Jamie Chung Gets Unscripted with Sucker Punch Girls

Jamie Chung Gets Unscripted with Sucker Punch Girls

Jamie Chung lights up in this new still from Sucker Punch.

The 27-year-old actress stars as Amber in the flick opposite Emily Browning, and Jena Malone.

Want to ask Jamie, Jena, Emily, Abbie Cornish and Vanessa Hudgens a question about the flick? Now you can!

Moviefone is calling all questions for an Unscripted segment, which will premiere next week. But hurry — you only have until Sunday to submit your q’s!

15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Clay Enos; Photos: Warner Bros. Pictures
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  • Cassy

    Congratulation, you look like a prostitute. But I’m sure she knows that..

  • F.A.M.E

    i have a feeling its going to fail just like every vanessa hudgens movie
    ok let the obsessed stans begin

  • Samantha

    that’s the whole point of the movie.
    & where the hell have you been? what the hell do you call the highschool musical franchise? you’re a fail. obviously. you want F A M E.

  • F.A.M.E

    @Samantha: ya like high school musical went big cause of her im sure zac had nothing to do with it . since he was huge at the time . and i dont want to bring it over (not that kind of person) but lets not forget the pictures alright . her albums were a huge fail . even though they came out with hsm .
    and seriously ” obviously . you want f a m e ” is that a supposed to be a joke ? cause i dont get it

  • flinch

    @F.A.M.E: you must be the only one who thinks that because 1) it’s not a vanessa hudgens movie and I’m definitely not a fan of her 2) Emily Browning is a promising actress (The Uninvited) and 3) the trailer was AMAZING!

  • F.A.M.E

    @flinch: 1) i didnt say it WILL flop , i said i THINK it will . huge difference
    2) megan fox did alot of movies and it wasnt a megan fox movie still flopped soo bad just like vanessa . they brought in the same numbers

  • kerri

    Wow!!!! everyone is so bitter. What did vanessa do to you all?

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com rayana

    Question: What’s it like working with eachother?

    Rayana from Malta

  • kimann

    Hey! BEASTLY was more than expected!

  • peggy


    I guess you forgt Zac didnt even do his own singing in the first HSM and unlike CSC Beastly has made back is production costs in 2 week and has big foreign pre sale numbers before it even opens there.

    And Vanessa had a lot to do with HSM as well.

    Poor pathetic one you need attention so bad.

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ HIH

    I am excited! :) :) :)

  • laquida

    my question for vanessa is?
    vanessa how was it playing blondie? was it challenging and fun?

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    @peggy: please if your trying to tell me that zac cant sing just look @ the oscars when he and vanessa sang . everybody said she sucked . an if you dont believe me just go and look @ her minni singing when she was playing a sl*t .. she sucked big time.
    Poor pathetic one

  • Tata

    i want to watch this movie so badly!!! :)

  • jj17

    @F.A.M.E: Go jump off a pier you stupid a#$hole loser!

  • Angie


    @F.A.M.E: OK wow Vanessa sucks huh? So everyone says it’s true huh well it is Vanessa so no matter what she does people will say anything negative right? Well then according to the big important people like ZACK (Director), Reviewers, critics, and more have said she’s the opposite hmmm yeah gonna have to go what they say. Plus if she didn’t come back for HSM2 no one will watch all the little girls like her. Zac is just a guy he’s not the best singer in the world I feel bad because all the girls see is ‘pretty boy’ he was big because of his looks.

    Vanessa is the one with alot of potential too bad no one can see it CLOSELY……….yet.

  • Chanon

    @F.A.M.E: LOL at least Vanessa can get a movie. What about you? You’re just sitting behind a computer screen insulting a 22- year- old that brings in millions every year.

  • peggy


    Again wrong since they sang a duet of only 16 bars you are stupid as well as mean.

    Look its not my or Vanessa or Zac or any poster fault your family doesn’t ignores you

  • muse

    Why all the hate? I cant wait to see this movie, with ALL these amazing girls in it. Whether or not Vanessa was in the movie, I would have paid money to go see it, and I am. But yeah, main reason being…is that Im a Vanessa fan and Im seeing it to support her and see how far shes come from singing and dancing in High school hallways. Lol.
    I love Vanessa as an individual and an actress. She has the potential, but haters cant see past their own promblems to see that or realize that…which is too bad for them.
    Go Vanessa :D

  • Angie

    @muse: I’m so with you.

    I like the fact that Jared says Jamie stars in.. just like the other girls NOT just Vanessa as people claim “Story follows Babydoll (Emily), “Jena stars as….Abbie stars as…..” SEE THEIR EQUAL. All good. I like to ask them if they like the sexy costumes as well and if they kept them? : )

  • 333


  • 333


  • 333

    lol.. you

  • 333

    you are trying too hard

  • brittany C

    I love you :) What was the most challenging thing youhad to do to perpare for this movie ? And are you anything like your character Blondie ?

  • brittany C

    to Vanessa
    i love you :) What was the most challenging thing you had to do for this movie and are you anything like your character blondie ?
    brittany for new york

  • http://twitter.com/VPHudgens Princess

    hi Vanessa! :) how are u doing?
    are u dating Josh Hutcherson?

  • naamee

    As much as i love vanessa she isnt the only person in this flim its gonna kick a$$ super epic shxt is in play for this movie

    To The Cast: How much did you love playing your characters?

    To Emily: what was the first thing that went thru your mind when they told you, you had the lead

    To Jamie: what was your favorite gun during the whole move?

    To Vanessa Hudgens: how did you get ready to play such a different role? any regrets?

  • http://Justjaredjr.buzznet.com Boji

    I like how this thread was supposed to be about Jamie Chung but the posters turned it into a Vanessa thread. Love her or hate her, you are making her popular. I happen to love her and am going to see the movie when it comes out. Can’t wait. I’m sure all the girls did an awesome job.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com rayana

    To Abbie : Can u describe your co-stars in 3 words?

  • Blakely1500

    All-Do you have any bad habits that you want to rid of?
    And how are you similar to your Character?

  • anny nilsson

    To Vanessa
    Do you think your HSM cast are really jealous at you beacuse you did this movie ?? ( I love soo much <3

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com rayana

    To Vanessa: Do you ever wish to do another movie with one of your HSM cast? If yes,with whom?

  • Melisaaaa

    Vanessa: Are you going to do more action movies like Angelina Jolie?!
    Emily: Whats your outlook on ‘sucker Punch”?
    Jamie: What was it like working with the Navy Seals?

  • ______

    I’d ask Emily how she feels having a lead role of action/hero comic type for woman and was it too much pressure?

    Jamie, why Amber is such a great character? Same with all the girls.

    And like to ask Vanessa if she go on a date but that’s nothing do with the movie so If she likes Blondie character and if she can relate to her?

  • Suzanne


  • tee

    @Suzanne: Bullsh*t, he is the one running around drinking and doing God knows what.


    @333: I saw beastly and it was a hell of a lot better than charlie st cloud and peggy wasnt saying that Zac can’t sing just that he didn’t in the first movie because he didn’t drew seeley did he sang in the other ones though. And also you are really getting on my nerves im not much of a Vanessa fan either but there is no need to be rude


    @333: 333 sorry that comment was supposed to be for F.A.M.E haha

  • joan

    I Hate the HATERS of V hudgens I LOVE Vanessa hudgens and i Will Support Her No Matter What

  • aly

    And here i was wondering how the haters vanished from the old thread… guess you moved here. Btw, this is about all the actresses from Sucker Punch NOT just Vanessa Hudgens… >.>

  • laquida

    I watched Late Night With Jimmy Fallon lastnight and Emily Browning was on there being interviewed.She looked beautiful!!:):)

  • Chanel

    To: Vanessa Hudgens(:
    Babe, i love you ttvm! I tink ur such an AWESOME and AMAZING singer and actress(: Dun get any negative comments get in your way(: I think ur rlly inspiring(: So anyway, question is, what type of girl is Bondie?? Was it very fun to be her?(:

>>>>>>> staging1