David Archuleta: Rising Star Outreach in India Trip -- PICS!

David Archuleta: Rising Star Outreach in India Trip -- PICS!

David Archuleta is a hands-on kind of guy in this new shot from his recent trip to India.

The 20-year-old “My Kind of Perfect” singer recently traveled overseas to India in support of Rising Star Outreach, where he learned first hand what the organization does and stands for.

Rising Star Outreach’s mission is to help the Leprosy colonies become thriving, self-sufficient communities. In India there are over 700 “leprosy colonies.”

Check out a few pics below, courtesy of Archuleta Fan Scene.

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Photos: Ron Gunnell via Archuleta Fan Scene
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  • Jess

    Great pictures! He’s such a good example.

  • beatriz

    he is so sweet (:
    i love his personality.

  • Becca

    He just doesn’t talk the talk, he walks the walk. He truly is an amazing young man. Not about “what I can buy myself to make me look cool kind of guy” But a what I can do to help others.

  • Pascalee

    What a great guy! I just love him!

  • nl

    I love his cd The Other Side of Down!

  • Kiley

    I really like David. He’s just a really good person. He’s also very hot in these pictures.

  • waffles

    David is beautiful inside and out! (and yep, hot!). I love that he has his priorities straight and that his passion shines both in his music and in his life. I love him SOOOOO much!!!

  • angelofdja

    This experience has David pondering life. I can certainly understand why.
    I’m looking forward to what he has to say through his music. Can’t wait!

  • violet4ever

    Beautiful and moving photos – thanks for posting them! David helped out with blood pressures then helped wash the feet of lepers. The dark-haired lady with him is his lovely mom. I’m so glad David finally had a chance to visit RSO. David and his fans have been helping support RSO for a while. And I’m happy the kids got to meet David!

  • cassidy

    Thanks for these wonderful pictures of David and his mom (Lupe) in India! He is such an inspiration to everyone and he never calls attention to himself. He just goes about doing good without making a big fuss. Love David for being a great humanitarian and wonderful talent!! If you haven’t purchases his new cd “The Other Side of Down”, please go get it. It is so positive and upbeat and David co-wrote 10 of the 12 songs.

  • Jean

    Thanks for posting those wonderful and heartfelt photos. David’s trip to India for RSO was so inspiring, both to David and to his fans. I feel honored to be a fan and supporter of David’s. His heart is always in the right place and just shines through his music and his incredible talent.
    Love and respect that guy so much. I can’t get enough of his music either!

  • glam

    awww :) It’s the sincerity that truly counts.

  • http://www.thevoicedavidarchuleta.com djafan

    David continues to impress me, not only as a artist but as a person. I’m patiently anxiously waiting for more music and appearances soon.

    Thank you JustJared for posting this.

  • Lawrence

    He’ such a sweetheart!.

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    amazing man. :)
    such an inspiration.

  • Sam

    People should learn from David. He’s such an amazing person and also a fantastic artist. Kudos to you, David! :)

  • http://FOD Kath

    David….is just full of love and kindness. He is such a bright light in our world today and personifies “goodness!” I feel so blessed to have met David, become a fan, and try to be more like David in my life. He is such an inspiration. He truly leads by his example. I hope he was able to sing to the children and patients, as that would have been an unforgetable gift to them. His beautiful voice and his beautiful heart are just a “gift that keeps on giving.”!

  • jen

    these pics are all so moving and touching!!!! :D there really aren’t many people in the world like him!!! his heart is just huge and warm!!! :D

  • js

    Wow!! He continues to impress me all the time!!

  • lct

    It’s good to see artists like David who truly care about the world! And for this I respect him so much!

  • Portia11

    Thanks JJJ! Love the pictures, David is very special.

  • Moonie

    David’s just so special in every way, those are amazing pictures! Thanks.

  • http://fod gwen

    David is such a REAL kind and caring person. Just love that young man.

  • Sparkles

    David is a true example of what should be important in life. He uses his celebrity to support charities, such as Rising Star Outreach, Invisible Children, Childrens’ Miracle Network, Muscular Dystrophy, and so many more. If it was not for his fans, we would never know how involved he is with charities as he does not announce these involvements. His fans do. In India, David did have an opportunity to sing for and with the children. I am proud to be a fan. His new album, The Other Side of Down, is excellent. I love it. Go and buy it.

  • nancy

    David is such an inspiration and a role model to many not only because of his music (his album The Other Side of Down is amazing) and talent but because of his kind heart and continuing efforts to help those in need. I feel blessed to be his fan.

  • crm

    David Archuleta is beautiful inside and out! It is an honor to be one of his fans!!

  • natalie

    In a world where celebrities are so often in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, it’s wonderfully refreshing to know that there are people like David who are talented AND kind-hearted. Hope he has all the success he truly deserves!

  • rcheezy

    Thank you for sharing these inspiring pics of David giving back to the leprosy colonies of India. I ddn’t realize there were so many still afflicted with this horrific disease. Bless him and his family for giving not just money, but of himself. Just so David!

  • Katheryn

    I enjoyed seeing these photos of David Archuleta in India. Thanks for posting. You can tell that he loved being there and that the children and their families adored seeing him.

  • http://twitter.com/imprettynerd Ingrid

    u really inspire me!! I really love u archie from the start!! :))

  • sarah

    He always makes me examine my life and how I am doing. He is a true gem. Never been a fan of anyone until I found him.