Jennifer Lawrence IS Katniss Everdeen

Jennifer Lawrence IS Katniss Everdeen

Congrats to Jennifer Lawrence!

The 20-year-old Oscar-nominated actress has nabbed one of the most coveted roles by young Hollywood royalty — Katniss Everdeen.

The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins shared in a statement, “Jennifer‘s just an incredible actress. So powerful, vulnerable, beautiful, unforgiving and brave. I never thought we’d find somebody this perfect for the role. And I can’t wait for everyone to see her play it.”

Director Gary Ross adds, “I can’t wait to work with Jen and see her bring this character to life. Katniss requires a young actress with strength, depth, complexity, tenderness, and power. There are very few people alive who can bring that to a role. Jen brings it in spades. She’s going to be an amazing Katniss.”

Now we just have to find out who will play Peeta Mellark!

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  • Sahina

    i have no idea what the books are about but i will probably watch the film when it’s out. have no time to read anything because of university stress.


    I wish I auditioned. I would love to have that role! Oh, well… congrats!

  • sara

    I trust the author of a character more than any fear about appearance discrepancy. I bet it will be an awesome movie!

  • Gale

    Oh, I don’t like her >.<

  • jessica

    Uhh i dont like her as Katniss….

  • http://deleted Troy

    I admit that I was rooting for Halliee Steinfeld because she’s closer to Katniss in age and physical appearance and she’s a talented young acrtess. And I just feel that by casging twenty-somethings when “The Hunger Games” is about kids being forced to fight to the death for the “entertainment” of the masses you water it down to an extent.

    However Jennifer Lawrence is also a very talented young actress. And having seen her in “Winter’s Bone” I have doubt that she can bring both the toughness and vulnerablty necessary to bring Katniss to life. And about her age I’ve seen pictures of her with Hailee and she doesn’t LOOK that much older. In fact I could see them play sisters (hmm). Anyway my reseravations aside I think Jennifer will do great and I already have March 23, 2012 marked down on my calender.

  • Precious

    uhh ohhh, things aren’t gonna be pretty!

  • xxx

    I think I might end up boycotting this movie.

    I didn’t realize Katniss was supposed to look like Barbie.

  • Abby

    Yeah because she looks SOOOO much like Katniss right? Not hatin on this girl but come on. They could have found someone who looked like Katniss.

  • KP

    I have no idea who she is, but since she’s endorsed by Suzanne Collins, I have no worries. And for those of you judging her by her appearance, that’s what make up and hairstylists are for. It looks like the author is very much a part of the movie production so I’m sure Jenniferl be perfect in every way. Also, I’m just excited for the movie!!

  • Katty


    Agreed. Honestly, Katniss is a dark girl with olive skin, almost black hair, and brown eyes. What is this girl? A white, blue-eyed, blond. Her acting better be top notch!

  • jarm

    @Katty: Ummm, yes, Jennifer is a fantastic actress…did you not see the terrific endorsement that Suzanne Collins( you know, the woman who WROTE the books gave to Jennifer). Lawrence is an incredible choice.

  • anonymous

    Sorry, but I don’t think that it’s the right fit. It’s not that I have anything against Jennifer Lawrence – I’m sure she’s a very talented actress … but out of all the posibilities, they picked her? TONS of people, who might have fit this better, would have gladly done it. It had to go to someone, but Katniss is … Katniss! She’s become iconic – I know it sounds stupid, but she can’t be played by anyone. Dark hair, olive skin, cunning, clever. Sorry, but Jennifer doesn’t fit the part – appearance wise – at all. I know that hiar can be dyed, but she’d better really do an amazing job with the part! I guess we’ll just have to see! Who knows, maybe she’ll nail it!
    Oh, and I still want Alex Pettyfer for Peeta. ALL THE WAY.

  • angie

    no comment

  • Maila

    I am not happy about this! Hailee was the best person for the role!!!

  • Courtney

    At first I was skeptical, but after watching Winter’s Bone I can definitely see why they chose her as Katniss. She can definitely act and with some work on her appearance, she’d be the perfect Katniss.

  • Holly Golightly

    Huge congrats to her! People that are saying she isn’t fit for the role: I get where you’re coming from but understand none of us were there when she auditioned so we just have to have faith in all of them. They sound confident and sure of their decision so I have a feeling Jennifer will be fantastic!



  • dreamgirl

    Appearances can be changed people…
    Make up, hair-dye and some contacts!…

    She is a fantastic actress and deserves fame…
    I really like her and I’m gland some disney/teeny-bop actress didn’t get the role!
    If they want this movie to do well they NEED a strong cast…
    This could be a huge boost for her career or a complete flop…
    I hope it turns out great for her sake!…
    I wish her the best-sometimes good things happen to those who deserve it!…
    It may not to me but I’mdelighted for her!xxx

  • dreamgirl

    Those were “x x x’”s at the end! =)

  • humble

    They can work on her looks, color her hair, but sorry she is too old for the role. The point of the movie is kids fighting to the death, and how that awful it is for kids and teens. From the teens to the twenties the face changes to a older look. Look at her and you can see she is not a girl that looks younger then her age. Her face is mature looking. She is a good actor but I’m sure there is a good younger actor out there. I’ll stick with being a fan of the books. They certainly found her quick enough, and announce how she is the perfect katniss. How peculiar!

  • britt

    i hate hollywood. they ruin everything.

  • lala


    i agree:)

    but i would love for her to (no offense) but loose a little lbs. just to look younger and less curvy

    u know what mean?

    but i still like her and LOVE the books

  • jenny

    why is she katniss!? i picture someone else younger to play the role!!! maybe hailee stienfeld!! or someone else i don’ t think ill be watching the movie if she’s in the cast!!!!! omg !! pick someone younger!!!!

  • http://facebook jenny

    @Abby: you are soo right!

  • cassie

    Lets look at book series that stayed true to the character describtions
    Harry Potter casting? perfectly cast, every character looked the part perfectly = the highest earning movie series in history
    Twilight? quiet good as well = best opening night in history
    Lord of the rings? Another true looking cast = won more oscors then any other movies

    Now lets look at books that strayed from its character describtions:
    Eragon= strayed away from what the characters looked like in pretty much the same way hunger games has, eragon had black hair and pale skin in the ooks, the actor had blond hair and tan skins. The books were good and very populor, the movie sucked.
    the goldern compess? nobody is going to deny looking at Nicole kidman and going wrong wrong wrong, and don’t even get me started on Daniel Craige = overall a complete fail of a movie.
    Alex rider = I’m not even going to begain to start.

    Either way this is the the first of what will be many, many fails and let downs when it comes to this book. Next thing you know they will be casting Justin beiber as Peeta.

  • Dannie

    She is an amazing actress. I’m glad she got the role.
    SO excited!

  • Carla

    @ALLIE: She can dye her hair.

  • Sel

    @Courtney: agreed. i wanted hailee steinfeld at first and i really thought she was gonna get it. but now im so glad jennifer got it and glad that she’s older. the hunger games is gonna be amazing IF they pick the right peeta.

  • sam

    wthhhhhheck is this!!!!? she doesn’t even look like katniss. it shoulda been someone who looked like her and had the age like hers -__-

    her acting better be good to make up for this. >.<

  • Katie

    Okay i have nothing against her but i really don’t think shes right for Katniss. And it should be someone younger i think.

  • heydla

    She may be “too old” for the role but first, she doesn’t look old. Second working with younger actors may be a bit more difficult with the fight scenes and stuff like that. I think she’s talented and people who won’t even watch the movie only because she doesn’t look like her are being ignorant.

  • anon

    have no idea who jennifer lawrence is

  • truthhurts


  • tom

    So, let me get this. A sexy, voluptuous , blond woman plays an ethnic, brown skinned, hungry, skinny child. Wow, is that lame or what? I would say that is racist at best. Just cast the real character. Why is Hollywood such a racist industry? This is bad. They need to do a better job.

  • katie

    Meh. I’m kinda disappointed. I was hoping Katniss to be younger like Hailee Stienfeld and look differently…oh well… =[

  • wtf

    Way to ruin my fav book. Casting that is a well known suited blonde and pale is the worst casting ever. She is NOTHING that i ever pictured. I am beyond sad bodering on depressed. I am ANGRY. Go away little girl, you annoy me. And any of teh other actresses up for it would have been better. This girl is a weirdo, she even admitted to being attracted to her own brother. EWWWW.

  • Saskia

    Oh No :(((( For the moment I really can’t imagine her as Katniss. I hope this will change when she gets darker hair, contacts and stuff.
    (I like her but just not for this role! It’s right she is a awesome actress but for Katniss? I don’t know…)

    So I still hope they pick Jeremy Sumpter for Peeta :)

  • 92tribute

    She is gonna need to lose some major weight to look like she is going to STARVE to death! Katniss makes a point of describing how crazy thin she is getting at pivitol moments, throughout all 3 books.

    Jenn isn’t fat or anything, but doesn’t look like she’s anywhere near starving. Guess i was hoping for a naturally kid-like skinny actress, not all those woman curves. Someone that could put on the perfect outfit/makeup & look like they are at death’s door. I just can’t see them making her look THAT skinny.

    At lease she can act. Maybe ACTING emaciated will be enough.

  • Stormi

    Did the director even read this book? Um, because I didn’t realize Katniss was the new Barbie. Things wrong about Jennifer Lawrence: SHE’S FREAKING BLONDE!, She looks like she could be a character in ‘Mean Girls’, or something, she’s twenty!, and she’s PALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I didn’t know Katniss was supposed to be a grandma. Dude, I personally wanted Kaya Scodelario to play Katniss. The good things about Kaya: SHE HAS DARK HAIR!, she looks like she could be Katniss, she’s the right age, and she’s NOT PALE!!!!!! By the way, Jeremy Sumpter should be Peeta! Lucas Till for Gale, just dye his hair dark. JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS NOT KATNISS EVERDEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • erica

    i think collins was going for an actress who was like katniss in chatacter, personality etc, not looks so much. but hey, makeup artists can do wonders; ever heard of hair dye and contacts? if she just looses a little weight (not because she’s fat at all but because katniss was starving) she’ll be great i’m sure.

  • elena

    guys. calm down. she dyed her hair brown and i think she will make a GREAT katniss. im just so excited!

  • tiffany

    i j love ennifer lawrence im exicted to see the movie she makes the perfect katniss i love hunger games series i cant wait til the movie comes out :)