Brenda Song & Aly Michalka: Op Campaign Cuties!

Brenda Song & Aly Michalka: Op Campaign Cuties!

Brenda Song and Aly Michalka hop on the back of a car in this brand-new shot from the 2011 Op Campaign.

The former Phil of the Future costars joined Chord Overstreet, Mark Salling, Rob Kardashian and Kat Graham as the new faces for the 2011 summer.

Aly shared in a statement, “I love the bathing suits. They’re so cute and fit great. I am totally going to wear them to the beach and on vacation.”

Check out the pics and videos below!

Psst, Brenda is also pictured arriving at the Lakers game this past weekend.

Brenda Song

Aly Michalka
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Photos: Larry Bartholomew/Op, Fame Pictures
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  • EEE

    ALY <3

  • jeff

    Aly looks great! She is beautiful. Seeing her in a bikini made my day! Thank you OP!


    BRENDA! >333333 so so so BEAUTIFUL! Love this amazing girl! best actress of her generation.

  • 78violet ROCK

    Aly Aly Aly <3

  • http://mikehla mike

    Aly and Brenda are so HOT in the pics and video

  • Vanessa

    They’re both beautiful <3

  • Lianne

    Aww back together again! Remember they were on Phil of the future together! :)

  • hanni

    Brenda LOOKS so sexy ! :D)P


    Beautiful Brenda!!!

    but a little too much of that aly girl, she’s a butterface at best so I don’t get why Op has used her more than once.


    OMG!!!she löök HOTTT btw i wish her all the best in 2011 love u BRENDA<3


    she look so hot and girly :P
    and she looks lost at the lakers place!

  • mel




    GOOOOO OP!!!!!!!

  • drift

    Hott! hot! Hot! Hot..! Yeah, yeah, woah!

  • Audrey Hepburn lover

    brenda looks her hottest and happiest! go her!

  • IndiaLovesUBrendaSong

    We are so proud of you, Brenda!

    Brenda Song Indian FanClub

  • SOS

    Will always love Brenda’s natural beauty!

  • brit

    Brenda’s gorgeous, but I don’t like the pose much, it’s a bit corny.

  • Holly

    What is this? The new OP campaign is the Aly Michalka Show. You’d think the Iconix Brand would have hired professionals with good eye sight who can easily distinguish the difference between a natural beauty and a butterface. Just because Alyson is tall and blond does not make her ‘appealing’.

    I mean.. these are the same people who hired Britney Spears to endorse their Candie’s line so what can you expect..

  • amy


    so summer sexy!

    and she totally doesn’t look like a gnome at all!

  • sami


  • nina

    First, I want to say I am a huge Brendaa fan. I think her becoming the new Op spoke person is a wonderful thing for her. I’ve grown up with Op brands, love them and now my own daughter likes the brand. I also want to add that Brenda has a very cute, very well toned, sexy, petite little figure. But I feel this picture of her is just not very flattering. And quite honestly she doesn’t portray a look like she feels very comfortable with herself in this shot. She just doesn’t have that happy, carefree, relaxed look she normally exudes in her photos. Please no hate, I have great respect for her.

  • jojo

    OW!!! Brenda is so damn HOT it’s unreal.

  • dizney fan

    ♥ girl has a great body. ♥

  • hales

    brenda is so beautiful <3 she is perfect :D


    Brenda is a stuningly beautiful young woman.

  • swiftie_forever

    goo bren!!

  • sally

    brendaaaaa look’s so beautiful and really has a sexy body, thats what curves all about.

  • LOLO

    ♥ BRENDA

  • BB

    Brenda is PERFECT to represent Candie’s. She’s young, beautiful and sexy and can wear any style clothing well. Girl has it all. Glad she got this.

  • paramore fan

    She looks HOT!!!

  • leyton

    eh heheh amazing!!!

  • white

    I wish I had a body like hers!!!! :)

  • Jorenda

    OK I’m going to WALmart

  • dalal

    Congrats brenda GodBless.

  • DANA

    Brenda looks great.

  • dance

    Sexy and Hot wished Brenda was My Girlfriend.

  • the social network rocks

    i like the pics. brenda looks gorgeous . her personality definitely fits the op brand.

  • BrendaSongfan4life

    I love Brenda and I love all the other pics but too much Aly emphasis for no reason! She’s not the most attractive and recognizable so I don’t understand why she’s in the ADs once with them and then alone.

  • LOVE

    Well, I I find her quite beautiful…very ethereally of the few girls in HW who seem angelic but sexy.

  • SLOD fanatic

    ♥ brenda is awesome. ♥

  • rahaf

    Brenda looks beautiful. She is young,talented and so pretty . She
    makes the clothes look adorable.

  • rahaf

    btw what the hell is rob kardashian doing there???

    he’s not even famous or semi-famous

  • Linaty

    all they do is emphasize katrina graham and aly..!/photo.php?fbid=10150198598987049&set=a.10150192963517049.347285.24415637048&theater

    SCREW Op!

    idiots.. even the makeup they had on her face is ugly.. brenda is much more beautiful than this but is coming off as ugly and grizzly thanks to Op..

  • lails

    brenda looks beautiful but I still love her spirit the most about her and carefree ways. She’s not a supermodel due to her height but she is just as stunning for a petite young lady.

  • Jorenda Love

    I think this is a wonderful endorsement for Brenda. She’s beautiful, in great physical shape and has a bubbly personality. A great choice to represent Op.

  • La La Land

    She looks Amazing!!! go brenda!! xD

  • Karma Couture

    i agree brenda ooks GORGROUS, BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME too All the time!!! you go Brenda!

  • baby

    I would wear brenda song. She is my role-model and my style icon amd i am all about taking fashion risks

  • Foofo

    Brenda is so stunning ♥

  • KIKI


>>>>>>> staging1