Vanessa Hudgens is SKY High

Vanessa Hudgens is SKY High

Vanessa Hudgens keeps her head down as she leaves SKY TV in London on Friday morning (April 1).

The 22-year-old actress, who wore a super cute violet Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti dress and a Bare Collections necklace, also stopped by the Box Club with her Sucker Punch cast mates last night.

Speaking with BANG Showbiz at the premiere of Sucker Punch premiere in London, Vanessa apparently dished that she would love to star in the Sex and the City prequel.

“I love those movies, of course I’d do it. Sex and the City is so funny! I love them,” she shared.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: SM, Tony Clark, Gotcha Images; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • aly

    I love the dress and she looks gorgeous, as always, lol.

  • Jenny

    She looks gorgeous :)

  • http://none juddy

    my baby looks gorgeous

  • http://none juddy

    I love the color on her

  • laquida

    vanessa always stunning and amazing and love pics! awww mama hudgens in the background!:) i love that she is sooo supportive of vanessa as well as stella too! love the family!:)

  • ehryle

    wow as in Vanessa is totally gorgeous!!!! Yeah V just enjoyed life to the fullest around with your family and friends.. bonding with your mom together is such a great time :)

  • joanne

    i love this outfit. very pretty

  • Haters Suck!

    You’re beautiful Vanessa, I don’t care what anyone says I’ll always support and stand by my favorite Hollywood girl no matter what.

  • Bradley Bobst


  • Telle

    i really loved purple on nessa…she looks so pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    no one can deny it

  • good-one

    I just watched “The First Six Minutes Of ‘Sucker Punch’ In Today’s Dailies”, on MTV:

    I can only image the work of art this might have been, had they not been censored by the MPAA. (c.f. Emily Browning’s cogent remarks on that topic). Plus the picture probably would have been out on time.

  • kerri

    Damn it. On ok tv in the uk vanessa said that what she looks for in a guy is loyalty. I love zac but hearing that obviously means that he wasn’t loyal when they were together. I am not saying he wasn’t from the beginning but i think when he went away and did The Lucky one he changed. I saw pics of zac with vanessa in november and she was into him but he seemed distant and not himself. I blame those friends of his. I won’t give up on him either i still will pray and support him and i will continue to support vanessa even though she and zac aren’t together. Is that wrong of me?

  • Teen Mom 2 fan forever!

    I love that dress! Looks great on her!

  • Chanon

    That color suites her really good. I love you, Vanessa! :D

  • kerri

    @Biki: Where are you? I haven’t spoken to you in days how is life treating you?

  • Diamond

    She looks soo glamorous , I love that dress and the color goes great with it ! Also her makeup up is so simple but yet so pretty and fresh ! I am glad she has been so happy lately , and independent it seems like she is having so much fun and that is great ♥

  • theresa


    To answer your question no it’s not wrong of you; you have the choice to support whoever you want; don’t let anybody tell you differently.

  • kerri

    @Theresa: Thank you

  • Jazmin
  • kerri

    @Jazmin: Thank you. My love and support for them will never end. In life we all make mistakes but it is important to learn and grow from them and i will continue to pray for zac and vanessa.


    My God she’s so gorgeous in purple. And the Sex in the City bit——How amazing would that be the girls should definitely do a movie like that Suckerpunch girls please let them.

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    Beautiful Nessa, a lot pf promo in the UK!!! Go V!!!

  • http://google BARBARA

    Just saw some pictures of Zac with his mag, at the basket ball game, Zac was receiving a tex, and he was smiling, and they said last nite she was texing also, then his agent looked liked he said something to Zac, and his face looked angry, infact after that he was eating and drinking coke, he kept looking the other way, from his mag, i’m sure he asked him who was he reading off his plone, i never seen him look so angry. even friends saw it, they thought the same thing,

  • Ivy

    Awww, Nessaaaaa! Can’t stop loving her! She’s so damn sweet… <3 my heart bleeds for her

  • kerri

    @Barbara: I also saw those pics. I wonder what that was all about. I just remember seeing zac smile[ i missed his smile it has been so long since i saw pics of him smilling]

  • ______

    MY BABY looks so beautiful MY favorite girl shines in London.

  • Ivy

    @BARBARA: Gosh! I just hate his agent! He looks like a perfect pain in the ass! lol. I hope Zac don’t turn into one as well… And, hm, texting, maybe there is a chance 4 zanessa, thats cool

  • aly

    Ugh… if you see the pics in their timeline you will see he looks like “whoah didn`t see that one coming” and laugh so much then in one pic his agent looks like asked him smth and he starts looking pissed at his agent – more pissed than that day at the airport with the paps – and he stops using the phone…

    And Barbara please come to the back thread ._.

  • jody


  • http://deleted jody

    I absolutely love what she is wearing.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ ALY I went back to Efron ATic AA HE has more pictures , the same angry look and after that look you will see he made Zac take off this braclets, that remine him of V, That agent is a jerk, he does not want him to have any contact with Vanessa, those two love each other , and i don’t care want Karen said, Jason, and Gina , are responable for the break up, it was not distance, those two have been separated longer than that. Vanessa was protecting him and her by saying want she said which all those mag were printed in Dec. then i think Vanessa and him are keeping contact with each other, by texing Zac needs to really get mad and tell him off, you can see in the body language, after that he was not sitting so close to him, he was not happy. Zac is stuck, because he talked Zac to have the production company, then Jason put some of his money into it so that was his plan, then he can tell Zac want to do. i hope Zac has enough courage, to tell him off, that he isn’t going to run his life. if Zac wants to be really happy, he needs to be with Vanessa, and he knows it. God Bless them both!

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Aly, that shows you those braclets were to keep Vanessa close to him.

  • kerri

    @Barbara; Is that true? I saw those braclets and zac’s friends have the same. I am a big supporter of them and I love them very much but i don’t know what to believe.

  • Ivy

    @kerri: I belive in love, so I belive in Zanessa <3 lol

  • http://none juddy

    Beautiful vanessa always makes me happy
    we allllll proud of you baby

  • http://none juddy

    Beautiful day Beautiful post without any simple word about that player

  • e

    I always though Jason liked Vanessa I mean that was at least the impression that I got when you always saw them talking and laughing in the background at different events, at least you used to in the earlier year, and she did attend his wedding a few years back but maybe it wasn’t Vanessa he was texting but “someone” else and Jason like many of us isn’t happy with what Zac is doing at time. I dunno, I don’t think Jason does a great job with Zac’s carer and maybe he doesn’t like Vanessa either and only see Zac as a money machine, I really don’t know but I won’t jump to conclusion. He didn’t look happy in the video where Kobe landed on him, I think he spilled out his drink and looked pissed.

  • http://none juddy

    Brabara my dear .
    vanessa so happy without his fu***g face.

  • laura

    so cute

  • http://google BARBARA

    I’M sorry Jason and Gina have for a long time wanted Zac and Vanessa to break up Zac is there money machine, Vanessa remines them of HSM , and she was holding him back, i believe it was Vanessa was texing him, and those braclets are about Vanessa, i saw the V on it when he was in NY. you have to see the pictures, they do not lie.

  • laura

    i think he cheated on Vanessa
    but i don’t insult zac… it was his lost

  • laura

    cant wait for the DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google BARBARA

    SORRY JUDY , that is one of the reasons she is happy, i will not say anthing, because, i know they still love each other, and i hope they get back together. Aly knows want i’m talking about.

  • laura

    We dont need to find excuses

  • http://google BARBARA

    Kerri, the other guys braclets are not the same, they are wider and dark navy blue.,they are not anywere like Zac’s braclets.

  • http://none juddy

    they hate each fo sure

  • laura


  • laura

    i want moreeeeee

  • lyn
  • http://google BARBARA

    JUDY, you don’t know want you are talking about, ZV, love each other very deeply,steal, they did not break up on there own, they were force to You must be very young because you don’t know much about relationships, and they work, why would they hate each other, when they were force, to break up. Pictures show me of Zac is force to take off braclets and he put his phone down and the way he looked and Jason, if looks could kill, i hope he will get fed up with Jason, and tell him to but out of his life, but he and Vanessa are scared of him.they are know to be very ruthless, frankley i think he ruining his career. Let me tell you one more time they are the love of there lifes, you never forget!

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