Greyson Chance: Cory Monteith's Long Lost Brother?

Greyson Chance: Cory Monteith's Long Lost Brother?

Not really, but Greyson Chance has already thought of a storyline to become Cory Monteith‘s long-lost brother on Glee.

In a recent interview with MTV, the 14-year-old musician revealed the perfect plot line.

“I’ve already written out my role. Finn (Monteith) has a dead father, so it would be a very dramatic episode where Finn figures out his father had a secret romance with my mom, and so I’m his younger half-brother.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Greyson on Glee?

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  • Delila Mars


  • Artemis

    Finn’s dad is dead shortly after his birth, right ?
    Also how tall is Greyson ? Next to Finn, he has to be not too small…

  • Amanda

    Yeah, that’s just no…
    Finn’s dad died not too long after he was born. Never would work out. And yeah just pass.

  • Miia

    God, this kid is all into fame. He has a great voice, yes, but hello! Finn’s dad died shortly after Finn was born. How could he had a son who’s twelve?

  • higherlove

    this was just his “fantasy plot” there’s no need to be rude -.- anyway, I’d love to see Greyson on Glee :D

  • Yo

    Greyson is going to be playing Finn’s HALF brother. So it is possible.

  • hahaha



  • Emily

    that wouldn’t work out because of when Finn’s dad died, but that was a pretty good idea! Maybe he could make that his mom met some guy when Finn was a kid and that’s how it happened. That would make more sense.


    That would weird and Finn’s father died after he was born.That wouldn’t make sense.

  • Sunnie

    Sorry if i’m a little behind i just discovered this website yesterday. So please forgive me. I would love to see greyson chance on glee. I think it would give him a chance to show off his acting skills

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