Bridgit Mendler & Adam Hicks: Lemonade Mouth Trailer #2!

Bridgit Mendler & Adam Hicks: Lemonade Mouth Trailer #2!

Bridgit Mendler and Adam Hicks share a moment in this brand-new trailer for their upcoming DCOM, Lemonade Mouth.

Lemonade Mouth tells the story of how a powerhouse band came to be after five uncelebrated students with a passion for music find each other and ultimately become the voice of their generation.

Also starring Hayley Kiyoko, Blake Michael, Naomi Scott and Nick Roux, the flick premieres Friday, April 15 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Lemonade Mouth Trailer #2
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  • HIH

    She’s a good actress and singer!

  • Ginny

    Bridgit and Adam will make a great couple on the movie,now I really want to watch it!

  • steve

    that video was really choppy but this movie is gonna be Awesome.

  • Patworx

    I’m looking forward to this movie.

  • rastagerl


  • bridgitmendleristheawesomest

    bridgit &adam look soooooo cute although sometimes i wish adam was mine.but they look ah-dorable.
    love BridgitMendlerIsTheAwesomest

  • Layla

    who is that drak hair boy who is the drummer? is he from Prom movie?

  • Izzy

    dude this movie is going to be AMAZING I’m 18 years old and I love this freakn band their Awsome:) ADAM HICKS IS SEXY and Beast
    and Rapping can’t wait so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://bridfetmendler& elaine karpenko

    I love your new disney channel movie lemonade mouth do you know what i think i think that olivia and wen should tell each other that they like eachother they would make a cute couple…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cookie

    Omg i loved the movie and Adam and Bridgit would make a cute couple….. wish he was mine though:)

  • http://google Drew

    I THINK WEN AND OLIVIA WILL MAKE A CUTE COUPLE!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they get together in Lemonade Mouth#2!!

  • tomboy101

    Wen and Olivia are the cutest couple!!!!!!!!!
    Charlie and Victoria are a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mo and Scott are a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stella will soon find her man probably in Lemonade Mouth 2 if there is one!!!!!!!

  • feqnrwqo


  • ashley

    please make a lemonade mouth 2 and i’ll tell u why because the first time i saw it i fell in love with it and i would love u guys to make another one please

    p.s. and another thing to tell you that i raelly love it i’m writeing all the song right now because if they can’t give the songs in t.v. i could just sing the songs and and i think olivia and wen should date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]:]:]:]:]:]:];]

  • http://lizbieber35 lizzy

    is there goin to be a lemonade mouth 2 ? i think it would be awesome

  • http://lizbieber35 lizzy

    is there goin to be a lemonade mouth 2 ? i think it would be awesome

  • Alexandra

    i loved the movie i think u guys should make a part 2 plus ADAM is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!<3

  • perla

    they shoul SSOOO make a lemonade mouth 2 becouse people want to know the entire story =)

  • rachel987

    i just luv the movie i just hope theres a other 1. p.s. olivia & wen makes a cute couple!!!!!wen iz hot!

  • hailey243352552555555555555555

    wen and olivia is so a cute couple

  • hailey243352552555555555555555

    i love adamhicks

  • yoni

    lemonade mouth <3<3<3 i love adem he is so cuttt…..he and olivia m ake the best couple ever i love them

  • http://facebook ebi

    its amazing and i cant wait to watch adam and bridget would make a great couple

  • iminova halishan

    I hope there is a lemonade mouth 2 comes out

  • despina

    lemonade mouth 2 adam sweet


    @yoni: Iknow that ,why cause adam wlways have a crush on her.(ALWAYS IN THE MOVIE).



  • kim

    adam puts sexy in red headsville

  • Melanie Sutherland

    We need a lemonade mouth 2, because it teaches us all how to let our voice be heard. PLEASE MAKE A LEMONADE MOUTH 2 FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING PUT DOWN BY OTHERS, TO SHOW THEM HOW TO STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES, AND OTHERS!
    BE STRONG, BE HEARD, BE PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1