Victoria Justice -- 'Begging On Your Knees" VIDEO!

Victoria Justice -- 'Begging On Your Knees

Victoria Justice walks down the beach with her love interest in these stills from her new “Begging On Your Knees” video.

The 18-year-old actress/singer recruited her Victorious cast mates to help her out in the video so watch out for Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies, Leon Thomas, Matt Bennett, Avan Jogia and Daniella Monet!

Vic will actually be performing this same song at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards next month!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the vid?

Victoria Justice – “Begging On Your Knees”

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Credit: Lisa Rose, Aaron Warkov; Photos: Nickelodeon
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  • Jessica

    When Liz turns to look at the camera while she’s on the carousel… Breathtaking. She’s really under appreciated in my opinion.

    Ariana, adorable as always.

    <3 them both!

  • Matt peterson

    so happy for victoria. this is the start of her music career and i cant wait!!! :{D -@heymattpeterson

  • hedgehogzrkool

    love it but i dont understand why its crawl like a centipede???

  • Jennifer

    @hedgehogzrkool: Because it’s comparing him to an insect–and they crawl low to the ground.

  • Ashley P.

    Wow….she could’ve said me right. Why centipede? Why in every thing she does the Victorious people are there? I didn’t really like this….much

  • lala

    that guy is sooo cutee!!!!


  • Chanon

    Ehh, not one of her best songs.

  • Shelby

    Those are some ridiculous lyrics! It’s like a song the Wiggles would sing.

  • karina

    I like the song except for the whole “Centipede”, thats kind of lame but the video was good.

  • amanda

    This so radio disney…

  • Criss

    omg, what’s that guy’s name? he’s so cute

  • neil

    @lala: I think it’s Jordan Nichols.

  • Anonymous

    that was pretty boring…

  • dexi

    oooo thanks i was looking for his name also


    lol nina dobrev doppleganger:p i like victoria, this song just sucks

  • angie

    yes i dont like the centipede part eiether its just gross and doesn’t match and i hate centipedes. its a good song except it seems like a combination of songs i have already heard.

  • Massie

    Not enough Liz

  • Patworx

    Not very good. Not bad, but she’s done better. Also, is it me or does Victoria come off looking stalkerish in this music video?

  • Galinda

    Her music doesn’t compare to Miranda Cosgrove’s. Not too many teenagers are going to relate to those lyrics.

  • http://asdasd Victoria’s Fan

    Eh i love this song;Keep up the good job victoria Justice!

  • http://EstherAbz ESther

    this is really good u guys don’t know what ur taking about

  • vampire-diaries

    she look like nina dobrev!

    any wayz, i don’t get why they put autotune in his song- victoria is seriousley amazing at singin and doesn’ need autotune!
    i think this song made her sound like a average singer- they need to let her show her vocal talent to the fullest because she is really pretty good!

  • haygirlhay!

    This video is SOOO Good!! She looks gorgeous!! GO VICTORIA!!!

  • Mj

    Horrible lyrics, weird video, cute guy. Anyone agree?

  • Nicole

    If you ask me I’m a Victoria Justice fan of course I like the video and song that guy is handsome but not better looking than Avan I cant wait to see her perform this song this song is awesome she’s awesome :)

  • Steven

    Hey I love Victoria Justice, I think she’s a sweet girl, good teenage role model and decent singer. I especially liked her singing Tell Me That You Love Me, Finally Falling, and Song 2 You. Freak the Freak and Make it Shine are catchy… but they get old and annoying fast… I couldn’t stand You’re the Reason though. And now this song… is… well… bad. the choreography is really strange and the lyrics aren’t very creative. The video is just screaming unoriginal and uncreative. Reminds me of Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls. I love her as an actress and slow singer but the whole teenage pop idol thing really isn’t gonna fly with her… Sure Miranda managed to pull it off but I really don’t think it’s a good idea for Victoria to follow in the same steps…

    Stop trying to make Victoria Justice sing really bad pop songs to make a quick buck out of her. That is unless she wrote the song and came up with the dance moves… anyway best of luck to her career.

  • http://twitter starlight8867

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • propagandhi

    Victoria has turned to the dark side on this one. She comes across as very mean spirited.

    I just do not like her anymore.

  • Kiley

    Ashley P. are you Ashley Poulin????

  • http://fiona.tessa fiona_tessa

    I LOVE That Guy In the video

  • Pam potgeter

    u guys are so right Selena Gomez’s songs are way way WAY better than victoria justice And i totaly agree with u, MJ: weird video -horrible lyrics but that is one hot hot sexy guy

  • http://facebook danielle

    i love her

  • kiss of death

    You all are just HATERS!!!!!! I LOVE THE SONG.

  • Lindane

    No offense or anything, but she can’t sing. Keke palmer can(:

  • kaylah

    I love victorius songs there the best

  • mrs. jogia

    some people don’t like the song.. but hey! she sings what she feels. if you don’t like it she doesn’t care.. this song is from Victorious. but her actual songs are about what she thinks and feels. if you don’t relate.. well the song is not made because of if you relate or not.. it’s about what she feels

  • lorraine

    i lov this song reminds me of the boy i thought i knew but i dident and he turded out 2 be a totally jork and the worst part is i have 2 see him eveyday when school starts wish me luck iam going 2 need it help

  • http://butterfly soccergirl

    i love this song it reminds me of this boy i thought i kneew but i guess i dident and he turend out 2 be a tollty jork and the worst part is i live reallly close 2 him wish me luck iam going 2 need all the luck i can get help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook victoria justice rocks with me

    I LOVE YOU VICTORIA IM A HUGE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook victoria justice rocks with me


  • http://facebook victoria justice rocks with me


  • sammuy

    @lala: he’s from geek charming also, his name is Jordan Nichols

  • alyssa

    omg she is the bezt ever really really beautiful too!!!!!!

  • alyssa

    she is super pretty like always and wat she says is so true she is my idol

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