Miranda Cosgrove - KCA 2011 Orange Carpet

Miranda Cosgrove - KCA 2011 Orange Carpet

Miranda Cosgrove is pretty in pink on the orange carpet at the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center on Saturday (April 2) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old iCarly star is nominated for Favorite TV Actress and her show is nominated for Favorite TV Show!

During the ceremony, Miranda and American Idol judge Steven Tyler presented the award for Favorite Movie Actor to Johnny Depp!

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Miu Miu dress, shoes, and clutch and an Anita Ko bracelet.

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Cee

    Dress is okay, the scarlet lipstick looks great with her dark hair and fair skin. But I probably would’ve gone with different heels.

  • http://justjared.com JEssica

    OMG she looks horrible! The red lipstick with the pink dress doesnt go good and the shoes are ugly and they dont match. by the way she needs a major tan. Over all yikes!

  • kay

    those shoes with that dress? and that makeup?.. I would’ve chose a red color to contrast against her pale skin instead of a homecoming type dress

  • mileyfan

    Wow how ugly.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Nathan_cosgrove Nathan Cosgrove

    Miranda looks very beautiful and tender pink

  • Logan

    Awful hair, awful dress, awful shoes, and awful makeup. I’m not meaning to sound rude; it’s just my opinion. I think she could have looked way better! I think the dress is too bright against her pale skin. And she should have gone with pink or clear lip gloss instead of the red lipstick. I don;t know, maybe she was just having a bad day. She usually looks fine. It almost looks like she was trying too hard.

  • http://kekepalmer.us Mykey

    She looks amazing! In my book!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com steve

    She looked awesome like usual. Totally a beautiful, classy lady. Personally I like Selena, but I really thought Miranda was more deserving of the award tonight. Disney unfortunately just has a larger footprint and is able to garner more votes. Once again, Miranda looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Glad that iCarly won.

  • michelle

    In some of the pictures, she looks really pretty, but in the others, she looks a bit large. I think it’s because of how she stands. However, I love her dress regardless!

  • Shannon

    I wouldn’t say she looks large. She is extremely thin. I like the dress, shoes, and hair, but I do agree she shouldn’t have used red lipstick with a pink dress. It clashes. She still looks very beautiful.

  • Coldplayer

    She kinda looks pregnant. Hopefully its the unflattering dress, but her face looks fuller too

  • its_taylor:)

    Like Cobra Starship’s song: Miranda, “You’re a HOT MESS!! but I’m NOT falling for you!!”

  • lily

    Are you kidding me?? A bit large?? She’s like anorexic….

  • lily

    Are you kidding me?? She looks a bit large?? She’s like anorexic…

  • rikki

    everyone knows that dark haired girls can usually pull off red lips easily and make it look sexy (well, depends on the person but yeah). but this look just ISN’T WORKING. it’s not miranda that i dislike, just the way she was styled

  • yasmin russell

    i absuloutly love the dress shes wearing . the shoess are okay.

  • http://twitter.com/mileyluver15 sarah

    the dress is way too bright for her pale skin shes a pretty girl you just never really see it. love the shoes just not with that dress and the bright pink and the red lipstick aint working out everythings just not good together…

  • http://twitter.com/mileyluver15 sarah

    hahahhahahah you guys are redic if shes pregant then all of us are whales shes way too skinny.

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    i like her hair like that

  • massie

    oh lawdy where do i begin? first, she looks really fat and doughy. second if all, her shoes are repulsive and they make her ankles look giant. also, she needs to get out in the sun ay-sap! the dress itself is fine, but not for her. she needs to wear dark colors to contrast her vampire-white skin. her hair looks gorgeous, as usual, However, she should really improve her posture because her shoulders are clearly not being held straight. her stance is lazy and sloppy in this photo. she has the potential to be gorgeous if she would only work a little harder to achieve the beauty that could belong to her.

  • tami

    i know right it’s like rrly i can dress better than all these celebs. i know pretty dresses and shoes and just regular clothes in general. they’re supposed to be fashionistas and they dress bleh lol but besides all that ying yang I’m glad she won :)

  • Alyssa

    YUCK! Fashion fail. Those shoes are terrible for that dress. Also, you do not wear red lipstick unless your teeth are white. Sheesh. Where do they find their stylist? Terrible.

  • brittany

    the dress is pretty but i dont like the red lipstick. the shoes are cute also but they dont match the dress – they make her look short and stumpy!

  • http://facebook rami fgthjghgfukg ghyjgftyjufg

    icarly rocks
    spencer is soooooooooooo and sam you are a really funny person you always make me laugh and you have a really nasty doorman and spencer keep on pranking you made gibby go to the bathroom just to make him get wet and Sam is always funny because she loves fried chicken and when you stealed the private box from lewbert he was really sad. i really was happy when i saw you at the kca.

  • http://facebook rami fgthjghgfukg ghyjgftyjufg

    good job

  • none

    Awful dress, awful shoes, awful make up. and her hair is okay..i don’t like this outfit at all.. bad choice Miranda….this needs a lot done to it to make it way better!…

  • jt

    i actually like this outfit and whether some of you like it or hate
    some ppl actually like it and i’m one of them
    this outfit hair and make-up makes her look like a vixen

  • rock hard

    She doesn’t look as good as she usually does but she still shows her innocence

  • thedecmyster

    I agree with what most of you are saying, for me her hair is fine the way it is, however the pink dress and the bright red lipstick is a no no. She would have been better wearing a darker dress and a lipstick that wasn’t too bright nor too dark and she would have looked even better. BTW she does not need a tan, she suits having pale white skin it goes well with her hair colour and goes well with dark coloured clothes.

  • alex

    Miranda is a beautiful girl! No matter what she is wearing!