Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Pillow from Ellen!

Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Pillow from Ellen!

Selena Gomez makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode airing tomorrow (March 22).

The 18-year-old entertainer was given a special present from Ellen – a pillow with Justin Bieber‘s face on it so she won’t miss him while he’s on tour!

During the interview, Ellen also showed a clip from Selena‘s last visit where she brushed off romance rumors by describing Justin as her “little brother.”

“What do you have to say now?” Ellen asks.

“I don’t know. I don’t know … I didn’t lie to you!” Selena responds with a laugh.

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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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  • dcstarinthemaking

    they’re not really going out, it’s all publicity…she’s too mature, too tall, and too pretty for him.

  • http://@tamarabeliebs Tamara

    Selena confuses the hell out of me. lol.

  • andy

    She is too hot for him!!

  • jem

    that is tooooo cute. i love them together. :) plus selena looks gorgeous.

  • zingzing

    I just want her to be happy. I like her..regardless of who she dates. What time does this come on though?

  • Marie

    i loove Selena, she’s so pretty! :) and if she’s with Justin, i’m happy for them <3

    they’re cute :)

  • Cindy

    If she wasn’t lying to Ellen… Well thats a weird relationship.

  • Emma

    I don’t care, who she’s dating. It’s her life and as long as she’s happy, who cares if JB is two years younger?They’re young and like eachother, so why not go for it?I’ll support her no matter what and that’s what all the REAL selena fans will do!

  • ______

    Yes Selena don’t go with the Biebsnees you’re WAAYYYY TOOOO GOOOD! AND TOOO HOOOTTTT!

  • mmbop

    Sigh. Selena is too pretty for him.

  • dude

    It’s weird to say this but Justin must have some game to change her mind from being just a ‘little’ friend to something more. Well, I guess it doesn’t hurt he has grown a few inches. Weird.

  • Inna

    i’m glad shes happy. but regardless, that’s so akward! shes basically saying she’s dating her ‘little brother’ lol


    do i think she could do WAAAYYY better. you bet your arse.
    but hey this all on Selena…

    Bibomez? Gomieber? Slustin? Justena/Jelena (Better-ish, but unoriginal)? lol nope.

  • meiner

    It’s just sad that she is now reduced to Justin Bieber.
    Selena still has her own successes, by which you can speak.

    Wow, her clothes … simple, but so hot … wow

  • javi

    if bieber is her little brother im the king of england i know she dosen’t want to talk about private life with the media but ellen and even george lopez like them and selena you don’t go to an island like st lucia and stay with a friend or little brother like you call him at the time anyway i like them together as a couple even if she dosen’t want to talk about the relationship.

  • javi

    i forgot you don’t kiss your friend in the lips at the vanity fair party or stay with a male friend alone in hotels either way i still love her.

  • meiner

    The heart aches, when the heart desires!

    Many know the feeling, you see someone on the street, at work, at school or … and it makes you weak in the knees, your heart is racing, the stomach turns somersaults.

    Many know the feeling, you get to know someone – ok, he is nice person – over time you learn to appreciate and love him … and it makes you weak in the knees, your heart is racing, the stomach turns somersaults.

    The good thing about it, it’s not a question of age or age difference!
    It happens to everyone and for that you need not be ashamed; even if other it do not understand.

    Selena Gomez heart knows what she needs.
    She learned in more then 2 year to appreciate him and to love him.

    The heart aches, when the heart desires!

  • 1


  • javi

    @meiner: man thats so beautifull.

  • marissa

    Your right Meiner, sometimes you can be friends with someone so long sometimes it can be that brotherly type of relationship but when you spend more time with that person, I think you get to learn more about that person’s character and feelings can change. The love arrow can strike at any given time. If people can just comprehend this. Maybe it’s because the more of these critics have never experienced love from the heart and soul. I see that Ellen has joined Letterman in their efforts to try and publicly humiliate Selena in her relationship with Justin in their efforts to break them up. So sad. You just can’t break up true love because it’s within their souls. They’re soul mates. If these critics would just Leave them alone and let them live their destinies.

  • Christian

    What does she mean she didn’t lie to Ellen? Is she still implying that Justin is like a little brother to her? That’s kind of awkward to think about when you’re kissing him at a hotel.

  • Ella

    I want to watch the interview!!!

  • Michelle

    I’m pretty sure what Selena meant when she told Ellen that she wasn’t lying was that at the time she looked at him like a brother. The same can be said for those who fall for their best friends. Love grows. It happens. Stop hating and just let them be.

  • Tex

    @javi: Well, behind the jokes, i think She doesn’t like the critics, at all.

  • Tex

    It’s a nice poem, too bad that they still have to show a real kiss. Perhaps she’ll wait that he’ll be 18.

  • temii


    i totally agree with you.
    that’s funny.
    selena clearly seems happy – let them be. :)

  • meiner

    We all know the timeline between Selena’s say “… brother” and the first published Paparazzi Photo.
    Something has definitely changed between the two.
    Justin has grown, become mature, perhaps he has fought for a closer relationship with Selena.
    Selena says the truth!
    But why silent?
    The public pressure, under which Selena because of their friendship and love is … I see and feel him every day.
    Adults people harass a 18 year young girl with questions about their Intimate life.
    Maybe Selena … take your seductive smile … ask these people after their intimate life.
    Let’s see what answers are then!

    I watch only the development on this issue – ever more often to backyard Journalism – something beautiful, like young love, something disreputable, what a signal to young people.


  • flinch

    She didn’t lie about Justin Bieber being like her little brother?? SO she’ll actually date her little brother?!??!!? OHHH DEAAAARRRRR

  • tiffany weng

    Selena is to pretty to GOOD to hot for justin!!!!!

  • marian

    justin bieber is toooo hot and amazing to be seen with selena

  • sarah

    she shouldn’t of lied….selena gomez is a lier. shes not perfect.

  •; selenapck

    @Emma: Yeah! All wht matters to us, true Selenators is tht Sel is happy…. we shud support her! <3

  • jocelyn.

    that’s disgusting.
    if justin’s any way close to being her little brother…
    you just don’t kiss your little brother like that…
    i used to be a SG fan. but, now a day’s, not so much.

  • none

    Oh please she lied. Selena Gomez is a fake. If she really cared about the fans Selena would have told the truth.

  • v

    She said she didn’t lie to Ellen, basically she said it’s just fauxmance PR for their career

  • wow

    Really whao does Ellen think she is? Another example of an interviewer going way beyond in their queations. It is really no one’s business if Selen a & Justin are dating or not & if Selena wants to acknowledge it to her or not. What matters is how they treat each other. Just because Selena & Justin are celebs does not mean everyone has the right to know every detail of their private lives. It is time peole get over that & start respecting their privacy a bit.

  • Adam

    @none: The reason why she had to play coy is because of those damn Beliebers in how they would react. She didn’t really lie about it. Honestly, I don’t blame her. Those Beliebers should be in a strait jacket. It’s her life dude. She doesn’t need to talk about her love life to her fans. She really didn’t do anything wrong.

  • jordan

    I love selena gomez shes my number one girl

  • Tex

    Let’s forgive her! LOL

  • sam

    I think selena gomez and Justin Bieber make a cute couple i can’t wait to see the show today. she is so sweet and funny i don’t think she’s using him or anything fans are just jeauslous that she has him and they don’t. they won’t have chance with him. so back off let selena gomez and jsutin biebre be happy togther. i am so happy for them.

  • kerri

    Selena is such a cutie and ellen is always so funny. If you are a fan of Vanessa Hudgens then check out her interview on 23 march on ellen.

  • andie

    @meiner: u go girl

  • Tex

    Well, the fact is that you can’t tell what their real status is. I personally, don’t know what it is. But when their most “intimate” pictures came out, for sure bad feelings came out too, haha it’s human. That’s for sure.

  • Chloe

    selena’s too good for justin!!! in all aspects :)

  • http://yahoo pooky kaka bobo


    i reall dont like her so i wish he wont like her ever again


    apparanetly they have been dating since december they just don’t want people knowing, it is understandable

  • Tex

    I must have been drunk when i did write my previous two comments…

  • ilovejelena

    i so agree jelena looks so cute together <3 i ove them so much!

  • ilovejelena

    jelena !!!!

  • http://donthave sahra

    selena is not good with justin i really love her but shame on her she is older than justin i hope that she back to taylor lautner soon