Casting The Hunger Games: Peeta & Gale!

Casting The Hunger Games: Peeta & Gale!

Now that we know who will play Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming film adaption of The Hunger Games, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to hear who will be playing Peeta and Gale.

According to The Playlist, there are a few names director Gary Ross is looking at for each role.

For Peeta (Katniss’ fellow Hunger Games tribute) we have fan fave Hunter Parrish, Josh Hutcherson, Lucas Till, Alexander Ludwig and Evan Peters.

For Gale (her best friend from District 12), David Henrie, Liam Hemsworth, Robbie Amell and Drew Roy are all in contention.

You know where we stand on Gale, but let us know what you think! Take our polls below!

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Who Should Play Gale Hawthorne?
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  • T

    Penn Badgley for Gale

  • Emma

    My votes went in for Alexander Lutwig and Drew Roy. For Peeta, I could also see Josh or one of the Sprouse twins. I just don’t want them to look too old. :/ I know Hunter is the fan favorite at this point, but being 23, and seeing him in 17 Again as the arrogant jerk I can’t picture him as my Peeta. If he gets the role, it is what it is and I’ll still go see the movie, but that’s my two cents. For Gale, my second choice would be Robbie Amell. I wouldn’t want to see David Henrie in this movie. Liam- ehh. We’ll see. He probably could pull it off. ahhhhh!

  • fan

    Lucas Till = Peeta, he is right age, right look, right height to match with Jennifer Lawrence.
    Jennifer lawrence is tall and badass, if she pairs with hunter or josh– katniss ( JL)/Peeta ( hunter or josh) will not look good, and more hunter (24 years old) is so goody goofy, can not fight at all. I do not think I can watch josh or hunter as Peeta with JL as katniss at the movie.

  • fan

    More lucas is charming — peeta will be a hero.

  • Jen

    I still think Alex Pettyfer should play Peeta. I really hope producers screen test him once he’s back in the states from promoting I Am Number Four. But since Alex isn’t on this list, I voted for Hunter Parrish for Peeta and of course Robbie Amell for Gale.

  • AleGuti

    I think the problem here is that jennifer is older(she’s not 16);so they are making auditions to older actors. Anyway for Gale i’m supporting Robbie Amell;i think he can pull Gale if not drew roy.
    For peeta it’s difficult for me; i think lucas till is the best one for the role because:1.-He already work with jen in X-men
    2.-he’s 20 years old just like her.
    3.-he’s good looking;not a “sex god”like alex pettyfer but he’s adorable just how peeta needs to be
    4.-He’s acting is getting better
    if not hunter;but he 2 old 4 the role.
    hope they tell us soon who will be portraiting them

  • meeee

    what happened to Alex Pettyfer for Peeta? He was definitely my favourite, but maybe he’s too much of a jerk off screen? but otherwise my vote went to hunter, and hopefully they can soften him up a bit because all i see is the jerk from seventeen again. and i do not want david henrie for gale, not what i pictured gale to be like at all. my choice would probably be drew roy but i dont know..

  • Carla

    are you serious? not voting. all these “front runners” suck.

  • Addyl

    Can’t they hire real actors for this instead of Disney ones? ¬.¬

  • D

    Robbie Amell was my pick from day one. Once I heard they were making a film The Hunger Games. I suggested to everyone that Robbie would be the perfect Gale. I hope they give him the part. I can’t wait to hear the announcement.

  • Dim

    NO DISNEY STARS! Hunter Parrish is absolutely Peeta.

    Copy and paste this:

    I can just see him singing this to Katniss and I know Katniss is supposed to be the singer, but imagine a duet in the movie. Besides, he can sing and Jennifer Lawrence can play the guitar.

  • Dim

    Just click on the link.

  • CH

    No please, if Liam or David gets the part of Gale.. I’m not watching

  • Emem

    Hunter Parrish FTW!!!!

  • Sam

    DREW ROY for Gale he is the best!

  • Kay

    Non of the actors for Peeta match Jennifer. They all look wayy to young. Almost irritatingly so. If she is going to look 20 then he has to as well. Same goes for Gale. I think you need to go back to the drawing board with most of these.

  • Kay

    Drew Roy is the only one out of all of them that could fit the role

  • D.

    @Emem: He should deffinitally be Peeta! Those who are voting for Josh have not red the books. And this also counts for all the others. Lucas Till? Are you kidding me :S?

  • Kim

    omg drew roy so hot he would make a bad ass Gale! and come on lucas till for peeta?!?

  • mary

    I was touched by the insight and spot-on articulation which Lucas till says about the THG and Peeta. Wowow, he does know well Peeta character and THG, he will bring Peeta alive on screen in my opinion as I am a THG fan. He will make Jennifer Lawrence as katniss looking good.
    Here you can read
    this THG fansite twitter: @TheHoborg

  • Cassandra

    Hunter Parrish!! The only reason why he’s losing at the moment is because this is Just Jared and not enough people know who Hunter is and they don’t even bother to look him up. But once The Hunger Games fans know about this poll Hunter will dominate!!!
    I don’t want Disney actors. Hunter4Baker!

  • Beth

    Hunter Parrish of course! He has the biggest range. I mean, he played freaking Melchoir in Spring Awakening. He’ll be able to do our sweet boy with the bread and the crazed hijacked Peeta in Mockingjay. He’s such a sweetheart, and the most talented actor. The fact that he fits Peeta to a T in looks is just a very nice bonus!

  • Beth

    @Emma: I suggest you watch him in interviews. He is such a nice, funny guy in real life, being Peeta would come so naturally to him.

  • julia

    I don’t really like any of the Gale choices, I like Ethan Peck for gale (though he is a bit old) I did like avan gorgia but he doesn’t work anymore given the katniss.

  • Kat

    Hunter Parrish for Peeta!..

  • cmeesmile

    Alexander Ludwig. He’s got Peeta’s look, he isn’t overexposed, and he’s the closest in age to the character. I’ve been supporting him all along. Lucas Till? Please. No.

  • mimi

    I like Alex Pettyfer for Peeta. I don’t know if he would look good with Jennifer Lawrence, with her not being my first choice, but I think he would make the best Peeta. As for Gale, I don’t like any of those choices. Please don’t put any Disney stars. Please!

  • lala


    i want an unknown actor

  • emily

    when looking back at lucas, Miley looks great/cute/ natural with Lucas in the movie and off set; Taylor swift looks good /natural with lucas at her music video and off set. Lucas till will make Jennifer Lawrence super on screen, THG movie will be hit. He is fit and fine for Peeta.

  • saskia

    My choice for Peeta is not in the list!
    JEREMY SUMPTER FOR PEETA!!!!! :D please (:

  • Natalie

    @Cassandra: Agreed! People here on JustJaredJr have never seen Weeds and they don’t know about Hunter’s acting skills at all. They’re only looking at the pictures and voting.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    so I’m supposing Alex Pettyfer dropped out of this one also? Oh Well.

  • elemenopie

    David Henrie gets my vote for Gale. he’s a great contender and def a hottttayyy in those bad boy photo shoots!!! Not sure on the Peeta role yet. Jennifer doesn’t fit the character descrip in the books and thats fine but i just hope they stick to the storyline. looking forward to this flick!!!

  • Jen

    Hunter Parrish for Peeta! He’s a total sweetie, and for everyone that doesn’t want him because he plays a jerk in 17 Again, that’s just ACTING. That’s not him. If you watch his interviews then he’s seriously the sweetest guy. Also he may be 24 but he’s not that old looking -___- I mean he plays 17 on Weeds, doesn’t he? I love Lucas Till and all, and he has the looks for Peeta, but he’s not a good actor. At all. He can’t act, and this may be petty but his voice is too deep. That’s not Peeta at all. Peeta is soft and caring and with Lucas’ voice that wouldn’t work. He can’t pull off Peeta no matter how attractive he is.

    And why are people still considering Alex Pettyfer, lol. He’s not Peeta at all. He looks too harsh and he’s not a good actor either, just watch I am Number Four. He’s as good as an actor as Kristen Stewart is an actress. They show no emotion.

    What’s with all the contenders for Gale? No for everyone. And lol if people are voting for Drew Roy just because he’s attractive. Just imagine him holding a gun. It’s laughable. I cannot take him seriously like that.

  • Becky

    NO DISNEY STARS! Hunter Parrish is absolutely Peeta.

    Copy and paste this:

    I can just see him singing this to Katniss and I know Katniss is supposed to be the singer, but imagine a duet in the movie. Besides, he can sing and Jennifer Lawrence can play the guitar.


  • AleGuti

    @Jen: my peeta in my book was alex pettyfer xD and i conitnue saying for me he would be the best one but everyone wants hunter

  • Terri

    Definitely not David Henrie, he’s too short and not nearly as tough enough to play Gale. Jennifer Lawrence would be an Amazon compared to him. As for the other so-called “Disney guys”, it kinda sucks that they’re typecast just for having parts opposite Disney girls. For me, they acted better than there female counterparts. I think Till and Roy would be great as Peeta and Gale. Too bad William Moseley isn’t in contention, he would’ve been my first pick for Peeta and he still looks young.

  • Katie

    out of these i like lucas till best for peeta but my pick would be chord overstreet. doesnt seem like a popular choice on here but on some of the other websites he is. i dont like any of these people for gale tho. :/


    Hunter is and will always be my Peeta!
    Follow Hunter4Baker on twitter and Facebook if you agree!

  • ANnie

    William Moseley is Peeta. Why isn’t he on the list? I wish that Lionsgate will see reason and get William to audition for Peeta. It will make most of the THG fanatics happy.

  • kaye

    I vote for Hunter for Peeta and none from the Gale frontrunners.

  • Blue

    None of these front liners of Peeta are Gale are perfect match for JL.

    They all look younger, shorter, bigger, thinner that Katniss.

    Hunter is closet to Peeta, but his height.

    I don’t want Peeta to be shorter than Katniss.

    Have the other actors like Logan Lerman or Chord Overstreet audition for Peeta or Gale

    As with acting chops, have Gary Ross decides for them if they fit for the role. these two actors are perfect for Peeta or Gale, they are also perfect for JL partner

  • joll

    none of these actors fit to be counter part of Jennifer Lawrence.

    Have Austin, Chord, Logan audition for the role.

  • ANnie

    I want William Moseley for Peeta!!

  • michelle

    Hunter Parrish absolutely for Peeta. It’s got to be either him, or an unknown for the role. Hunter is such a nice guy in real life, and he’ll be able to pull off the sweet, funny Peeta for sure, and has just the right amount of toughness and wits to make you believe that he surrvived the hunger games. plus, he looks the part, he’s got a nice body, blonde hair, blue yes, and nice smile… he’s hot! My only issue is that he’s older, but im sure with some movie magic they’ll be able to make him look a bit younger. Hunter4Baker!!

  • grace

    @fan have you seen hunter in 17 again? HE PLAYS THE SCARY GUY. AND SUCCEEDS IN DOING SO.

  • avox girl

    i STILL think William Moseley (Peter Pevensie from Narnia) should play Peeta. He’s got that perfect “sweet bake boy” look that all these guys lack. Alex Pettyfer is WAY too buff, he looks more like a playboy. (BUT he could always play Finnick Odair: who is a playboy)

    But handsdown HUNTER PARRISH deserves to be Peeta more than anyone else, he’s the closest we’ll every get to a Perfect Peeta.

    DREW ROY should be picked! Sometimes David Henrie looks dorky, I love Disney: but putting a Disney actor into an extremely violent movie just isn’t right.

    Lucas Till looks too much like a cowboy rather than a bakerboy. As for Robbie Amell…no. NOT GALE.

  • clickyoudie

    I bet all of you have never watch ‘weeds’ before. He’s peeta, if you watch that series. He’s a great actor, check weeds and 17 again. both a really different characters but he can pull it off. Plus, his looks describe peetas. And being 23? come on, at first jennifer being 20 is a prob, but now? not really. 23 and 20 is not that long. He can pull off the 16 years old look better than the rest. As for Gale, I want Drew Roy. But Robbie Amell would be great too.

    Liam? f**k no!! david? too disney.

  • April

    William Moseley for Peeta!!!!

  • Rafa

    Hunter Parrish, definetely. I see so much Peeta in him. He just screams Peeta. Even his name is perfect for this part, i mean, “Hunter”? Doesn’t get much better than that. Most of the other actors being considered here for Peeta are only being considered because they have that blonde hair and blue eyes, not because they have that Peeta personality. Not only does Hunter look like Peeta, he’s got that warm, honest, comforting vibe that Peeta’s got. If you don’t believe me, go watch some of his interviews on youtube. He’s a bit older, but he wouldn’t look to old next to Jennifer, who’s 20, and im sure they can make him look a little younger in the movies. I don’t really think his age is a huge issue, he’s got kind of a young, fresh looking face.
    He’d make a wonderful Peeta.

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