Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her toned abs on the April 2011 cover of Shape Magazine.

The 22-year-old actress talked about once having orange fingertips, dreaming up a fashion line and her cardio workout with mom Gina. Check it:

On her fast-food days gone by: “I was so unhealthy. I used to go to Cold Stone Creamery, get a tub of Butterfinger ice cream and eat it all before bedtime and my fingers were permanently stained orange from Cheetos.”

On kick-boxing with her mom, Gina: “Having someone to go to classes with makes you want to do your best, not just for yourself but for the other person too. My mom and I do cardio kickboxing classes together. I love wearing my baseball hat, tilting my head down and pretending I’m taking people out. It’s very therapeutic.”

On dreaming up her own fashion line: “Right now I’m pulling pictures from the Sixties and Seventies studying women like Cher and Bianca Jagger for inspiration. My style is boho chic. I love that time period – the patterns, the prints, the people, the music, the vibe. I figure if you love something so much, you should at least give it a try. And you may end up making a living from it too!”

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Photos: Shape Magazine
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  • Lissi

    Just stop it already @BARBARA: You are giving people false hope. The same goes for Karen. If you find it funny, go on twitter or elswhere. V said it and it sounded final. Distince is always something they say, but it was a factor over the last 5 years. Whatever happened, they couldn’t fix it in january, so let it be. I think it would be good for everybody to let it go and move on.

  • jane

    @Lissi: i agree. it’s so unhealthy for zanessa fans to keep holding on when Vanessa has said it’s over. Please just stop it. If you really knew something that you can’t say…then when are you speculating and analyzing the article? Please just stop…

  • http://google BARBARA

    Know i am not, i just said that things don’t add up. i know when you love someone as much as they do, you never get over it, you may move on, but you never get over it, take it to the bank !

  • jane

    @BARBARA: didn’t u say that u know something that u can’t release or else the media will get to it? if u did know something…why still analyze?

  • Lissi

    And some young fans really believe you and that’s really mean, bc the Zac’s team is evil and it their fault they broke up s*** is not true. If you have something real to say, say it, if not stay away with post that aren’t true. I was bashed, when I wrote they are over for good and now I am right and I ask you to stop lying to the young fans, hoping for something positive and hoping everyday they will get back together. SO STOP IT BARBARA ans KAREN!

  • ehryle

    Z&V are protecting each other whatever rumors or interview they going tru.. they just go with the flow coz most of the time theres an issue individually but still both of there name still within that story.. so more publicity are good for them either good or bad.. this year r totally busy year for both of them so i wish them wise first.. i hope they can find each other in till the end.. xoxo V..

  • peggy


    IT IS ONLY NOT TRUE if you can prove it’s not. Until then their remarks that it is true are as good as your that they are not

  • peggy


    Barbara V team does not interfere with her personal life she is not of the personality to tolerate it and neither is her mom. So if you are going to make a case for Zac and his peeps since he is brainwashed and spineless that’s fine but don’t drag V into it.

    Even and Britt are their for her career and they know where the line is drawn

  • http://yahoo cody

    god gave those two a very stong love
    and he ment for is to last for every
    this is one of many of life challenge they will go through
    but they will make it

    they are amazing couple

  • http://lala aiwen

    she is a great woman!!people!
    i love her so much!!!!!

  • http://google BARBARA

    NO I WILL NOT STOP IT I’M ENTILE TO MY OPINION, AS YOUR ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because you don’t agee with you you have no right, to tell someone to stop it. how old are you?

  • lady

    good for you barbara.they don’t have to read if they don’t want to. keep up the good word

  • Lissi

    But what you are saying is not your opinion, you state it as a fact. You say you KNOW more then we do and others believe it. Like you say you KNOW Zac’s team is evil and it’s their fault that Zac and Vanessa broke up. You just don’t want to accept that they had their problems and that’s why they are over. Look how many believe you two and say ‘I don’t believe it, bc Karen said/Barbara said….’ Then post you opinions like others do ‘I don’t THINK/ I THINK’. I never said you all shouldn’t hope, bc that’s you thing. You can hope as long as you want.
    Just like I hope that V will find someone new to grand her wish of marriage and babies. I never wanted her to have these things with somebody other then Zac, but that’s how it is.

  • DM

    Here’s what one magazine have to say about the Zac and Vanessa’s breaking up:

    The ex Disney star, 22, finally admits that distance killed her five-year love affair with ‘High School Musical’ co-star Zac Efron, 23 — how sad!

    Vanessa Hudgens might be exhibiting some wild behavior – but she still really misses Zac Efron! The gorgeous brunette is Shape magazine’s April covergirl and we’ve been gushing over her amazing bikini bod! But even though she looks the best we’ve ever seen, she definitely has a broken heart. The actress pulls at our heartstrings when talking about why she and Zac called it quits in December. If you thought they simply fell out of love … you’re wrong.

    I think that if they work things out, there is still hope for the two of them getting back together>> They never really fell out of love, it was just the work schedule distance of their relationship that made it hard for them to see each other. I just think they need to learn to work on it. Like she said, they are “figuring things out”>>

    Who knows, they might figure things out and get back together>>maybe after everything calms down (work schedule), they still have a chance. There’s been quiet a few Hollywood couple who have broken up and found each other back again who are now either engaged or happily married.

    Keep your faith in Zac and Vanessa. Who knows what might happen down the road for the two of them. Zac and Vanessa will always be known as ZANESSA!!!>>

  • Lissi

    But the thing is, she said it back in December (We’re figuring it out), she never said it anymore since then. After NC we never got a sighting of them again. So maybe it is over now for good. And I know they didn’t break up, bc they fell out of love, but things can change. Maybe they are having only friendly love/feeling for eachother now, I mean it’s over 3 months. And I don’t care, if you hate on me more now, but I think both of them are flirting around, what would show, that they are moving on.
    We don’t know, what will happen in a moth, 2 months, 6 months, a year or 5 years, that’s true. But they will have to work this year, too. Maybe Zac will shoot his moviein summer in Europe, maybe V will shoot another movie, then she will have to promote. This will go on for the next few years, so there isn’t really a chance for them to figure it out. But one thing is strange. They broke up bc of the distance, but both would date others (I know the taking numbers was a joke)? Isn’t it the same? So I think that’s not the only reason for the break up.

  • alana

    @BARBARA: Hey, Barbara… Why are you even wasting your breath on these other people? I agree with you, you’re just stating your opinion. Don’t keep agruing with them… they’re not worth your time…

  • Aly


    I`ll support them both as individuals, but, my own personal opinion, i still have faith that after all this crazy thing going on now, the sun will shine on their street… And, this is my personal opinion: We don`t know the future, so, you can all go and beat your chest with your fists, but you DON`t know the future, so, yeah, i have faith, i`ll probably have it for a long time, but, even if they never get back together, i`ll still support them, because i never saw them as Zanessa – i even hate that nickname lol – but as Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, to persons that at some time dated, but they aren`t Troy and Gabriella, and lots of people confused them with those 2 characters.


    And yes, i know, there are things that don`t add at all in that interview, i saw them too, but i`m not going to point them out, i don`t want to see 20 comments telling me i`m delusional, if they want to believe every piece they see, well, i`m going to let them – and yes, i do believe the break up, and that they aren`t together anymore, but i still have faith. As i said before, when this will have calmed down, some of us are going to be winning and some losing, both camps can`t be right.
    We need to talk in some other place where this guys can`t see. And yes, you are right about some things, but i`m not going to tell which since everyone can see here…

  • Allie

    I’m 30 and I kinda hope they’ll get back together. I expected them to break up at some point because they are very young and with their careers it would be hard for them to keep it going. Neither of them at this point can take a backseat to the others career, like Brad and Angelina do. What’s vanessa supposed to do, get the opportunity of a lifetime but tellt the director – sorry, but its Zac turn to film. This isn’t a surprise – you only need to look at Scarlet Johansson and Ryan Reynolds – they were in the same situation.

    However, a lot of hollywood couples take a break. It gives them a chance to see if the distance and hardship is worth it. They might decide they like being single (and I don’t just mean the being free to date other people). In a long distance relationship, you need to make the time to call, talk, taking a long flight for 2 days which will only make you more tired when you get back to work. It’s whether you think that person and the relationship is worth it. And even if it is just a break (even if they’re not saying it publicly), I don’t know why you would expect to see them together. It’s a break. The purpose of a break is to spend time apart.

  • Telle

    she looks AMAZING¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • ______


  • RJ

    Love U VANESSA!!!

  • http://google BARBARA


  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @Ciciat: it isn’t actually that’s her real figure. She looks hells fine!!! I so love her!!!

  • http://website Xojosselynxozanessaxo

    @BARBARA can u please tell me anything to what u think u know maybe a hind good or bad about them what do u think of Vanessa going out on a motorcycle ride with that kid Josh? do u think zanessa have a chance?

  • olivia

    love her, please approve <3

  • Ivy


  • miriam


  • Cutelilpa

    Pointing out that they airbrushed her abs to create a 6 pack that doesn’t otherwise exist is not being condescending or mean about her – the magazine did it & if anything, they are perpetuating MYTHS about hollywood stars & causing young girls who admire them to believe these falsities. No, her abs don’t look like that, personally, I think she looks better w/o the airbrushing.
    Also, to be honest she’s not a remodel. She’s had compromising pictures of her come out into the public THREE times already, each conveniently around the time she is promoting some new work. Maybe she’s not the one releasing them, but perhaps it’s a very strategic P.R. team. Regardless, she did not make the mistake once, & being that her fame came from DISNEY movies for KIDS, she should be a little more aware of what she does & the possibility that it could be seen by the public eye. If you don’t want that stuff to get out, it won’t.