Ian Harding: Ezra & Aria Are 'Soulmates At the Fullest Extent'

Ian Harding: Ezra & Aria Are 'Soulmates At the Fullest Extent'

Ian Harding can’t say a lot about the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, but he does dish a lot to Interview Magazine.

The 24-year-old actor opens up to the mag about skeletons, flirting and believing that Ezra and Aria (Lucy Hale) are truly soulmates. Check it:

On Ezra and Aria’s connection: “On an emotional story level, it just kind of happens to be the worst of circumstances—kind of the perfect storm. There’s an age difference. Yes, but nobody would frown upon a 23-year-old dating a 30-year-old. Maybe. I don’t think my parents would. It depends on the person. The problem is the six- or seven-year difference between them, and I’m her teacher. It’s not really smiled upon. I really think they’re soulmates at the fullest extent. So they’re giving it a go, even with possible jail time.”

On Ezra’s skeletons: “In the coming episodes, things get very colorful. I think you know a little bit about Ezra, but everything is focused on the girls, as it should be. I think within the coming episodes and within season 2, you get to see more of Ezra’s past and skeletons in his closet. He’s got some major skeletons showing up back there.”

On how he flirted his way to landing the role: “I just kind of flirted with everybody that I came across. They were like, ‘You have the part.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute, okay… I think you’re making a mistake.’ They decided that they weren’t, and now I’m here. It was a really interesting audition process. It was so out of the blue and so surreal.”

The season finale of Pretty Little Liars airs TONIGHT!

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Credit: Eric Silverberg; Photos: Interview Magazine
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  • http://twitter.com/PLLFrenchArmy Elow

    can’t waiiitt
    Ian is so cute <3

  • adline

    Like Ezra&Aria! They’re so cute together and Ian is so cute too! <3

  • Suzanne


  • taylor

    She’s under 18, he’s more than 4 years older, which combined is generally illegal in most of the US. Plus he’s a teacher, which means there’s automatically a power/authority imbalance. It doesn’t need to be romanticized this much. He should know better.

  • Philly11

    @Taylor: who cares? It’s entertainment TV not CNN!!

    I LOVE EZRIA and I love IAN. I don’t even think I could watch if they broke them up. All they are going to do is put her with boring ass Noel and I can’t watch that!!!!!

  • Christine


    I agree, I don’t see them as some huge romance story. The fact that she’s under 18 means he could be arrested in any state in the US for satatory rape. Plus he’s her teacher. Even when I read the books it felt wrong. They look good together, but soul mates they are not.

  • brittany

    I love Ian!!! He is such an amazing guy!!!!! EZRIA FOREVER <3

  • m

    i don’t like how their romatcizing a teacher/student relationship. yeah, it makes for good tv, but in real life, in the real world, it’s just so wrong and there are so many concequences of it that they never show on PLL. if they are really “soulmates”, then he should know enough to put off the relationship until she’s out of high school. this relationship needs a reality check…

  • hanni

    This is disgusting and PEDOPHILIA at best. I can’t believe this show is condoning and glorifying pedophilia, Aria is 16 years old and a lot LOOKS younger. She looks 13 years old.

    ABC Family is disgusting.

  • Molliee(:

    Its a show! I love it! I think the chemistry between them is brilliant.. and they show they are soul mates. I would hate it if they broke up, alot of entertainment would be lost and i would loose getting to see Ian Harding on my computer screen! Keep them together!! :)xx

  • Molliee(:

    Its a show! I love it! I think the chemistry between them is brilliant.. and they show they are soul mates. I would hate it if they broke up, alot of entertainment would be lost and i would loose getting to see Ian Harding on my computer screen! Keep them together!! :)xx

  • the truth

    Oh please get over it. It’s a freaking show. If your child doesn’t realize that dating your teacher is wrong then you are doing something wrong as a parent. This is entertainment and fiction. It just so happens that Ezra and Aria have chemistry and are SOUL MATES. They are here to stay, deal with it and stop preaching like you are the president of what is right and what is not.

  • http://www.prettylittleliarsepisodes.com Pretty Little Liar

    Omg Ezra is soooo cute, im jealous hehe. Cant wait for the second season!


    I agree, i love this show and I love Ezra and Aria together. Yes it is wrong because he is her teacher…. but that is all that’s really wrong to be honest. He JUST graduated from college, which means he is 22… 23 at the very most, though I’m guessing 22. A 6year gap is not that big a deal. She is 16, and although that is still young, their relationship is only illegal because he is a teacher, outbalancing the relationship by putting him in a position of power. He will no longer be her teacher, so now it’s fine. Most teachers aren’t 22 anyway, they are old men, which is why the teacher/student relationship is so taboo, that an the unprofessional aspect to it. They are cute together and love is sometimes inconvenient… they tried, and failed to stay away from each other. They are both kids give them a break. That’s really how you have to see Ezra, a slightly older kid at 22, he JUST passed legal age. Besides at least they are not sleeping together, which shows that he does have certain ethics and boundaries he does not cross. Though this will change when he leaves her high school ^^ <3 GO EZRIA … soulmates all the way.

  • katie

    I do think they are cute together, and i love them on the show and yes i know its entertainment and only tv but in all honesty they are glorifying student\teacher relationships and making it look like dating someone older is super great and amazing when you’re 16 but in reality it is NOT, especially a teacher, if there is sex involved it’s rape, whether it is consensual or not, i just hope kids understand that. It’s inappropriate and just wrong.

  • Lucas Corso

    @the truth: So Ezra and Aria are soulmates. And that makes it a good relationship. Well, what happens when your 15 year old thinks she’s really in love with her twenty-something teacher? ABC FAMILY has an obligation here, I believe. Romanticizing this disgusting relationship in the name of entertainment is simply wrong. I like the show. But I won’t keep watching if ABC Family doesn’t appropriately address it.

  • Gabby

    Yes it’s a show and yes on the show the two actors have great on-screen chemistry. But a 16 year old CHILD with her teacher? Gross and Illegal in all 50 states. I have to change the channel every time scenes with the two of them come up just because it’s so disgusting.