Vanessa Hudgens: Clubbing & Crave Cafe!

Vanessa Hudgens: Clubbing & Crave Cafe!

Vanessa Hudgens covers her head with a scarf while leaving Trousdale nightclub on Friday (March 25) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress giggled as she drove away, then headed to Crave Cafe with some friends in Sherman Oaks.

The day before, Vanessa grabbed lunch with her mom, her younger sis Stella, and her rumored new beau Josh Hutcherson.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa premiered her new film Sucker Punch and talked to JJJ about whether she’d do another action flick. Check her response!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a mood ring by I LIKE IT HERE CLUB.

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  • babyvlover

    Yeah V… your really the type of girl who likes to sit at home with your mum :)
    I so love to see her having fun and acting like a girl/woman in her aige even when she’s in the spotlight and she and Laura are just such cute friends.

  • lauren

    way to go vanessa, copying what your ex is doing. awesome why not you and zac go out and get drunk together in public? also i think that vanessa is using josh for attention and press, josh needs to realize that vanessa is a huge star and this whole fame shit is going to get out for him. so josh open your fucking eyes and realize what your getting your self into?

  • James

    I frikken love this woman.

  • Fauve c

    @lauren: Lauren can you not? People don’t want to hear negativity every day you can express in a different manner —- remember words hurt, and we need to be more mature and better than that. She never even drank she just danced, so it’s not okay to go dancing with your female friends? Where else will she dance at with a floor and DJ etc? Her pool? We all need to live and experience life, and Josh has been there when most have not. She is over age 21 she is allowed to go to those places. I dance 4 nights a month don’t even touch a drop of liqour…. oh crucify me. It’s just a club not everyone drinks or acts like a clown. I love the energy, and being able to let all my stress and problems out on the dance floor. Why does Zac have to be brought into this? He is with his family minding his business, and Vanessa is living her life. This is why people get fussy at you… think for a minute she just wants to unwind be normal wouldn’t you?

    Far as the Paparazzi go you need to back off when a person is in a car driving, and stop chasing them down like Reno 911. You can kill a person like it happened to Princess Diana have respect get your pictures and go and let them go home SAFELY!

  • lauren

    its called and opinion and what i think,
    sorry that i dont agree with you or lets say a huge fan of hers,

  • Fauve c

    @lauren: Then do everyone a favor and stop coming on here, and stop asking questions about her on Twitter… you’re like that annoying girl in school who always wanted to get the 411 on gossip then bad mouth people NOT ATTRACTIVE! It’s not even a opinion once or twice is an opinion, but you are CONSTANTLY negative, and I value peoples opinion in general until it borders in bullying you and Perez should hook up you’d get along well… maybe he can hire you as a columnist :) and that is MY OPINION!

  • Fauve c

    Now back to what is positive how cute does Laura and Vanessa look I am so happy that Laura is there for her and being a true and good friend <3 cutie pies.

  • kerri

    Love vanessa. I hope she had fun. Who all went with her? I think that girl is laura new. Did brittany snow go as well? People shouldn’t pick on her or zac if they want to go out and have fun on their own. As long as they are responsible then why not.

  • Kro

    plain dumb comment! as far as i see V is not drunk just having fun, then let her have fun or are u a nun? yep u are overly negative, and jealous, u never come to realize that josh and V are friends, if no its his choice where he would be, he chose to be with Vnd her fam the day before yesterday amd yesterday and so what, u want to be in that position but u are not so stop with all the trashing

  • lauren

    im soo sorry im not a huge fan of vanessa as you are,
    not everyone on here is a fan or has to be a fan?
    again there are soo many ppl on here who are negative just like me, and i get bitched at?

  • temii

    have fun vanessa . . . just let her live her life.

  • muse

    LOVEEEE HER. I cant wait to see SUCKER PUNCH, only a week to go for Australia. :)
    I wish her all the best and shes more than just an actress, shes a beautiful soul who takes everything on and I really respect her for that. LOVE HER. :D

  • yets

    i wish her the Best!!!
    God bless You Vanessa

  • suzy

    glad she is having fun.

  • kerri

    someone said that vanessa had some good dance moves. I wish i was a fly on the wall to see that.

  • ryme shaneze

    i lllllllloooooooooooooove you baby v beatiful and laura to good bff

  • lei

    she just want to enjoy and want to forget somebody.

  • Mia

    How is she drunk? Shes the one driving.

    Jeeze shes not drunk or the club wouldnt let her be the one to drive, club can be sued

  • Aly

    Guys… be prepared for a new stupid rumor to surface, let`s see if pics surface but… if they do, it`s bad :|

  • wrestler

    @lauren, you deserved to be bitch at!!!

  • peggy


    What a stupid remark everyone goes clubbing one and awhile and least she doesn’t go nearly every night like someone else we could mention.


  • kerri

    Vanessa said in the magazine the strangest rumor about her ”When i was with zac, i would get engaged and break up almost on a weekly basis. She said that interview when her hair was long so obviously they were broken up for a long time. Damn i really miss them.

  • Boji

    Heard she danced a storm and extremely well at that, good for her. She has been seen out alot with Laura if not Brittany. I like seeing her having fun.
    Lauren, just hold your pipes. NOT a fan but you’re on every Vanessa thread. What does that make you? A Stalker Poster?You seem obsessive much.

  • Aly

    That was the strangest rumor about her, it doesn`t mean it`s true. i ask you what was the strangest rumor about you and you would say “when i was with x, i would get engaged and breka up on a weekly basis” Don`t you remember 2008 & 2009 & 2010? There were dozens of rumors saying today they got engaged, tomorrow break up, and on and on.

  • gracemarie

    For those of you born stupid like Lauren:

    In CAlifornia a cliub can be sued or permanently shut down for allowing a patron to leave under the influence and the law is being enforced lately pretty well so clubs are being rather diligent.

    Also we have never seen Zac or V drive under the influence that’s why they have cars usually pick them up.

    If V was driving you can bet she was fine.

  • Celestine

    @Aly: Are they just of her or do they involve some other people? If those pics are really as bad as you say they are, I really hope they do not surface!!

  • sophie

    what do you mean, how bad?

  • 333

    so gorgeous!

  • jello

    I like both of their outfits. I’m really happy for V, SP is most likely gonna take #1 at the box office this weekend

  • 333

    Im so tired of you

  • kerri

    @Aly: the point i was making is that she said WHEN I WAS WITH ZAC. Meaning she isn’t with him anymore.

  • maria

    You know, NO one had a problem with either Vanessa OR Zac going clubbing, even though it was something they both said they did not enjoy. The reason for that, is that they had each other to spend nice quiet evenings at home, watching movies, reading scripts, cooking with friends, entertaining at home. Since that is GONE, clubbing is obviously what young adults do with their friends. If it’s excessive, or you’re seen groping people being a celeb, then that’s bad. But if it’s just going out, dancing, having a fun time, then it’s fine!! I think some people just need to see that’s how it’s going to be, and stop trashing either of them for doing what’s normal for SINGLE people.

    That being said, I love the smiles on Vanessa’s face when she thinks she’s hiding from the paps. She looks so pretty, and I’m loving her hair these days! Laura is a great friend, and I’m so happy she has her.

  • 333

    I don’t think Vanessa would drive drunk
    so shut up

  • maria

    @Fauve c: Could not have said that any better. Thanks. I will never understand the concept of someone who so obviously hates on Vanessa, coming to her threads and then insisting that we NEED to hear her opinion. As if there isn’t enough ugliness in the world.

  • 333

    @Fauve c:

  • Aly

    Bad as in really really bad and the kid is involved too… >.>

    Oh ok, but i know she isn`t with him anymore o.o

  • THetis

    Why are you silly people listening to this Aly person?????

    She is always claiming this or that and never has proof and is always saying she saw this or that then we find out either Z or V were never even there or not there at that time.

    Ever notice none of her supposed rumors ever surface as fact?

    I’ve never seen people so gullible and willing to believe any trash thrown at them like on this board.

    If you stop paying attention she’ll stop.

  • 333

    Joe jonas was @Trousdale too.. so he is dating Vanessa´s now?

  • lei

    @ aly i know Josh arrived @ Vanessas house and theres alot of paps what Happend next.?

  • Aly

    Read her tweets, there, freak out if you want, why do you always pick on me?

    And first of all, i never said i saw that or that, and what rumors did i started? I know only one “rumor” that was true, that`s all i know. And until now i don`t think i opened my mouth and talked without proof.

    And seriously, i`m going to stop, really, i`m not going to say why every damn rumor out there is false and fake too, because until now that was the only thing i did. I pointed out why the rumors are fake.

  • kerri

    @333: I don’t think so but i didn’t know that joe goes clubbing.

  • Aly

    I don`t know… i`m waiting for the pics to appear IF they actually exist, but until now that girl was right. Oh damn, i hope no pics are going to surface.

  • kerri

    oh god no v and josh.

  • http://lala aiwen

    my girl!!!!!
    love u!!!

  • kerri


  • Emem

    @lei: omg.. so she’s “single” huh?

  • sophie

    don’t assume anything, we have no proof, it could just be a rumor

  • THetis


    LMAO!!!! if those pics existed they would be all over the place already. And it seems Laura and maybe a few other friends were there too. As for it being “bad” they obviously were not hanging last night together and he is over 18 – so the dirt would be in your own mind.

    Remember when X17 had pics of him leaving her house (btw Stella was there) supposedly in the morning and it turned out to be the same afternoon? Mistake? no they were lying. People lie

  • kerri

    @sophie: I really hope you are right.

  • Gabi

    Oh Vanessa. I will support you in anything…but if the rumors of you and Josh are true I just have to ask why? I will support you, no matter who you date, because that is none of my business but why Josh? Find yourself a great MAN not a BOY. Just my opinion…