Jennifer Lawrence Dishes On 'Hunger Games'

Jennifer Lawrence Dishes On 'Hunger Games'

Jennifer Lawrence “couldn’t be happier” about scoring the lead role in The Hunger Games.

“I have a huge responsibility to the fans of this incredible book and I don’t take it lightly,” the 20-year-old actress said in a statement to JJJ.

“I will give everything I have to these movies and to this role to make it worthy of [author] Suzanne Collin‘s masterpiece,” she added.

Jennifer also told EW there wasn’t a specific scene in the three books that got her excited about playing Katniss Everdeen.

“The entire book made me want that,” she explained. “That being said, I’ve never shot a bow and arrow, so that’ll be cool.”

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  • cmeesmile

    I have very low expectations for this movie.

  • jasmine

    ugh… isn’t Katniss a BRUNETTE??
    She in all honesty have too much a babyface for Katniss… :(
    Unless they’re gonna use hollywood make-up to do the trick… :/
    I DONT WANT.. :(

  • jasmine

    @cmeesmile: *sigh*…. sadly, I agree

  • Olia

    She is not Katniss. Very bad choice. I’m very disappointed.

  • fan

    Can not wait for the movie !
    Gets that boyish and sexy lucas till as peeta.

  • Holly Golightly

    I definitely think she’ll do incredible as Katniss. People need to watch “Winter’s Bone” and THEN say she can’t pull it off. SHE CAN.

    P.S. Ever heard of hair dye?

  • Sel

    I actually have very high expectations for this movie. I don’t understand why people are bashing her. Her acting is incredible and you can’t judge until you’ve seen The Hunger Games.

    And, HAIR DYE.

  • Dannie H

    im glad they finally cast someone! they better find a good peeta.
    she has been growing on me and i watched winters bone yesterday and jennifer is really talented. cant wait, just another year until the movie!

  • Carla

    @cmeesmile: be glad it’s not alyson stoner

  • lala

    i hope that the movie is as good as the AMAZING book

  • Chanon

    Yea, there’s hair dye. They also have to make her skin look a bit more darker and get contacts for her.

  • aubry


    and she needs to lose like 20 pounds. and shrink like 6 inches.

  • http://RUNAWAYrb R

    I was hoping Hailee Steinfeld be Katniss Everdeen. ):
    sigh.. sad that Jennifer took the role.

  • kgc

    Katniss: Long black hair that she keeps in a braid, gray Seam eyes and olive skin. The story also notes that she is short in stature. she is also noted to be small for her age but remarkably strong.

    She looks nothing like her character description =(

  • Ruby

    darn it, I wanted it to be Hailee Steinfeld soooo bad. I think she would have been perfect for the role.

    Hopefully, Jennifer will be asked to dye her hair, and she would also have to be given contacts and anything hollywood makeup artists can do to make her look more like Katniss.

    As for acting, hopefully she’ll do a good job.

    It’s just, the age difference and *sigh* Idono…

  • X


    That would of been the best selection, actually.

  • http://none gigi

    You don’t judge an actress over her looks for God’s sake. Half of these comments are from bratty little pre teens, just be grateful it’s not Alyson Stoner. Seriously who ever thought she would be even close to get the role must of been crazy, the girl is horrible at acting. Though Jennifer who was in Winter’s Bone, the movie that was nominated for 4 OSCARS can actually act.

    Oscar Nominated, Winters Bone VS Camp Rock.

    On this note, I do think Hailee Steinfeld would of been a great choice for Katniss.

  • clickyoudie

    Actually, the more I see her. I gain more respect to her. And have you seen her act? She’s Incredible. She’s also totally genuine and sweet.
    She’s never be my first choice, but it’s ok though.
    Be glad they didn’t pick someone like Alyson Or Mellese

  • Mattie

    Alright. I agree with most people on here. This is NOT how I would have pictured Katniss. She better dye her hair brown or this movie will go up in flamed. And Katniss is supposed to be average looking, and she is not. Just like Vanessa Hudgens in Beastly. Now, I don’t know who she is so the unknown actor thing is good for me, but from what I’ve seen many people do know who she is. Everyone deserves a chance even if we aren’t really happy with the choice in the beginning. She just better know what she signed up for and better know how to bring it to the table. Oh and Peeta better be amazing for else this movie will be horrible.

  • tn

    i would prefer kaya scodelario as katniss. jennifer’s face doesn’t fit the part of katniss.

  • Peeta Bread

    But Suzanne Collins is a writer of childrens’ books. How in the name of God did she ever put together such a monstrously violent but quite enjoyable story as “Hunger?” I think it was on Facebook that I read the story is based on a Greek mytholgical tale while all along I felt it was definitely a throwback to Roman gladiator times. But something else crossed my mind. Our schools are stressing the bullying problem and how to curb it in order to prevent Columbines and what not. Schools are trying to teach niceness and respect between students. “Hunger” the movie will attract school kids. The movie’s all about kids killing kids in order to save precious food. Malthus’s economics have come true. So how can we reconcile the ugliness of the storyline on “Hunger” versus “kids be nice to one another” theme? When this film comes out, a lot of educators are gonna be ticked off. And rightly so.

>>>>>>> staging1