Vanessa Hudgens Slips A Sucker Punch to Avan Jogia

Vanessa Hudgens Slips A Sucker Punch to Avan Jogia

Avan Jogia slips into the back seat of an awaiting car next Vanessa Hudgens as they leave for the Sucker Punch after party in Hollywood on Wednesday night (March 23).

The duo were joined by Josh Hutcherson (not pictured) who also attended the premiere with the Hudgens family.

Vanessa shared with InStyle about the prop she wanted to take from the Sucker Punch set: “I really wish I could still carry around my saw!”

Jena Malone and Jamie Chung are also pictured below.

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Credit: Josephine Santos; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • lauren


  • Robsten Fan

    Don’t tell me she’s dating this creepy gay!! PLEAse!!

  • aly

    Haha… when the rumor about her and this guy will start? -.-

  • aly

    Oh wait, it already started, @#2 post… bwhaha, she isn`t dating a guy just because she was pictured with him =)))))

  • m

    Avan looks weird…….

  • MIA

    She go out with the guy, but this doesn’t mean than they dating!

  • daniel

    vanessa was spectacular at the premiere last night /& she’s all grown up
    now i can say she’s a lady.
    She’s beautiful

  • susan1

    oh…………my……….i dont want to say any words…

  • Haters Suck!

    She’s not dating this guy either so don’t even start.



  • lauren

    she said she is single,
    she is not dating josh,
    even if they are,, i give it a month, cus she is going to be dealing with the same shit as zac.

  • Pam

    Oh Vanessa, why are you acting like you’re single, gurl? Entertaining suitors and the like? Didn’t you know that you’re suppose to lock yourself up in your mansion, weep until your heart bleeds, and then enter a convent? You’re disappointing your “fans”, who we know only wants the “best” for you – i.e. ZE. Never mind that these so called fans don’t know an iota of how “great” of a BF you HAD. You know, they’re kind of like him – all supportive on the surface yet really only thinking of their own self-satisfaction. But I digress.

    So yea, “sad” to see you living your life, finding yourself etc. God knows you’re better off listening and following all the disparagements you have had to dealt with this past couple of years.

  • e

    Sucker Punch is something that a lot of people have been looking forward to, espcially guys I would say. And Avan is Josh’s best friend and since Vanessa and Josh is friends Vanessa probably invited him and Josh brought Avan along with him, because let’s face it, if you got to go to the premiere of one of the hottest movies of the spring because you know someone in the casat, wouldn’t you go? Is it really hard to believe that two people who may not be of the same gender really can’t be just friends? I’m sure when Vanessa meets a guy she wants to go there with we would find out eventually, and specuallting about it already isn’t going to do anyone any good, just let it be, like I said we would find out eventually and we all know that who ever the guy is will be will be someone special to Vanessa, but again, until then let her live her life and hang out with friend and keep making amazing movies and meet and work with great people, at the end of the day Vanessa’s love life really ins’t our buisness and no one can know what Vanessa feels for anyone (if she only have friendy feeling for someone or more), only Vanessa can do that and right now she is happy with her life which she more then deserves to be and that’s that.

  • Vanessa 143

    Ha…ha…ha..the other day she is w/zackary lives and they said in e online who is better zac e or zack l,ha…ha…and then Evan and then Josh next time zac efron,lol again who is next Joe Jonas …….and then Robert p….Taylor l……..then us she well date us all nessa fan!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • Emma

    @Pam: Zac Fan Shut up

  • 1

    like she said “cant a girl have friends ?”

  • lauren

    after reading her interview in shape and on her five year relationship with zac,, i got the impression that she wants us to feel sorry for her, that dating zac efron was the hardest thing ever,,, uh im pretty sure her and zac spend alot of time together, but enless she was referring to this past fall then no.

  • careless-whisper

    @Emma pretty sure she was being sarcastic. Don’t you see the numerous quotation marks? She was making fun of all the idiots who jumps on Vanessa everytime she ‘dares’ being seen with another guy than Efron.

  • Tish

    oh girl…is it that hard to catch people’s eyes?Lots of guys and dating rumors after keeping bringing Zac Efron up…I really feel sorry for this girl,really.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Kay, just because she’s hanging out a lot with Josh does not mean she’s officially dating him.. people should calm down. “Can’t a girl have friends !?” is what she said when she was on Ellen, and she’s right.. Can’t she have some friends without people questioning if they’re dating or not ? It must be so annoying for her. Right now, she’s happy with her life WITHOUT Zac. SUCKER PUNCH TOMORROW !!! :D

  • Ann

    you Zac efron stop

    I’m tired of this

  • peggy

    Avan is Josh’s best friend and Laura New is also in the car a fact Jared CONVENIENTLY LEFT OUT

  • Emma

    you Zac Efron stop

    I am sick of it

  • peggy


    Allie don’t you get tired of being a fool. She is NOT dating Josh so take your lies somewhere else.

    Go watch Ellen where she is asked or the Eonline video.

  • Haters Suck!

    LOL!!! Not gonna lie one of the best posts I have ever read on this site. Funny, full of sarcasm, and yet some amount of truth to it. Very good, I liked it a lot. And yes Emma it was just a sarcastic post.

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    omg why can’t a girl have guy friends? I have more guy friends than girl I’m dating all my guy friends? wow I have a lot of…no…just like my sister..she had a lot of guy friends…Ever think that maybe she gets along with the guys better? Let her live her life. She can have friends that are guys. Stop with the rumors already…its crazy.

    She already said that she was single and when Vanessa says something, she speaks the TRUTH! Done!

  • Telle

    @lauren: i remember when vanessa said the same when she was dating W/ zac is obviously that they need privacy or the relation will go direct to garbage like the last one..nothing is proved at this point. is true about the kiss ??

  • thetis

    Maybe this will help some of you understand how pathetic some of you are for making assumptions

  • e


    Don’t you ever just stop to think before you post anything. While we don’t know what happend I can say almost at certain that if Vanessa did anything other than being friends with Josh it would be all over the internet, and espcially Zac’s team would make sure everyone knew it to make Zac look better, I mean look at all the posts that came out about how good Zac is right after the break-up started speading, how he had donated his hair and how it suddenly became important to announce that Zac isn’t jewish (that that wasn’t about the good or bad, it was more about how important Zac’s people felt it was to answer that but nothing else) and even if Zac would tell them not to say anything it wouldn’t have been the first time they would have gone behind his back, and if they hadn’t someone else would have. But no, I don’t think anyone cheated, but I can say that something did happen around that time and it wasn’t anything good, it could have been both of them for all we know.

  • lauren

    im saying,,,, if vanessa is going to assume who ever she dates next is not going to have the same issues,,, then she’s in idiot, im sorry. but what the hell does she except, also why would she go from dating a 23 yr old to a 18 year old.

    vanessa do us all a favor and just fix what you have with zac and forget what happend.
    this is my opinion.

  • troian

    @Pam: hahahahaahha dissapointed ? yeah funny girl BUT that’s one of the worse excuses that i’ve ever read if you’re a fan you’re suppose to support her no matter what happen but you’re doing the oposite which isn’t a surprise.Hey most of the vanessa’s fans have strong personality and they don’t fall so easily for any crap that the media says i mean invent.

  • Pam

    Oi vey. Some people seem to have forgotten the reason for the “break” that was echoed all over the place in December (from the sound of it from Mr Efron’s camp) that they have “grown apart”, that ZE in particular wants to be taken more seriously as an actor – as far away as possible from his HSM image – implying that continuing the Zanessa relationship hinders that life mission of his. Anyone else here remember what I’m talking about? Or am I the only one that has the ability to not forget whenever I feel like it or when it won’t crimp my way of thinking? Oh for crying out loud, what am I doing talking to kids and people that lack a big dose of common sense. I’m out.

  • lauren

    i know what your talking about.

  • Haters Suck!

    Look I don’t know what’s going on between Josh and Vanessa I honestly dont think it’s anything i mean how many times and how many ways does Vanessa need to say she’s single, but if they do decide to date I could get on board with it. In the past few weeks Josh has shown her more support then zac did in 5 years. He’s already gone to more of her premiers then zac has. I don’t thunk they’re dating but if they are hey more power to them. I will say this if speculation is this bad now imagine what it’s going to be like when they start promoting Journey 2. Oh I can only imagine.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @Emma: I take it you don’t get sarcasm

  • Daniela

    So is true!!! She was with Josh =O

  • cutie

    Can’t a girl have friends … yeah right actually i believed action than words.

  • lei

    i think Vanessa is dating guys just to forget Zac.

  • say what?

    You keep saying that Zac never went to her premiers-but he was filming in another country when Bandslam premiered, and the films before that the she was in- he was too, He also went to her premiere for Thunderbirds before he even knew her.

    Everything else-like her concert- he flew out of state to be there- her Rent gig- he was there for all performances- cutting short Golden Globes activities after presenting so he wouldnt miss it. All those things were reported about

    I dont care who these guys date- but there’s little enough truth left in the world without making up stories because you decided you dont like one of the players now. People will be doing that to Vanessa as well, and its just as wrong.

  • peggy


    You are as silly as them come. Why not tell Zac to fix whats wrong with V and him? . I dont think anyone cheated.

    But more importantly she’s out in the open which means she and josh are nothing we have no idea what zac is doing or with whom.

  • say what?

    forgot to add that had he shown up for her two latest premieres, the people who have decided to “hate” him now would complain that he was stealing her thunder ( or his “people” were making him do -lol) and how selfish he is–blah blah blah

    Im sure they mutually agreed that it was in neither one’s best interest for him to attend- clearly with Vanessa only fans it would be lose/lose for him whatever he did

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ aly will you go to the site we were, yesturday, i forgot i have something for you.

  • Fauve c

    I was at the premiere inside and outside, and Josh never once kissed Vanessa nor vice versa! I love how people make assumptions and were not even there. Josh spent more time talking to Stella, and Laura. Such wishy-washy fans who wish to micromanage her life, and do not even really know her, or have met her. She is probably one of the most realistic and kindest people I’ve met this making my 7th, and having worked almost 8 years at a hotel where celebrities are constantly at, and moving on to acting myself you can sniff a fame hound a mile away.

    Vanessa was crucified for what? Dating Zac Efron. Then this blending of names calling them Zanessa seeing them as ONE person instead of two. She was criticized year after year by media, fans, and the criminals who stole her private pictures for him, because it was him she was dating since 2005 to 2010, and then you say he needs to break up with her. Now, that they are BOTH single it’s now suddenly her fault, because she has real friends like Josh, Laura, and Brittany who stand by her side while the media stones her for picture set that is from the same old set that again was stolen from her. Right now Vanessa needs her friends and her family. The people who care about her have proven themselves.

    Zac had opportunity to go to Beastly in NYC, but he went shopping at Armani. That shows there that they are friends, but right now from afar, and I have not hear her say anything but kind words for him. We have not heard him say a statement yet, so no one can judge how he feels. He could have came to Sucker Punch, but this is her night, her weekend, it is her movie, she worked in it.

    Be thankful as they are for the five years given. People grow up, and sometimes grow apart. Right now she wants to stay single, enjoy her life, go out do things she could not because paparazzi was all over them. Josh is a VERY SWEET person and shy, so why hate on him? He did not break them up they broke it up for whatever reasons they wanted to.

    I get tired of people who ‘pretended’ to be her fans make up excuses why they can’t go see Beastly or Sucker Punch like imaginary floods, or fake theater close downs, or had to save nine kittens, 3 kids, and 8 elephants from a burning bush. But yet they tweet Stella and Gina, and beg for them to add them, and soon as Vanessa gets Twitter the same haters will be circling her like buzzards over a carcass.

    Loved Sucker Punch. I think hardcore fantasy fans will love it! Even Emma Roberts said: Sucker Punch was AMAZING!!! I want to be able to kick butt like that in sexy outfits!!.

    Go see it everyone should unless they are dead, or in the hospital on life support. It’s a must see!

    I am happy I shared in the experience last night, and Vanessa was the most beautiful woman there, and was kind to many fans even in the gloomy weather. A true class act she is! Unlike some of the people on here who expect her to beg Zac back, not happening, she has respect for herself. What is meant to be will be.

  • peggy


    I remember Pam I still trying to figure out how the Palmer thing and clubing with his “boys” are getting him taken more seriously.

    Actually this is why bhe needs new management he was actually seen as more serious when he and V were together.

  • Chanon

    When Zac was hanging out with his “girl friends” everyone defended him and said “can’t a boy have girl friends too?”

    All this hating on Vanessa is ridiculous. So I’m going to defend her now. Just because she’s seen pictured with all of these guys does not mean that she’s dating them. Can’t a girl have boy friends too? -____-

    I could care less about what all the haters say and I bet she doesn’t really give a fuck either. I’ll support Vanessa and Zac always. <3 Together or not.

  • Haters Suck!

    @say what?
    Not true, as you know I’ve been a very harsh critique of zac but if he had shown up to just one of her premiers it would have restored at least some of the respect I had for him. I just wanted to see him do it once just one damn time show her a little support and be her friend. He didn’t have to go to both just one, like the screnning of beastly in NYC would have worked for me. If he wouldve done that I would not have said a bad word about him but applud him a little. I still would not like him but I would have respected him some more. But he just couldn’t do instead he hit the road and it just left me even more sad about the whole situation.

  • muse

    @Chanon: HERE HERE, couldnt agree with you more.
    Vanessa and Zac are seperate people, even when they WERE together. I admire both of them and cant wait to see what the future holds for their lives and careers. But right now Vanessa is young and having fun. :)
    Shes 22, shes an adult, she can do whatever she wants and hang out with whoemever she wants.
    Go Vanessa and GO SUCKER PUNCH!!! :D

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: I think that just means they’re no longer even “friends”. And I’m not blaming either for that. I don’t think you can be “just friends” after having an intimate relationship, and I also think it’s better to get over someone if you go “cold turkey”. I think it’s best for them to NOT be friends. Then there are NO expectations for either. I just wish people would stop expecting Zac to show up at these events for her. He has NO reason to any more. None.

  • Haters Suck!

    I hear what you’re saying and I understand it but like I said I just wanted to see him do it just one time and then he’d never have to do It again. After she stood by his side at the 17 again and then the CSC premire and was just glowing with pride for him at those events the least he could’ve done was return the favor to her one time, and he could’ve gone to NYC or to this one and the fact he didn’t is just flat out disappointing to me at least. For me this confirms what you say and what I’ve pretty much been thinking and that’s that they are no longer even friends even more.

  • Christine


    You are absolutely right. They broke up. He is in no way required to be there for her. And I think people are reading too much into the friends comment. Everytime there is a break up in Hollywood both parties try to play the “we’re still friends” card, but then never see each other again. I think what she really means is that they’re friendly, i.e. they’re not going around bashing each other to everyone they know. That’s not the same thing as being friends though.

    @Haters Suck!:

    I agree with you too. In the past five years we’ve seen Vanessa support Zac unconditionally, both professionally and otherwise. With or without the break up, it would have been nice to see him be there for her, support her in something that has nothing to do with him or his career. But in a way I’m glad he didn’t go, because that would have taken attention away from what was important: Vanessa, the girls and the movie.

    In the end we saw Vanessa’s true friends come out to support her, the same group of people that have always had her back. It’s too bad Brittany wasn’t there, but I’m sure she was there in spirit.

    And @Fauve c:, you rock. That’s all I can say.