Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her toned abs on the April 2011 cover of Shape Magazine.

The 22-year-old actress talked about once having orange fingertips, dreaming up a fashion line and her cardio workout with mom Gina. Check it:

On her fast-food days gone by: “I was so unhealthy. I used to go to Cold Stone Creamery, get a tub of Butterfinger ice cream and eat it all before bedtime and my fingers were permanently stained orange from Cheetos.”

On kick-boxing with her mom, Gina: “Having someone to go to classes with makes you want to do your best, not just for yourself but for the other person too. My mom and I do cardio kickboxing classes together. I love wearing my baseball hat, tilting my head down and pretending I’m taking people out. It’s very therapeutic.”

On dreaming up her own fashion line: “Right now I’m pulling pictures from the Sixties and Seventies studying women like Cher and Bianca Jagger for inspiration. My style is boho chic. I love that time period – the patterns, the prints, the people, the music, the vibe. I figure if you love something so much, you should at least give it a try. And you may end up making a living from it too!”

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Photos: Shape Magazine
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  • Chanon

    FUCKKKKK ME. I love this girl! I’ll forever be a fan of hers. <3

    P.S. Totally buying her clothes when they come out. ;) They’ll be fabulous.

  • lauren

    it seems like the interview was done in late january early feburary?
    i dont really know.

  • sophie

    if so, then we still dont know whats going on between them. because they were seen together after that. but, does anyone know for sure when it was given…

  • 2bedatcool

    woa gabriella all woman now

  • lady

    did she talk to someone in dec. i don’t know if this is the one . Magazine. are not.

  • kerri

    @lauren: us fans should ask vanessa or zac when we see them if they are dating. I wish we could get the number of their reps and just phone them until they answer us. Do what ever it takes to know the truth.

  • potaa

    she has abs! O_O

  • lady

    if vanessa did this Shape Magazine in jan. zac was in nc with vanessa.

  • Evie

    She’s clearly in shape, but the abs look airbrushed.

  • Bradley Bobst


  • maria

    @kerri: I think Vanessa makes it very clear that they are no longer together. She claims “distance” was the reason; I think all actors use that excuse. I think she was just classy and gracious saying that. Also, the interview was done in NC, when they were indeed still friends, because he came to see her. But since NC, I believe their “friendship” ended as well. They have not been seen since, and things happened after his trip to see her. Also, if distance were a reason to not have a relationship, no actor in Hollywood would ever date OR get married. They ALL eventually travel, and have commitments. It hasn’t stopped other actors. It’s just a cliche excuse.

    But Vanessa is always gracious and will never talk about anything so intensely private. She will find an amazing guy, who will value her above his job and fame, and will have her dream. I am proud of the woman she has become; she knows what she wants, what is right, and when to move on. She knows how to work hard, keep her courage up, and be herself. SHe is truly a young woman to admire.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I believe that this not the whole story, want i’ve read, and several people on twitter,say the same thing, i always believe that Zac’s pr, team force the issue, that he needed to break up with Vanessa, so he could flocus on his caeer and her manager, also wanted her to the same.It shows want a class act she is, either will nenver find people who so loyal and kind and love each other so deeply, i’ts hard to date in hollywood, i’ts hard to live up to be with someone who is a star, with all the traveling, and Zac has women throughing them seves at him, all the time, you have to be a staint,which Vanessa put up with, because she loved him deeply, and was always was there for him.,he will never find a women like Vanessa, because she loved him, because of who he really is, not the actor or the starhe his.She also knew him very well, he even said himself, last year, she putup with things alot people didn’t understand, she was always there., they will be always there first love, you never get over. Zac was asked last year how many times was he in love, he said once.1 God bless them both.

  • carlymay

    I really love vanessa interview with Shape magazine. She looks amazing in the whole magazine, i love her look with the pink dress and also the pink bikini. I do believe zac and vanessa ended without any drama and are still very close friends. I’m happy for both of them, they seem happy. I will also always support them. It was cute when vanessa said she hope by 30 she’ll have a husband and a baby!!!! I think vanessa will make an amazing wife and mother =) She deserves the best.

  • http://None Juddy

    But now there is no zanessa anymore .

  • Telle

    @BARBARA: your comment is very touching¡¡¡i was a zanessa fan and when they broke up i was sad almost crying but im trying to get over it…at least i hope they’re still close friends.

  • kerri

    @telle: don’t give up on them. I know it may seem like they will never be together but just wait. Be patient love like that will find their way back to each other. Plus the interview could of been in december. Zac and vanessa were together in january. The tattoo zac has is two feathers not one. Vanessa wore a feather earing. thats all i’m saying. just have faith. Believe in true love.

  • Christine


    Agreed with everything you said. She’s all but said they’re over and from recent sightings it’s pretty clear they’re done with each other. At the very least she’s done with him. I don’t know why people feel they need to analyze it beyond that. I hoped that when they broke up people would spend less time worrying about Zanessa and more time focusing on Vanessa but that appears not to be the case. People are just as obsessed with their non-relationship as they were when they were actually dating.

    And if they broke up for reasons beyond distance, which I personally believe they did because distance is usually the excuse not the reason, no one should expect either of them to ever tell us. They spilled almost nothing during 5 years of dating, why would they start talking once they broke up?

  • carmina


  • carmina

    no ones cares

  • http://_iAzn_----twitter ZanessaLuvr95/iAzn

    DANG! She makes me feel fat =/ haha

  • Pao

    HOt girL!! XD

  • Pao
  • mishybc

    @Ciciat: That’s not arirbrushed fool. If you care for proof.. which I doubt, during her Candies photoshoot live on the set of the shoot she is posing and walking around and those abdominals are as defined then as they are on that pic. So do your damn research before making a comment that will evidently get torn apart on a Vanessa thread.

  • ehryle

    She is really in Shape!!! abs woo hoo that bods so awesome!! what a GORGEOUS V :)

  • laquida

    @kristy you are welcome.right! people that are just ordinary and not famous make mistakes too.even i make some mistakes and have made mistakes and i have learned from them too and they made me stronger too.people aren’t perfect.yeah its definately part of life.people like you are standing up for vanessa and thats what i like.on the other hand,i wrote two poems about vanessa back in 09′,you will be blown away amazed by my poems.

  • kyle

    Awesome body!!!

  • liz

    holy crap!!! shes so f*cking hot!!!!!
    im so jealous of her body lol shes so toned!!!!
    love u V!!!!

  • mykamicks

    I never seen her this kind of Abs., fantastic! Healthy physique and peace of mind makes her Hot & Sexy.

  • *******
  • Angie

    She looks so fit. And yes Zanessa is over sorry but you all have to accept that. Feels as though I’m of the few fans who only likes Vanessa individually I just love her. I’m only her fan. To be honest it was for the best I like her better this way now. She’s so much better without him.

  • Angie

    And yes I agree I’m so sick of the lack she still gets even without dating a hearthrob. As for the mistake can not believe it’s still brought up why? Apparently people don’t like people who make mistakes gee that narrows it down to EVERYONE. Obviously some people hate good, kind, caring people now I thought good people keeps peace together I guess they’re annoying crimes now. Should Vanessa not be so nice? Should she not be so sweet? Should she not be attractive without Green Eyed Monsters all over? Would others like her if she were a mean, arrogant, snobby, bitch? Would they love her if she were miserable all the time and never smiles? And I heard from Zac’s team they like his tattoo BUT when Vanessa got hers it’s considered controversal DOUBLE STANDARD I HATE IT SO MUCH. Always the guy getting away with everything and a girl has to have rules and be perfect all the time no wonder the dude I know comes here and praises all the girls and doesn’t like some male stars. Sometimes he’s right especially what he said about Zac’s tattoo.

  • FILIPINApride


    heey do u know where i could find a pic of zac’s “tattoo”??:)

  • FILIPINApride


    lmfao:)) IKR? sexist much?
    i mean, vanessa got a tattoo of a BUTTERFLY. everyone keeps calling her trashy while in fact, she’s being sentimental given that her name does mean Butterfly.

    you are probably the first person who actually makes sense!!

    thank god not everyone is crazy

  • Angie


  • Bradley Bobst

    She just keep getting more and more hotter and sexy everyday,

  • Shygirl

    I just want to voice my own theory about this brake up thing,maybe Zac really call it off last Dec. Before V bday so V is totally crused ,bec. maybe Zac choose his career 1st before her and follow the advice of his team,and after that he realize that he really want to get back with Vthat is why you see them again together,but for V it’s too late bec. She feels that Zac betrayed her as she’ always there for him and Zac just give her up so easily so , Vanessa don’ t want him back to her life ,bec maybe for her if her team us her to choose between Zac or her career she will choose Zac. That is only my own theory.

  • Karen


    Hey, I think you missed one of my comments for you on the Saturday In Studio City thread. Let me know when you go there.

  • http://website Xojosselynxozanessaxo

    @BARBARA, ALY, KAREN,OR Bikki<DB so since u guys r the only ones that still believe in zanessa then so u guys think they have a chance again i mean this is not recent u can tell by the hair and what bout nc they were acting all coupley and everyone that saw them were saying that thy got back together or r still together i am so confused as in relationship states wht do u guys think of them right now i am a true zanessa fan and still believe and have hope just want to see what other true zanessa fans think? Plz respond back guys.

  • *******

    @FILIPINApride: so sad 5yrs. when zac and vanessa broke up I remember the Movie one more chance and it was like that.

  • DM


    I believe in Zanessa>>I think that they will find what they had again and get back together. There’s been couples in hollywood who broke up and found each other again. They will find love again.

    I was thinking of Nick Lachey and another Vanessa>>Vanessa Minillo>>they were together and then they broke up ( if I remember it was about a year) and now they are back together and are engaged to be married and are really happy to be back together. And there was also Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez–they to got back together after years apart and now are married and have twins.

    I’m neither a Zac or a Vanessa fan, so will only comment regarding both of them>>I’m a Zanessa fan. I love them both and I think that they are the best couple that came out of hollywood under 25yrs old. They both come from a well family upbringing. They both said Family is was keeps them grounded especially in the business they’re in.

    I will forever have faith in Zac and Vanessa what ever happens or wherever life will bring them, either by love or friendship. I give them 6 months and if they still are not with dating other people, then I know that they still have really deep feelings for each other. It’s hard to let go after 5 yrs of relationship for a young couple like them.

    I really wish them the best of everything and hope that they can work things out with their work schedules. Zac and Vanessa will always be the forever couple in my eyes. No other couple will replace them.


  • Lissi

    Yes, I think Barbara and Karen shoud stop it. Vanessa said they are over and it sounds as if she means gorever. She is over it, she said she doesn’t regrets the 5 years, but you should see it’s over for good and move on and don’t tell stories about knowing something positive, if you clearly don’t.

  • janeml

    i agree w/ lissi. barbara and karen, it’s sad to “toy” w/ zanessa fans’ hearts. if u really don’t know anything, please dont say u do because it just hurts zanessa fans in the long run

  • Kimann
  • http://Jje@twitter.cOm Erica

    But Barbra about what u and karen know r y sure it’s true yea they culd get back together. But idk il give it a couple months before I let it go. For right now there don we still have the future but What u kno will probably not “hurt” them anymore

  • amy

    @Shygirl: no idk her answergives me the impression that she doesnt love him like she used to

  • ehryle

    Whatever will be will be… love is sweeter in second time around!!! so let just wait and see,,, sapce… distance… a break,,,, cool off.. whatever people think still the final outcome they are both happy no matter what!!

  • http://jjj marcy

    love herr so much ..hope 4 zanessa

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Karen I am there.

  • http://google BARBARA

    ALY, very thing, this story has a lot of holes in it, want i observed doesn’t add up, Vanessa is a class act, but the were togther, in Jan. this interview was done at the end of Dec, and first part of Jan. Details mag, also talked about when they went to the nite club, with brittany snow. and Zac did spend 5 days with her, and i read they were on the right track, and they could see, how much they love each other, all the storys were true, when they were together,When Zac came back to La, he was still wearing the braclet like Vanessa,But Jason and Gina, told him it was finally over for him and Vanessa, they can’t see each other even if they want to, because they are watching that he doesn’t, when he went to newyyork, to film took a aid wth him, when does he take a aid with him, i never seen on before, only his friend crawford who’s girl friend was going to perform with her band.Zac have been separated alot longer than this when he went to Isle of Mann, to film ORSAN WELLS, he left in jan.came back to the states in april to film HSM3, The people on the set said they were so happy to see each other ,trhey pick up were they left each other, when he filmed in canada,hairspray, and she tourting all over including in Brazil, were separated for months without seeing each other, the tex each other, they couldn’t even see each otherfor months. but this year Zac made sure he had his weekend free from promotes, and when he couldn’t on him. weekends Vanessa went with him. when he had to to promotes his movie OWS. when he finsh, he flew to Vanvover to be with Vanessa, yes they were separated JORNEY AND NO, but know farer than England, and AUSTIN TEXAS. this has been going on for 5 years, even more, and want i saw in Hawaii and NC,and was at the end of Jan. His people put there foot down,and hers, if they want to have careers, they had do this, remember when Zac went to see her two days in a role, that was after New Years, Zac came to visted her two days in a roll. the second day the paps were parked outside her house, he was there for 4 hrs, then she skiped all the way into the drs office, even the paps asked her why she was so happy. I’M sorry i feel that there prdid this, i told you in the Allure interview, they asked her about the rumors behind the scenes, that they were trying then to separated them, she just said, her and Zac are find. and i remember a picture of Jason, and Evan, talking to Zac and Vanessa, mainly Zac, he looked a little irrated, this was at the oscar’s after party i good tell you more, it shows how classy Vanessa is and she is trying to stop them asking guestions, this also helps Zac, God bless them both. you and i notice how unhappy he has been except the nite he got off from filming and he looked so happy, that was the day Vanessa got NY. for her promotions, for Beastly.She was really smiling after her got back from the hotel getting out of the car, from doing Regis and Kathy. she was reading a tex.

  • lady

    barbara i belive you are right.i feel there are somethink miss.i think she just say it becouse people keep ask about her and zac.i belive they are still see each other.if you look at her at the game you will she she wear the braclet.