Lucas Till: 'The Hunger Games' Aren't 'Sugarcoated'

Lucas Till: 'The Hunger Games' Aren't 'Sugarcoated'

Lucas Till is one of the five actors that director Gary Ross is particularly looking at for the role of Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games.

Just a few days ago, our friends at The Hob sent us a little Q&A that they did with the 20-year-old actor. Check out what he had to say:

On his initial appeal: “The violence is real and full of truth, I’ve never read something where the issues a society struggles with literally depend whether kids my age live or die. Things aren’t sugarcoated and the truth is that’s how the real world is. Kids my age and younger deal with danger, death, and being separated from their families all the time. It’s the real world and most of the times kids are victims of greed and power that isn’t their own.”

On liking that Peeta isn’t perfect: “Peeta doesn’t come from a perfect place, but he didn’t grow up in the Seam either. Nothing is perfect no matter who you are. I think there’s a trade-off and even though Peeta didn’t grow up struggling as much as if he lived in the Seam, he didn’t have it easy and his mom, well, you know how she is.”

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JJJ Fun Fact: If Lucas does in fact book the role of Peeta, this will be the second movie that he’ll star with Jennifer Lawrence in. They’ll both be seen in the upcoming X-Men: First Class opening this summer.

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  • ameli

    yay! i hope he gets the role. or alexander ludwig

  • steve

    I think he would be excellent in this role.

  • emily

    As the Hunger trilogy fan, thanks lucas till gives us such an amazing insight speech/essay, hope the author suzzanne Collins and THG director are able to read this essay. He understand THG and Peeta character at age of 20 — better than lots of adults who wrote their views online. That is one of ability as Peeta– put thought into words and win over the crowd. Lucas fit peeta.
    Hunter is blond with blue eye and sweet smile — can any one/crowd/ or audience in front of TV will stop and listen to what hunter ( if he would be cast as Peeta) has to say — I doubt it.

  • Dim

    He would be absolutely perfect for this role and I wish he was my top pick, but Hunter Parrish is my number one pick. Though if Lucas Till got it, I’d be so ecstatic too! He really has a way with words. Just like Peeta………

  • cmeesmile

    I understand my own opinion does not agree with the popular consensus, but I don’t think the part of Peeta belongs to Lucas Till. I don’t think this is his line of work. I may be proven wrong, but if chosen I do not think he is the best man to portray the depth and raw ability needed for Peeta.

    Since Suzanne Collins, the author, is said to be greatly involved in the project maybe the casting choices they make will finally make sense when we see the final product. As for now, as I have said before, I have very low expectations for this movie.

  • Carla

    happy he likes it :)

  • Dena

    I always wanted Hunter Parrish or Max Thieriot as Peeta. But after reading this, I agree with Dim up there^ he has a way with words. I’d be extremely excited if Lucas got the role :)

  • Mary

    Everyone entitled to their opinion.
    What lucas till says about THG and Peeta is too good and intelligent to be believed by some people, I guess. ( of course, I am a normal fan of the hunger games book) I know nothing about making movie.
    However, Lucas till is the only person so far who can come out these words to relate the cruel reality world toward children to the hunger games books. Even many critics can not put out these words like that to describe THG. Nothing like that comes from fans. I remember what other contenders said about THG movie: Josh related his personality to Peeta, and goody goofy Hunter ( comdey dance actor) told E online that ” if Jennifer is cast, sign me on”.
    Lucas comes out this amazing essay and sincere, right age, right look, right height, teen idol target the right audience, Why not cast him as peeta already.

  • Blair

    NO NO NO NO NO NO x’s a million and two.
    please remember this name as he will be Peeta.
    Yes thank you that is all :)

  • boona

    this is peeta! i hadn’t even thought of him, but i read his responses above and all i could think is “THAT is was Peeta would say” if he were not himself and commenting on someone like himself in THG or maybe what he’d say in the epilogue.

    lucas till=peeta

  • mary

    lucas till is the only person who can relate THG books to our real world, intelligent, good looking, right age and tall, he is Peeta, why hasn’t lionsgate cast him already.

  • Lori

    Wow. He is Peeta. He’s good with words, completely understands the book and Peeta’s character, he’s got the looks, he’s the right age, has worked with Jennifer before. He’s absolutely perfect.

  • Courtney

    I still want Hunter Parrish for Peeta!

  • HIH

    Cool picture!

  • Hmm

    Oh My God, lucas till is very hot!!!! And that voice, gets me everytime.
    8-P *drools*.

  • ElleLo

    My vote is definitely for Lucas, I mean he is exactly who I picture when I was reading the book. I hope he gets the part. Thumbs for Lucas Till!!

  • Lucy


  • Tina

    What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for postnig!

  • meh

    LUCAS TILL LUCAS TILL LUCUS TILL!!!!!! I cant NOT believe the part went to the ugly black haired freak the movies will be STUPID now!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1