Selena Gomez: 'I'll Be Starting Over In A Way'

Selena Gomez: 'I'll Be Starting Over In A Way'

Selena Gomez nabs a spot on Paper Mag‘s 2011 Most Beautiful List.

The 18-year-old actress explains to the mag that after Wizards of Waverly Place ends, she will be starting over.

“Gaining credit from a different crowd — it’s gonna be hard. I love my fans more than anything, so I’d never wanna do something that would make them uncomfortable. I feel like it’s all about choosing roles gradually,” Selena shared.

Bigger pic inside…

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Credit: Katherine Wolkoff; Photos: Paper Magazine
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  • http://deleted Troy

    It’s interesting she says that about choosing roles gradually giving that she has “13 Reasons Why” lined up and that going to to be a fairly big departure from what she’s been associated with in the past. That’s not a criticism but just an observation.

  • http://jbiebsnickjjay canadahearts

    selena gomez taking a snap at miley cyrus perhaps ? hah . oh well love em both as actresses and singers !! <3

  • karen

    average at best


    she is beautifull but that picture is not showing off any of her beauty

  • Didi

    I love how this pix captures her beauty, not over the top, very simple and elegant. I really like it.

  • HIH

    She’s beautiful!

  • doug

    I’m concerned about her doing “13 Reasons Why,” too. I hope she doesn’t, or maybe just produces it with her mother.

  • jasmine

    I’m actually quite interested in her doing “13 Reasons Why”
    13 Reasons Why is about a girl who suicided due to 13 reasons, a few of them aren’t so nice, but not overboard like too serious or something.

    But it MAY or may not be PG13 due to like the situations and everything.
    but she has “Monte Carlo” and most probably some other films before “13 Reasons Why” :)

  • just sayin

    She’s so beautiful. You can really see from how she acts that she loves her fans.

  • andy

    She is beautiful and I can’t wait to see under a different light! She has a lot of talent as an actress so hopefully she’ll pick the right roles!

  • Chloe

    @Troy: Well, considering buy the time she actually starts shooting 13 reasons why she’ll be 19, and by the time it’s out she’ll be 20. I’d say that’s gradual enough. So really, I think the pacing of her career in terms of what direction she wants to go in, is perfect.

  • olivia

    You’re great Selena. You’ve got the talent to go all the way. Looking forward to your career, your beauty will shine through on the screen.

  • fan1ol

    Even without make up I still think she’s pretty.

  • YAY ME


  • GG

    This is a great picture of Selena. Nearly ANY body can look pretty good with a tonne of makeup on, hair all done up by a stylist and all that…but it takes real beauty to look as wonderful as she does with minimal make up and a very casual look.
    More people need to realize that…

    Seriously people, make up and clothes don’t make you good looking.

  • Stefanie

    Very beautiful photograph.

  • amanda

    Lol, anyone can see that she’s clearly wearing make-up in that pic.

  • yareli G

    I AM HOPING SHE DOES “13 Reasons Why” Cause its mature and she can act! Plus iknow why they picked her as the beautiful watever; the gurlk’s Gorgeous!

  • Chloe

    Pretty :) Cant wait for her upcoming movies! She’s a really good actress, I’m sure she will do great :)

  • javi

    i can’t wait for 13 reason’s why i read the book and is awesome and i also hope for her to do tv again a sitcom or a drama series cause she already did tv for kids now its time for serious things.

  • =]

    @YAYME She’s so beautiful in that pic. She looked very pretty at Perez’s party. Since she was the host she had to wild her outfit a little but, and i think she did an amazing job! She looked very cute in blue :) & fail at trashing her you pathetic person. You should really get banned from here, you just have one talent, that is to trash other people. God help you with your issues.

  • ______

    Most beautiful list indeed she certainly is.

  • GG


    Well of course she is…but its a much simpler look, more natural and a lot less than a red carpet event, tv show, concert performance…and this natural look is where she really looks beautiful.

  • taylor

    Cute feathers Selena !!! Are those earrings? Saw a similar pair at

  • Estevan

    @YAY ME:

    You’re an idiot. That was for Perez Hiltons Blue Ball party, he asked all celebs to dress up outrageously in blue and Selena was practically the only celeb who really dressed up. I think she has a lot of backbone for doing that.

    As for this article, I believe she will be an amazing Actress. She’s great at that, not so sure about the singing. On the album she sounds good, but live not so much.

  • http://deleted Troy


    You make some good points. And again my inital comment was not intended as a criticism but just an observation. For the record I think her doing “13 Reasons Why” is a smart and bold move that I support 100 percent.

  • Kat

    Thats funny how she says she wouldn’t want to make her fans “uncomfortable.” YOUR DATING BIEBER AND YOUR A GROWN WOMAN. EVERYONE’S UNCOMFORTABLE!!

  • John

    Be a winner.

  • John

    Win it all.

  • Tex

    Beautiful babe, but in this pic she’s giving the finger again, what the hello is she becoming?

  • Tex

    @Tex: Oh God, she isn’t giving the middle finger…. it’s another finger. Sorry..

  • Tex

    She’s so sweet…

  • Amelia

    Selena, please continue to act just for me. I’ll still see new episodes of your show. Hey, if you leave Disney, then I leave Disney, too, BFF. I still don’t understand why you want to quit your show so bad, Selena. It’s so beautiful and it seems like all you guys do a good job on it. By the way, I can’t wait for Monte Carlo to come out! I’m making a musical series based on that movie about Grace playing the guitar and singing.