Matthew Timmons is a 'Friends' Freak!

Matthew Timmons is a 'Friends' Freak!

Matthew Timmons goes crab crazy in this still from The Suite Life Movie, premiering FRIDAY on Disney Channel.

We caught up with Matthew, 18, in Vancouver to chat about the movie, twins and what’s happening with Woody. Check it:

On where and what Woody is doing: “The funny thing about Woody is that, in the movie and the series, he just bounces around. He’s Zack’s best friend but yet he’s friends with everyone and in the movie, he’s kind of doing the same thing. He bounces from friend to friend. In the movie, though, Woody starts off with Zack. Cody has given this letter to Zack to give to Bailey and we’re trying to ‘lose’ the letter. Then later on, Woody is with Bailey and trying to be her friend and comfort her.”

On the series finally getting a movie: “I thought it was great. Finally. Even back when they were ending Zack and Cody and doing a spinoff [with On Deck], I was thinking ‘Why take down a great show so soon?’ I was so excited about the movie. It was definitely time. The fans have been asking about it for the longest time. They [the twins and Brenda] have been doing this for six years and it’s such an established show that we’ve definitely been waiting for it.”

On if Woody would be a good match for Bailey or London: “(laughs) I love this question. You know, Cody and Bailey just work so well together that Woody and Bailey…it’s like Ross and Rachel on Friends. You can’t really imagine those two without each other. And London…she’s just in lala land. I don’t think London even remembers Woody’s name half the time (laughs). I love Brenda, she’s so good at being London and just a great actress all around. But it’s kind of funny, on the series in some episodes you’ll see Woody actually get the girl. But after that episode they never re-appear. Woody’s a player.”

On comparing Suite Life to his obsession, Friends: “I love that show. I can tell you what’s going to happen next, the lines…everything. But I was watching it the other night with Debby back at the hotel and I kept really comparing it to our show. The friendships, the whole show is based upon the closeness of six friends and it’s actually how ours is. You see Cody and Bailey, and Zack and Woody and then there’s London and Moseby (a father figure to her). You actually see why it’s been on the air for six years.”

The Suite Life Movie premieres TOMORROW @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

The Suite Life Movie: Clip #4
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Credit: Sergei Bachlakov; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • Mistyk

    I really love his character

  • Jackie

    Woody is the best. I love his corkiness and his sarcastic sense of humor. He’s the first guy you call when your going to throw a party. That is my opinion of Woody. I just wish we could see more of him in the movie. Hopefully he makes some appearances on Debby’s new show or possibly talk to disney about doing another sitcom for them. :)

  • foreverDClove

    Hes awesome :D cant wait for the movie .