Vanessa Hudgens: Studio Cafe with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens: Studio Cafe with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens leaves the Studio Cafe followed closely behind by her rumored new beau Josh Hutcherson on Thursday (March 24) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress was also joined by her sister Stella, mom Gina, and BFF Laura New.

After lunch, the group headed over to Studio City Tattoo where Vanessa picked up some accessories.

The night before, Vanessa attended the premiere of her new film Sucker Punch and met up with JJJ to share her favorite sequence to film. Watch below!

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Stefan; Photos: INFdaily
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HIH @ 2:23 pm on 03/25/2011

Vanessa is cool XD

babyvlover @ 2:26 pm on 03/25/2011

I really love how vanessa always spends time with her friends and her family. I guess she’s the kind of person who u love to hang out with. A free spirit, open minded, grounded and positive and happy person. I bet everyone falls for her.
I really adore her friendship with Laura and Brittany. Those three together are a real dream team. They’re always supporting each other.
It’s kinda sad that Ashley neither supported V at her premiere, nor at the Nylon Party (and she’s in LA for “mini vaca”) and I bet V is going to Vegas with Laura or Britt, or both.

It’s incredible what the first three months of this year already holded for her. New movies, lots of important public appearances, awesome photoshoots and she’s all smiles and seems so happy. I love her for this positive energy. Nothing brings her down. I really look up to her. I really love to see how close she is with Stella and that they are best friends besides being sisters.

Our girl has grown a lot and developed herself and her career in a good direction. When she continues that way she will earn more and more respect. She won’t disappear out of Hollywood. She already plays a big role in it. And even if she’s dating Josh. If so, he obviously makes her pretty happy… smiling all the way and feeling comfortable in her skin. And isn’t it about that? Isn’t it that was we want her to be? happy? At least for me it’s the most important thing about her.

Fauve c @ 2:31 pm on 03/25/2011

@babyvlover: It is good to see her ‘real’ friends support her through her good times, and especially through her bad times. Like you I too am NOT impressed with Ashely Tisdale it seems like she is all about her. My brother called her out on her wishing Perez *gag* Hilton a Happy Birthday, but not wishing Vanessa success on her important day. She then tweeted about a hour later??? Saying to Laure New good luck to Nessa. She has not gone to any of her premieres but she has time to go to other parties and events, and can fly back for other small reasons, but not for Vanessa. She needs to cut her loose, because she only hangs around Vanessa to make herself look good. Call a spade a spade. Brittany, Laura, and Josh have been very happily to publicly proclaim her as a friend, and not milk the publicity for what it is worth. I am sure it does her mind and heart good to know that people care after what was done to her. Unless people been through that they do not understand. Josh is a nice nice person and he is a good friend!

Robsten Fan @ 2:33 pm on 03/25/2011

They are def a couple!! ;)
Mark my words!! ;)

Lissi @ 2:34 pm on 03/25/2011

Didn’t I wait for it!

emily @ 2:38 pm on 03/25/2011

I’m sorry, but her sister is dressed like a hooker.

Diamond @ 2:39 pm on 03/25/2011

@babyvlover: What you said was amazing !! I agree with you 100% <3

Also V loooks amazing , I love her whole otfit…just simply gorgeous ! This year she has been extremely happy , n has stayed soo strong , n stayed true to who she is eventhough all the media and everything ! I love seeing Vanessa happy and her amazing smile , I personally believe she’s going very far in her acting n such because she is soo dedicated to what she does n shes a great actress! And so what if she is dating josh ? Atleast she’ s happy n he’s a great guy ! Soo anyways , there’s alot I can say about Ms. Vanessa Hudgens but it would be a storybook , lol so imma jus say I’m glad to call her my inspiration n to see her happy =)

P.S : Vanessa needs a TT on Twitter she deserves it , #justsayin !

Lissi @ 2:45 pm on 03/25/2011

Who knows, they are not hiding rn. And for those, who will come here and say but V said ‘She is single’ and Josh said ‘No, they are not dating’: Let me tell you, it wouldn’t be the first time celebrities are lying, V did it too. They don’t want the public to know what’s going on. But that doesn’t mean they are dating. We don’t know it. You can have guy friends, just platonic. Until know I don’t see anything romantic between them, but they could fool us. I don’t know, we will see sooner, then laster hopefully.

laquida @ 2:46 pm on 03/25/2011

I also agree with you on everything you said about vanessa in your comment thanks!

laquida @ 2:50 pm on 03/25/2011

I love how vanessa balances everything out between being with her family and focusing on her career.I’m glad that she has her friends and family that are always supporting her! Congrats on sucker punch!
love thie pics! Love u vanessa and your family!:):)

zac/vanessa/ashnessa @ 2:51 pm on 03/25/2011

@babyvlover: Preach, mama, preach ! I’m in love with her. ;) She’s very free-spirited and so down to earth, who wouldn’t want to hang out with her ? Mama G looks so cute ! And Stella is just continuing to amaze me by how much she’s growing up… it was like she was only 10 yesterday ! SUCKER PUNCH TODAAAAAAAAAAAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Haters Suck! @ 2:54 pm on 03/25/2011

I’m gonna say it again no they arent dating in my opinion. But I will say this God bless them when they start promoting Journey if speculatin is this bad now imagine what it’ll be like In a couple of months

Lissi @ 3:00 pm on 03/25/2011

I must agree with you. If they are hanging out this much over the next few months, what I believe they will except one of them is filming over the summer, the promo will be about them dating/not dating. But it’s promotion, maybe they don’t have anything against it?

kerri @ 3:06 pm on 03/25/2011

You got to wonder if they are dating. I know that she said she isn’t dating and he said that they are just friends. I mean they have been spending alot of time together. I am not putting blame on vanessa but maybe she broke up with zac for josh? I have nothing against josh but actually i think he is too young for vanessa. I could just be seeing something that is not there but i really hope that they have a brother/sister relationship.I am someone who over thinks everything so i guess it is just me or maybe there is something going on between them?

Anoymous @ 3:07 pm on 03/25/2011

Vanessa is a sweet sweet girl. She is such an inspiration to us all. Zac has never ever been to any of her premieres. Zac needs a lot of help.

babyvlover @ 3:12 pm on 03/25/2011

@zac/vanessa/ashnessa @laquida @Diamond @Fauve c

Thank You Guys!!!! :)) I’m all smiles reading your comments. I love Vanessa fans as much as I do love her from the bottom of my heart.

and @Fauve c …. you know, I’ve always adored the friendship of vashley. they seemed to me like real best friends and I guess they still are. Sure they both are pretty busy but I really hoped that ashley comes out to support V in these days or that they meet. They also were at the Oscar Party… the photos were cute, loved it …but Ashley seemd like she felt kinda uncomfortable in her skin. It was just my impression.

I believe that they’re still friends but I guess V’s real best friends are Brittany and Laura and that’s ok. Times change. Sadly. and I must admit I love those friendship pix…. V has so many friends.. that just shows that people love her cuz of her positive energy and her happy vibes.

Lissi @ 3:15 pm on 03/25/2011

I don’t know kerri. I don’t SEE anything between them and we never heard of them acting couply when they were out and about. But I could be wrong, bc just bc I don’t see anything, it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything, you know what I mean. Maybe it’s bc I DON’T WANT to see something more then friendship. I don’t know. And V never said she isn’t dating, mind you, she said she is single, when Ellen asked her. She never said ‘I’m not dating anyone’. Single is everybody, who isn’t married, so that’s an expanding term. She wouldn’t lie.

laquida @ 3:23 pm on 03/25/2011

@babyvlover: you are so welcome! i would love to vanessa as one of my friends!

Diamond @ 3:31 pm on 03/25/2011

@babyvlover: Your welcome lol , same here I have been a vanessa fan for about 6 years now and still am lol =)

I REALLY thing Vanessa DESERVES a TT on Twitter ! Who else thinks so ?

Nessa's fan @ 3:31 pm on 03/25/2011

Vanessa Hudgens is amazing and, I don’t know what they are or do, but there’s nothing wrong having lunch with your family and friends ♥

sophie @ 3:33 pm on 03/25/2011

im pretty sure they are just friends for the following reasons:
1) she says she is turning into a woman, while he is merely just 18.
2) they are hanging out more, because they have a movie out soon, and have a somewhat brother sister relationship like ashley and zac?
3) even at private parties, people there said they did not seem like they were “together”
4) fauve said herself at the premiere, that he spent more time with stella and laura, who both are usually with them when they hang out if you havent noticed
5) im sure she would not want another relationship just yet, being single is important for her career right now, as she believes.

Fauve c @ 3:34 pm on 03/25/2011

I also wanted to say how adorable Mama Gina is with her hat and her smile, and I love love love Laura News braids…. and Stella is growing up to be beautiful also. Of course Vanessa always always gorgeousness.

taylynn @ 3:34 pm on 03/25/2011

“Shades on a Rainy Day”

joanne @ 3:35 pm on 03/25/2011

who cares if they are dating. she obviously has moved on. so all y’all dissin should too. she’s living her life

Mitchell @ 3:36 pm on 03/25/2011

Zanessa if they are meant to be, they will find their way back.

Yet, it’s impossible (for them) to reunite after much time is gone

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