Allstar Weekend: 'Not Your Birthday' Video!

Allstar Weekend: 'Not Your Birthday' Video!

Los Detectivos make a surprise appearance in Allstar Weekend‘s brand-new video for “Not Your Birthday.”

Guitarist Nathan shared with AOL about the vid, “The overall theme of the video was Prom. The setting took place at a high school gymnasium. We pretty much crash the high school prom and turn it into the ultimate night for everyone. Sometimes you have high expectations for school dances and there are let-downs. But we made sure that Prom night is a night that people will never forget.”

The track will be featured on the soundtrack for Disney’s upcoming Prom flick (which premieres April 29th) and out on iTunes on March 22nd! Be sure to pick it up!

Allstar Weekend – “Not Your Birthday”
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    This is old-ish. Kinda a late post. but anyways.. I LOVE ADUB! :P

  • Lawrence

    They’re such cute dorks!, love them!.

  • mikiimol

    love them :) love the song & video!

  • Miranda

    They are not disney material….they curse in here and I think it is innapropiate…..Don’t put no more songs like this on disney.My daughter is not going to sit here and sing the lyrics and think she never will have a birthday,!

  • kristianafdjs

    like the unclean versionn bettter

  • rock

    @Miranda: look theres a clean version so get your daughter to listen to that one ok you quit your bitching old lady theyre in their 20s ok so its ok for them to cuss and by the way they just work with disney and disney let them so get over it

  • Yakeshi

    Yeah… there are kind of alot of adults working for Disney… You expect the cast in every Disney show to be UNDER 20? Don’t get me wrong, swearing should never be allowed/tolerated on Disney, but just because there 20+ it makes it ok?

    Well by that logic then, the entire HSM cast could’ve spewed a couple curses each and everything would be all fine and dandy, I presume? I’m merely stating that just because someone is an adult, doesn’t make swearing any better than if a 6 year old did it. (in public or on film/camera I mean, of course. What people do behind closed doors that no one else can hear is their business)