Miley Cyrus: Late Night at Chateau Marmont

Miley Cyrus: Late Night at Chateau Marmont

Miley Cyrus takes a cell phone call as she heads out of Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood on Saturday night (March 12).

The 18-year-old actress keep it crazy cool in lace tights with jean shorts at the party she was at.

In case you haven’t heard, Miley‘s upcoming flick, So Undercover, will release this October under The Weinstein Company. The flick also stars Megan Park and Kelly Osbourne.

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Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • flinch

    she looks drunk

  • Jett

    she looks stoned

  • Nijah


    That’s what I though too…

  • really?

    This doesn’t take some thinking.
    Chateau Marmont is Lindsay Lohan’s drug house. Everyone who enters that place is a known stoner.

  • kiki056

    Lol, someone’s waking up with a wicked hangover this morning…

  • aruora

    Well she looks as we Brits like to say WRECKED!! 18 and in a club were most you have to be 21 my American adopted sister tells me.
    What a good role model for the young girls who look up to her, yes I give she is only human and makes mistakes but this is getting to a point were she is just not thinking about the out come of any of her choices and its getting more and more excessive and how much she is doing it.

  • DMR

    Chateau Marmont is a hotel, it isn’t a club and you don’t have to be 21 years old to be there. Who’s the woman with her? I’m not sure she’s stoned here. Sometimes it looks like that in stills but videos show something different.

  • xd

    I really feel bad for Miley Cyrus, especially being someone her age. All she wants to do is go out and party and have fun just like any normal teenager, but cannot do so without intense scrutiny.

  • Italy

    OMG è troppo bonaaaaaaaaa ç_ç miley ti amo i love UUUUU

  • Tori

    Aruora’s comment is spot on. The kid is fun to watch, but it would be nice if she showed some class for a change. Make good choices. But then if she did, she wouldn’t get talked about and that is her game plan. Seems to be working.

  • rebecca

    flinch : no she doesnt.

  • headstrong

    @aruora: being a role model is not about being robot who’s programmed to be perfect. . She is a teennger she is gonna make mistakes. I look up to her but it doesnt mean i do everything that she does. With or without miley kids will make mistakes. That’s

  • Maximum miley on twitter

    Miley looks totally amazing as usual, nice to see she is getting a break from all the hard work and having some fun:) Gawd, the haters are so stupid..she doesn’t look high or especially drunk. Why do they bother reading about Miley and commenting.If their life was under a microscope , they would be singing a different tune, I love you Miley!!

  • tia

    Miley you are awesome . Good to see you enjoyed yourself. The haters are so stupid, I am trying to figure out how does she look drunk. Please if you have nothing nice to say and your a hater please don’t comment you sound so pathetic.
    Miley Rocks love you girl and God bless you

  • Gossip Girl

    @aruora: please drop the freakin ‘she’s a role model excuse’ she is a Fawking CELEBRITY DAMMMIT, and Celebs are not PAID o be ROLE MODELS, They are PAID to be SINGERS AND ENTERTAINERS. If u want a role model, look up to ur FAWKING PARENTS. Miley isn’t in the Mouse House anymore. She has GROWN UP and MOVED ON TO BETTER THINGS. Sb b/c she no longer wears Mouse EArs, she is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HER FANS REACTIONS TO HER BAD DEEDS. That’s a PARENTS JOB! If she wants to go to clubs and bars LET HER. It’s HER LIFE and she can do WHAT EVER THE FAWK SHE WANTS WITH IT. GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD! I swaer I will be the happiest girl ever when they day finally comes when ppeople stop looking at these Disney stars like PERFECT ROBOTS just because they work on a STUPID KIDS SHOW! UGH!

  • ______

    Poor tired Cyrus still looks adorable. Great month for October. Miles to go.

  • Gossip Girl

    @headstrong: well said my friend, When i was coming up,, Justin and Britney were my role models. And I didn’t wind uo shaving my head and having a meltdown like Brit just because she did it. Just because u look up to someone, dosen’t mean u have to do everything because they did it. I’m glad someone here has common sense.

  • Christian

    She looks a big rough in the upclose shot of her face, not her best candid photo.


    @headstrong: 100% agree with you


    god…..everywhere she goes always followed by the paps…..not to mention she like ‘must’ tobe a good role model for she’s just an outgoing teenager living her life……what a hard job………..all the best miley… you all the way…god bless

  • Emma

    Just because you’re a rolemodel doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself!I’m sorry, but what kind of girl would she be, if she was sitting at home all day with her family and always be the perfect american dreamgirl??I’m sorry, it makes absolutely no sense to me!
    And now, you, all the people who criticize Miley, now YOU tell me, that you never go out with your friends and have some fun, maybe drink something and even make out with someone!This is absolutely normal!The only thing that wouldn’t be normal was, if she’d never do that stuff!!
    I love her no matter what!and i look up to her but that doesn’t mean i have to go out and do everything she does!=)

  • Warren

    Miley’s face looks really pretty, but what was she doing there that late and why do these people have a death grip on her? I wish I knew the real story. I love Miley and hope the hangers-on aren’t using her again. Miley needs more people that really love her. Like me. HaHa!

  • Warren

    Miley’s Dad is supposed to be on THE VIEW Friday. Wonder if he will even say anything about Miley. I don’t believe any gossip that said Miley made him cancel before.

  • Warren

    Why do these people around Miley all look so much older than her? Even that woman in white grabbing Miley’s arm looks a lot older by what her hand and arm looks like. I just wonder why Miley was at a hotel bar real late night for. Most people under 21 can’t normally party at places like that.

  • demitria

    miley,victoria,and selena

    they are same..act good in front of camera..except miley..sometimes she just tired being someone else..i think it’s okay

  • nicole

    i dont care what she do i love her and she look great and amazing love u

  • http://facebook nicole

    i dont care what she do i love her so much she always look great and amazing love u miley

  • blahblahblah

    Agre :/

  • blahblahblah

    Agree **

  • loraa

    love uu <3.

  • Nijah


    I don’t go out, never. :)

  • LB

    I think she looks pretty here! And for the onces saying she looks drunk/high you have got to be kidding me. She is talking on her phone and papz are flashing he right in her face how can you not hold your hand like that then? Also that friend might have made sure papz wouldn’t get too close again js. You guys need to grow up.

  • Emma

    @Nijah: well,that’s okay, if that’s what u want, but you’re a very rare example;)

  • kiara

    heyyy let mileyy be her she looks pretty and ok she lookks drunk but if thats how she do her thing then let her just give her support and let that be it love you mileyyyyyyyyyy