Meet Italy's New Secret: Il Volo!

Meet Italy's New Secret: Il Volo!

International Spot!

From time to time, JJJ will be featuring new, international artists and up first is Il Volo!

Made up of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, the trio first appeared on the popular Italian talent show Ti Lascio Una Canzone and dazzled viewers with their flawless rendition of the Italian standard “O Sole Mio.”

Il Volo‘s self-titled debut album, which was released in Italy late last year, has already been certified platinum! Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca worked with a number of renowned producers including Humberto Gatica and their album is coming to the US on April 12th!

The guys shared in a statement about their music, “We want to share our love for this music with poeple all over the world, including kids our own age.”

Visit the group at!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Il Volo’s music?

Il Volo – “O Sole Mio”
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  • miley4ever

    no vabbè quelli di ti lascio una canzone ahahahah

  • Denise

    Love them :) they’re only 14 years old, yet so talented!
    Italy is very proud of you, guys! <3

  • b

    wow…these guys are sooo good i love them. Specially that one guy in the middle, can I say CUUTEE!

  • Adriana

    They seem sweet, but I don’t like the music too much.

  • cmeesmile

    International artists? May I suggest the British band One Direction? They need a bigger following due to their talent and I’m sure many people would enjoy their music.

    Il Volo are so talented and their style of music is one most teenagers wouldn’t appreciate, but honestly it sounds very good.

  • gabrytivogliobenex

    Sono quindici anni e adoro Il Volo! li ho visto su TI canzone Lascio UNA .. su rai. Spero che presto in tour in America, o forse tornerò in Italia per vedere la famiglia e vederli in concerto! tutti hanno voci bellissime, ma il mio preferito è Gianluca Ginoble! Ho comprato il mio cd già .. L’ho comprato su .. la sua sempre replay!

  • Kai

    @Denise: Actually, 2 of them are 16, and one is 18… but close enough!

  • john c pastorie

    they are great , it’s music sung from the heart. their voices are the best i heard since the tenors. it beats the hell out of the teen age singers of today

  • BElla

    they sing good

  • kumkwat

    actually, two of them are 16, the one with the glasses is 17.

  • Tom Lillyman

    There are not enough adjectives to describe the enormus talent of these 3 young men. Talent with out passion has no value for anyone and we are all blessed because these young men have an equal balance of both. Congratulations boys !!!

  • Gene byrge

    All I can say is WOW! And I’m no teen – I’m a great-grandmother who loves opera and has heard the best. I just hope that stardom doesn’t turn their heads – I’d hate to see them go off the rails like so many young rising stars have done. You’re a gift, boys! Thank you!



  • azalea

    Anyone who doesn’t appreciate this music needs his/her head examined. These guys are fab-u-lous!!!



  • matthew

    Take a look at these 16-17 year old guys from Italy. Amazing voices!

    Love, Mom and Dad

  • Jim Clyatt

    Molto buono.

    I hate that to old to live another 25 years, just to hear those voices. But, I’ll try.


  • L. Krawitz

    Finally some cute young guys, who can really, really, really sing..!!

    Not just 3 handsome faces that were pulled together to make money.

    How cool is that….???



    Apparently some “lady” doesn’t know her music… IL VOLO sang over a year ago at the WE ARE THE WORLD – 25 – HAITI songfest… funny that… I didn’t see IL DIVO anywhere in sight where the greatest artists in the world sang….

    IL DIVO singers are 2 1/2 older than IL VOLO… who will be around a LONG time. Their album already went Platinum (over 1 million sales) in Italy last fall… and is currently (after their tour in Europe) going Gold (1/2 milliion sales) in many countries in just the last few weeks.

    Also IL VOLO, who’s first singing together was a matter of a chance meeting of 3 very talented artists, are being produced by the same producers as Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

    The youngest of the 3… Gianluca Ginoble (the looker) has been described by Italians as the next Andrea Bocelli. He won the singing competition that all 3 were performing in… by singing Bocelli songs as good as Bocelli.

  • Debbie

    These young teenagers –l6 & 17 years old– are excellent singers & performers. Gianluca is a hot looking guy and both Piero & Ignazio are very cute and attractive. These 3 are better than anyone else who has ever sang on the AI stage. No matter how long they stay on the air, AI will never have any contestant who can match any of these 3 guys in singing ability.

  • Yolanda

    I love their music n their velvet voices

  • M/s Axelsen

    truly amazing have not heard anything quite like them since the great Pavarotti.

    Good luck lads

    A granma

  • Mammamia

    These boys are beyond amazing !!!!!!!!!
    There are those who sing because of fame & fortune…then there are those who are ‘called’ to do it. With their hearts and from their souls !!! And, that is apparent in everything these boys sing !! Their talent is UNRIVALED, and the only thing more so, is their hearts. My daughter is 2 1/2 yrs old, loooooooooves Il Volo, and is scheduled to have surgery for bilateral hip dysplasia in 10 days. These boys have sent her messages of love and promises of prayer. To take the time to do that amidst their schedules tells you something about who they are, as people !! As entertainers….when you sing like they do…not just with their voices, but with their hearts…well, there’s nothing “flash in the pan” about that !!! No, my friend….THAT is the stuff that legends are made of !!!!!
    Welcome to “the flight” !!! …..Il Volo !!!! ;)

  • P Pate

    I have been singing all my life and watch the music business very carefully. These boys are absolutely great! I like them much better than Il Divo! I hope the world will embrace their wonderful talents. This type of verve for both classical and crossover music is so much applauded and I hope people will appreciate what real, beautiful music is all about. Hope to see you boys soon!


    gratamente sorprendida por su talento, acoplamiento, melodia, potencia de voz y su capacidad intelectual -a pesar de su juventud- para seleccionar su estilo y canciones que de verdad dicen y comunican sensaciones…emociones al ser humano…les deseo largo comino de /exitos a nivel internacional!

  • louisefarina

    i am 77 years old and i never heard any ay their age singing as good as them the best

  • misa

    What can I say, just love them!
    So young yet so talented…
    Their voices are simply magnificent: they penetrate my soul.


    The entire world should thank God for this gift.

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