The Chronicles of Narnia: 'Magician's Nephew' Is Up Next!

The Chronicles of Narnia: 'Magician's Nephew' Is Up Next!

It looks like The Chronicles of Narnia film series is not as dead as people think.

According to a new interview with The Christian Post, “The Magician’s Nephew” is next on Walden Media’s list.

“We are starting to talk to Fox and talk to the C.S. Lewis estate now about the Magician’s Nephew being our next film,” president Michael Flaherty shared. “If we can all agree to move forward, then what we would do is find someone to write the script. So, it could still be a couple of years.”

While it was the sixth book written, “The Magician’s Nephew” is a prequel to “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and tells a story about the creation of the magical land of Narnia and how evil entered into the newly formed land. The tale also follows Professor Kirke from the “Wardrobe” as a young boy (Digory) and his introduction to Narnia through a magical ring given to him by his evil Uncle Andrew, a magician.

WOULD YOU WATCH another Narnia film?

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  • Jule

    This is so exciting! I love The Chronicles of Narnia so much and I can’t wait to see another film!

  • Ginny

    Gosh,I love this book,I never thought they would make a movie,but that’s so good!

  • http://powermore2 Steven

    I would love to but I wont (:

  • mj

    this should have been the first :/ but cool!.. i love this one!

  • 78violetfan

    YAY! Narnia is the best! The bigger question than, will you see it? is how many times will you see it? lol

  • Fanny


  • cobbsdream

    I like the idea, but if they screwed up the Dawn Treader–and I think they did–then I shudder at how they’ll handle the creation of Narnia.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    it’s weird that I hate the thought of fantasy novels. And Thus, I love this series. It’s a classic ! At first, I hated the thought of reading this series because I was forced to read the first book in middle school and turns out, I ended up reading the whole series. LOL! Talk about extra credit. It saddens me that C.S. Lewis is no longer breathing. He’s an amazing author.

  • AleGuti

    I’m so freaking happy!!! The Magician’s Nephew is my favorite book of the narnia series because is the one who tell how narnia was created ,also is the first one and the reason i read all the books.!!!! I can’t wait to see the this movie

  • Ashley P

    Hell yes!!! :) I loved this book! It’s the only one I’ve actually read so bring on the movie!!!

  • Meliza

    As long as Skandar or Georgie will be there, I WILL SURELY WATCH

  • Ingrid

    agree with meliza :))

  • elmerlovesoreo

    I’m a big fan of the Narnia Series. I would definitely watch it.

  • Lisa

    Yes I would watch it, but they BETTER GET IT RIGHT! They completely killed Voyage of the Dawn Treader…. One of the better books, but they messed it all up! I mean come on, the book is less then 300 pages and they managed to muff it up terribly.

    Stay TRUE to the books please!!!

  • Michele

    Seriously, if they would make movies of the ENTIRE series I would be ecstatic. I grew up watching the BBC’s that only go through Silver Chair. If they did movies that go from The Magician’s Nephew all the way through The Last Battle I would watch them all.

  • Miia

    This should have been the first film from the Narnia series. Just sayin’.

  • 78violetfan

    @Meliza: Skandar and Georgie won’t be in The Magician’s Nephew. It takes place before The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Magician’s Nephew is the beginning of Narnia. :)

  • http://awayinmysoul Ashley

    i loveeeeeeeeed! i want see narnia again!

  • headstrong

    i wanted The silver chair to be next. As long as they make the fourth movie it’s ok to me

  • Virginia

    yes, yes, yes, and YES! Love the Narnia movies! Hope the project is successful!~V

  • LISA H

    YAY!!! I fell in love with this book in 1st grade, but I never knew it was in the Chronicles of Narnia until I was in high school and introduced to the series again and remembered the book about the magic pools and a lion that was creating a world. This is my favorite of all the books and would love to see it on the big screen seeing as how I am already owner of the first two film installments and can’t wait for the Voyage of the Dawn Treader to come out on DVD.

  • Natalia b

    Would not be better do the other movie with Eustace Scrubb (The Silver Chair) ??? Since the kid is growing and if they wait 4-5 years he’ll be to big to play Eustace…And for all of you want to see Lucy, Edmund and the others, there is no way for them to be on this movie…

  • Spook

    They really ought to have done this one first – it’s gonna confuse people, haha!

    Still, I hope they do them all in the end! I love those books, and I must say the movies aren’t bad (as adaptions go) either!

    Long live Narnia, I say! :D

  • Merlin’s mum

    But it’s the first book. It will be out of order! But finally they will explain on film WHY the wardrobe worked.( i’ve read the books,my nephew hadn’t so I had to tell him about the apple.)

  • daisy

    no, i dont think there in this one

  • rachel

    @cobbsdream: They didn’t screw it up. They took a popular book and made it work for film. If they had left it the same as the book, it would have been like Alice in Wonderland, which would work for a cartoon but not a live-action film.

  • rachel
  • rachel
  • ali

    cant wait for the new 1 2 be released. Ive been a fan of narnia ever since the first movie in 2005. Ive loved the thought and imagination of having a completely different world with magical creatures and taliking animals
    The only thing that worries me is the financial state of the franchise as it hasnt been doing well since prince caspian only grossed $400m compared to the 1st which got $745m. I hope taht they get all the movies done as i love it. Narnia is way better than harry potter!