Zac Efron: Trampled On by Kobe Bryant!

Zac Efron: Trampled On by Kobe Bryant!

Zac Efron sits courtside at the Lakers game held at the Staples Center on Thursday (March 31) in Los Angeles.

The Lakers took on the Dallas Mavericks and beat the team 110 to 82.

During the game, the 23-year-old actor was trampled on by Lakers player Kobe Bryant after he tried to save a ball from going out of bounds.

Zac recently visited the Roxbury club in Hollywood, where he requested that the VIP section be opened for him, according to People. He had his own bottle of tequila and got cozy with a mystery blonde.

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Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty
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  • amy

    aw he looks so good. missed him<3

  • http://mikehla mike

    like the guy

  • kerri

    Is it wrong that i still like him? I like vanessa too even though they aren’t together. I just hate those damn bitches that he is hanging out with.

  • kerri

    I didn’t know that bitch is a swear word because they blocked it on the computer. I thought a bitch was a female dog.

  • ma

    ohhh, his smile!!!! I LOVE YOU ZAC!!!!
    You deserve all the hapiness in the world

  • ehryle

    welcome back ZAC!! enjoy being single for awhile!!

  • pop86

    Zac is back. Missed seeing him at the Lakers Game

  • Emem

    he’s hot.. ahhh. :) :)

  • lauren

    i’m not a hater or whatever it is,

    but zac looks like the type of guy that has one night stands with girls and never talks to them ever again, know as hit it and quit it,

    i guess both ( zac and vanessa) ment the realtionship kept them grounded.

    also whats the deal with the girly blue bracelets and that gold silver one?

  • speachless

    pity kobe didnt knock some sense into him coz he needs some

  • Cecca

    I love him dearly and it feels sooooooo good to see him happy again but HE HAS TO SHAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kerri

    I know this has got nothing to do with zac but i wanted to know what does vanessa’s text say? go to the link

  • Jill

    I’m not gonna’ pay attention to any of these rumors. The theresa palmer thing came from the same sources. And that was a load of shit all along! Plus, zac has been spending ime with his family for spring break, and also, he was spotted at the victoria secrets show but skipped the carpet. Just another excuse not to have pics. Don’t believe any of the sightings or sources because they’re all fake. I’m probably just one of those girls that no one agrees with, but i don’t believe it until i see it…

  • kerri

    if anyone has bigger pictures or knows what it says please respond.

  • aly

    Lol, that`s what i want to know too.

    And lol lauren… that is a April fools day right? Because lol, that one isn`t real =)))

  • really why?

    the most beautiful man in the WORLD<3 love you efron forever
    screw your haters
    LOVE IS LOUDER!!!!!!!!

  • i’m sick of Obsesseds fans(2)

    ahhh i adore theis man
    he soo f**king sexy ughhhhhh i adore him

  • lauren

    who cares,
    i guess she doesnt care that texting over seas is expensive?
    oh wait shes rich so she can afford it?

  • cutie

    I glad to see him again smiling!!!

  • kerri
  • Skylar

    Ahh so good to see him out again <3
    Love you Zac :)
    I really don’t believe that junk about the mystery blonde, especially after the way they put it on oceanup. It’s just not Zac. Pics or it didn’t happen. But aside from that
    I kinda like the facial hair I’m just sayinnn ;)

    -Skylar <3
    Zanessa Always & Forever

  • Merlin’s mum

    Well didn’t he once say when he started out that he wanted to meet Kobe Bryant? Can’t get a lot closer than that! haha! Quite like this beard, and nice to see him smiling!


    I’ve dreamt of him the past two nights (and I NEVER dream those kinds of dream) and each time I was thwarted by other women – darn them, lol!
    Zac must never disappear for so long again. He’s the face of my protagonist, and without Zac’s face and voice Jake begins to fade away like an ephemeral ghost…

  • kyle

    I’m glad that Zac is out and about.. Miss you, Zac. Maybe it’s time for him to start seeing other female friends since Vanessa has obviously done with Josh. But it’s for the best that he doesn’t involve himself in another serious relationship just yet. Give his heart a rest and better to concentrate more on his acting career. And oh yeah, he should take it easy on the booze.

  • i’m sick of Obsesseds fans(2)

    ADORE HIM<3 you’re the best

  • Shut the f**k up haters

    missd him so fu*king much

  • Kim

    A hickey???? seriously???? What has happened to you Zac?

  • Miranda

    Zac is looking good, I missed seeing his smiling face :)

    & Please, if you’re only here to start drama and hate, then go away.
    Opinions don’t give you the right to be mean.

  • Dianne

    Nice to see him again..I missed him in action..I hope he found a girl who will love him and will not cheat on him…

  • peggy


    This is the new Zac and since you didn’t know the old Zac or the Zac he let us see you not in a position to say if it’s his style or not.

    Also People Mag doesn’t usually make things up and a few patrons saw him and her.

    Get use to this new guy or maybe this was him all along and the other guy was the acting.

  • amtfan

    just because he isn’t with your precious vanessa doesn’t mean hes changed -.-

  • Kim

    Well when he was with Vanessa he certainly didn’t walk around with hickeys on his neck. I think it looks trashy.

  • Ruby

    Oh peggy don’t be so stupid, you really think he’s changed, well he hasn’t, and Van isn’t whiter than white either.

    It’s not a hickey either, it’s a red mark from shaving or stubble, a hickey looks more like a bruise.

    He is free and single and is allowed to do whatever the fuck he wants. at least the girl he was with is 21 and allowed in bars.

    he looks amazing.

  • http://none juddy

    hahah zac cheat on vanessa with teresa if you dont know.

  • http://none juddy

    I think both of them zac and vanessa free to do what ever they want right …. even im not zac fan at all just sayin
    v with josh
    zac with blonde girl

  • true lies

    Lets not start the drama people. Zac and Vanessa are both single. They are moving on….so should everyone else. Stop the hate and let fans enjoy making comments on the individual threads. You all make it like its some type of competition or something. Grow up please.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @juddy: As you told me Get off this post if you’re not a Zac fan. And look at a calender. Split in December means, TP in January not cheating.

  • Kim

    Ahhh okayyyy…..I didn’t know stubble looked like an old brownish green mouth shaped bruise??? what are you lookin at? Whatever…..I still think it’s trashy. Love him though, I just think he’s better than all the crap that’s going on lately, thats all.

  • Haters Suck!

    @merlins mom
    you don’t stay off Vanessa posts I wasn’t gonna come in here but seeing as you And other zac fans don’t stay out of vanessa post I figured why should I. It’s funny you go after Judy but not Dianne why is that?

  • Merlin’s mum

    He looks happier than he has for a while and completely gorgeous. Can’t see a hickey though,just a little mark.

  • http://none juddy

    @true lies:
    i just want zac fans to leaving v alone go to van post and you will see They Annoyers … bye bye bye

  • Merlin’s mum

    @Haters Suck!: Because Dianne did not tell me to get off V’s posts. Juddy does not own this site and has no right to say who can and can’t post.@juddy: I know I’m annoying, I use big words and ask for proof, that makes me annoying.

    Gorgeous boy.

  • Haters Suck!

    @merlins mum
    and you do own the site? You seem to imply u believe vanessa of wrong doing without proof. For someone that claims to support both of them you sure do have a funny way of showing it.

  • http://none juddy

    @Merlin’s mum:
    hahahah really …..i dont care about you or zac..
    so get a life and dont say something bad about our (Gorgeous girl) in her post ok

  • aly

    Ugh, you never never stop do you? Did we trash Vanessa? No, we supported her all the way… Now you badmouth Zac why? Omg, you really need to check yourself out Juddy, where you there to know he CHEATED? And since when CHEATING happens when you are SINGLE? Huh? On who did he cheat? He didn`t cheat on anyone… oh, and people, the most reliable source, why do you believe the story now and don`t believe Eden and the other sightings from people?
    Hypocrites. -.-

  • http://none juddy

    zac fans trash vanessa all the time in her post maybe you are one of them..
    so get a f***king life and leave vanessa alone i will leave zac that is

  • Haters Suck!

    yes people were trashing Vaness did you read the comment Judy was responding to? Why don’t you attack that one? And I do believe the Eden night club story abou him and Vanessa

  • http://lala aiwen

    handsome guy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aly

    Yes i saw the comment >.> @true lies: That was the comment. What`s wrong with that and why do i have to leave v`s post? -.- Did true lies said anything that hurt your feelings? No, he simply said to not start the drama again and that they are both single… and that YOU should let people post on their individual threads…

    The part that annoyed me the most was the part in Juddy`s post where she said “i just want zac fans to leaving v alone go to van post and you will see They Annoyers … bye bye bye”
    Why? What did i do to Vanessa personally that i can`t post on her threads? I support Zac too? That isn`t even a reason. Is Juddy a moderator here? Admin? Something like that? No, she isn`t. Did you see me telling you to get the hell out of Zac`s posts? No.
    Look, everyone can post where they choose to post, you can`t make them post or stop posting when they don`t want to do that.

  • londonlemming

    If I was Zac and Vanessa I would be disgusted to call some of you who post on here fans of mine.

    90% of you on here are rude disrespectful bullies that do nothing but argue.

    The 10% on here that do seem to be decent end up being attacked for having valid points.

    If someone doesn’t like Vanessa,so what? if someone doesn’t like Zac who cares? But for fans who used to be united to with their “Zanessa obsession” to turn on each other like you are all doing now is sickening. You do not know Zac or Vanessa personally, you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, you see what the media wants to see, and hey lets face it, scandal gets more hits and sells more magazines then anything else.

    I miss the days when this board had people that respected others opinions.