Selena Gomez Worked with Pixie Lott on New Album

Selena Gomez Worked with Pixie Lott on New Album

Add one more reason we’re excited to hear Selena Gomez and The Scene‘s third album — because they worked with Pixie Lott!

Selena, 18, tells MTV, “There is one [song] that I’m completely in love with, and it was written by Pixie Lott, who I am obsessed with, and it’s my mom’s favorite song. It’s very sweet. It’s kind of a ballad, but not really. It’s basically about living in the moment; it’s about enjoying right now. I’m very much enjoying right now. I’m in a good place.”

What about other songs? “The third record is really fun, and there’s a song called ‘Hit the Lights’ that I love, and it’s basically about every missed opportunity that you’ve had. But it’s also a dance track. There’s a lot more depth [on this album],” Selena added.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Selena and The Scene’s new album?

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  • andy

    Yayyy! Can’t wait!!

  • hello

    Hell Yeah! :D

  • andie

    R U KIDDIN???? hell yah! :) u go sel!

  • danae

    im excited, but a new album already? give it time selena, its like you just released a year without rain.;

  • meiner

    There is a trend in the music industry …
    10-11 (mostly good) songs
    this can bring the artist in a shorter time music … So even more variety for us

  • nina

    are you kidding me? another one? didn’t a year without rain like just came out?
    that’s why her songs aren’t that good-she doesn’t take a break. she should take some time,really focus and make a great album.

  • A2

    Cool(: But I think she should release it later!


    im am so excited love selena, and her music, its not getting released till like june so it will be nearly a year since her previous one
    love selena

  • Kanani

    @nina: I agree with you. Most music artists take their time to make great albums, like Taylor Swift who spent two years writing tracks for her third album, and it came out amazing. She’s the only artist I know of that releases a new album every year.

  • Patworx

    More haters. Just what we need.

  • Tex

    The problem with her is that she’s so tenacious in calling “Haters” the people who make observations to her when she says big lies, like when the Bieber carribbean pictures came out. She has still to grow up a LOT.

  • joe

    Omg yes!!! can’t wait

  • Kate

    Hell yeah! I believe it’s gonna be so great! Pixie is very talented and Selena is awesome. Love them both. Good luck!

  • destiny

    omg i love pixie and selena they should be great friends!!!! i have love for them both!!!

>>>>>>> staging1