Selena Gomez Speaks Out About 'Who Says'

Selena Gomez Speaks Out About 'Who Says'

Selena Gomez digs through her purse as she heads into LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (March 13).

The 18-year-old music maker recently sat down with EOnline to dish about what “Who Says” truly means to her: “The message for me personally is that…I feel that girls my age tend to question themselves a lot. They tend to dress and be what other people want them to be. I feel that everyone wants to follow the trends and what’s ‘cool’ and eventually, at the end of the day when you strip all of that down, are you really proud of yourself and comfortable in your skin?”

Selena added, “There are moments every day when I feel insecure and not good enough. I hope that the song really inspires my fans to embrace who they are.”

Check out the rest of the interview below plus the pics!

Selena Gomez chats ‘Who Says’

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    I love how she just has so much confidence in herself and just being who she is, i love people who are like that and i myself have confidence because i don’t care what other think and don’t let it get to me, that’s a true potential person.

  • selly

    SELENA Number one! I love you so much<<3<3

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    Doesn’t she always makes us go ‘Aww’ such a cutie pie and very smart she’s right. NOT good enough? Stop with modesy if only more women her age can feel that way then no more drama all the time.

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    Where is she going..? To visit Justin…?(:

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    im glad shes thanking disney!! because its true! if it werent for there help then she wouldnt even be this famous

    unlike miley who doesnt say anything at all

    but i love them both!

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    A glass half full of water …
    Selena sees not a half-empty water glass, it is half full!
    What have I learned from it? Positive thinking makes me stronger, makes me more beautiful, makes me believe in me!

    I love the song #whosays

  • javi

    this is why i admire her she’s gratefull to disney and the people who help her on her show she’s not like others in hollyweird that forget where they camefrom she’s going to have a good future ahead.

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    She looks so cute!!! Love her!!

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    sources are saying that she is on her way to visit her boyfriend justin.

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    wtffffffff is going on with her hair in the picturessss… yeah, it seems like her hair stylist wasnt around

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    I see her sexy step-dad!, I think Brian looks sexier with a buzz.

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    I really love her new song! Cute music video too. ^^

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    She is so sweet. Definetly a role model for teenager girls. I hope she stays this way.

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    I have always liked Selena! She seems to be the real deal. She seems to embrace life like David Archueta does. But her relationship with JB will only destroy her! Her roots have made her different! Its good to hear about embracing yourself for who you are but I doubt the she would be with JB it it were not for the fame! If I were her I would run baby run! Fame and money only destroys you-and Selena that is not who you are! I think that David would be perfect for her but doubt many will have much to do with her after Justin gets thru with her! Besides girl you are older and wiser than JB!

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    what happened to her hair?

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    she looks AWFULL!!

    nufff said.

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    selena is such a down to earth, REAL, and confident person. she’s not a despreate attention seeker like most of the other celebs out there that get thier 15 minutes of fame for that and thats why she’s gonna be around for a long time. she’s honest and very smart. but still go to college though selena! lol

  • http://twitter charisma edmisten

    i always think that u cannot be who i want to be. i always think that i have to be someone else. i think this video inspires me because it tells me that i can be who i want to be and not like someone else. thank you Selena for making this video

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    wow.selena gomez is pretty.also,i am very proud of selenas new music video who says for showing that you should be happy for who you are!

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    im very proud of selenas new song who says for showing everyone that you should be happy of how you look!

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    I dont really like your song as it is not really good!!! :(

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