too am hoping that they will be seen together and admit to everyone that they are together and if I not then we should just let it be. They are both wonderful ppl, came from good parenting backgrounds and is grounded. Whatever happens we should all support them as individuals and not as a couple. And if the papparazi just will leave them alone and not follow them everywhere.

    I guess it will now just be a waiting game for everyone. Waiting to see if they are together or they broke up. For me Zac and Vanessa will always be the better couple in Hollywood. No one will replace that no matter what happens to the two of them.


  • Telle

    @Ivy: wise words…
    @BARBARA: how do you know ..i mean there’s a prove or something.
    she looks lovely

  • kika

    i still dont understand whats the big deal with her looks yea shes cute but theres girls out there that are prettier… se is just a normal pretty girl

  • maria

    @kika: She’s not just a normal pretty girl; she has a joy and charm about her, an amazing spirit for life, and doesn’t have a negative bone in her body. That makes her especially beautiful, cause she is on the inside too. Beauty is not just skin deep- it’s SO much more. And she’s got it.

  • claire

    Zac is not the Zac we knew and loved.
    Met Zac @ Eden he is very single gave one of my friends sisters his number my friend looks like she could be Megan Foxes sister without botox he was hammered. He took pics with her said she was hot which she is.
    Me being the Zanessa fan I am asked him point blank what was the deal he said he wanted to be single Vanessa was a nice girl but it was over and done with wished her well but it was not happening again that is why he broke it off with her because he was not feeling it any more it was done. And not to call them Zanessa gave me a stink face for calling them that then walked away.
    When my friend and her sister left and me and my friend Amy were left over heard him tell his friend Alex he was going to hit it my friends sister and quit it. They laughed.
    Zac drank alot.
    One word devastated.

  • yets

    i love her smile

  • Bradley Bobst

    Totally looking fine and hot.

  • Ivy

    @kika: It’s not about her looks, its about her. She is true to herself, and this makes her prettier than most pretty girls

  • Angie

    Not to mention names but the sarcasm person on here and every Vanessa broad maybe it’s defends machanism. So whatever the trouble was from that person is hurt over something or tries so hard to be Chandler Bing but it ain’t going to work.

  • Allie

    She stands out because she’s not the generic blonde (not that there’s anything wrong with that :) But I think with Vanessa, Mila Kunis and Selena Gomez, they stand out. They’re all natural beauties as well.

  • e


    I couldn’t agree more, I mean also things like she have never named-dropped anyone for fame or the fact that she havenever said anything bad about anyone despite how many have said bad things about her and that have pretty much made it their job to try and knock her down and make her hurt and feel bad, no, she just smiles and never lets it get to her which among many other things shows what a strong person she is as well, she is one of those people at least I find really deserve all the success she is getting, and she made it almost an honour to be a fan of.

  • Haters Suck!

    I Havent seen any girls that are as pretty as Vanessa. If we’re going off physical apperance here then she has a fantastic figure, amazing legs, and just a cute and beautiful face with a fantastic smile. Off physical she just seems like a naturally happy and fun loving person and she seems to get along with all kinds of people. there are a number of reasons of what sets Vanessa apart from most girls, so just pick one.

  • Sunny

    She is rather happy without Zac

  • kika

    @Haters Suck!: many girls are really pretty and are not blond or Vanessa wasnt famous… if she would have been a normal girl in college..she would be just normal looking

  • Haters Suck!

    Don’t think I mentioned anything about blond or whatever. Trust me when i say this I’m in college right now. I’ve been to several different universities when I go visit my friends or take a road trip to see some college games or whatever. Are there pretty girls at these places, absolutley. Are there any that come close to looking as good as Vanessa, oh hell no.

  • kika

    @Haters Suck!: lol… i actually have a friend that looks like vanessa soemtimes ppl think its her at first and shes super cute but idk i think i have seen better

  • Haters Suck!

    well you know what they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” you see an ordinary girl I see one of the most beautiful women in the world. I wish normal college girls looked like Vanessa, I’d be going crazy right now if that was the case. There are pretty girls here but none like Vanessa.

  • DM

    I think that Vanessa is a real True Beauty. She is beautiful outside as well as inside. That is a True Beauty. She has also a wonderful smile and always perky woman.

  • potaa

    she was obviously in good mood. cute smile V :)

  • mykamicks

    If you think Vanessa’s beauty is not one of your Taste that’s fine. But in the eyes of her fans she has a stand out NATURAL BEAUTY physically & with inner character.

    I consider her as one of the most luckiest girl, who have not under gone under the knife surgery. Well sorry for those whom you think that there are more beautiful women than her who is not famous. Its not Vanessa Hudgen’s fault if their beauty doesnt exist nor excel as what you said. Vanessa’s fame was and is being earned by her

    Beauty plus Fame equals VANESSA HUDGENS.

    Im looking forward SUCKER PUNCH will marked again her name in the industry.