Jennette McCurdy - KCA Favorite Sidekick!

Jennette McCurdy - KCA Favorite Sidekick!

Jennette McCurdy sparkles on the red carpet at the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center on Saturday (April 2) in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old actress wore a Theia dress and paired it with Sergio Rossi heels.

Jennette took home the award for Favorite Sidekick for her work on iCarly, which picked up the award for Favorite TV Show!

Jennette joined her castmates Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, Noah Munck, and Jerry Trainor on stage to accept the award.

Jennette will be flying out to Las Vegas on Sunday (April 3) to attend the Academy of Country Music Awards.

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Credit: Todd Williamson, Steve Granitz; Photos: WireImage
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  • Sandra

    Reminds me of a boy………

  • vee.

    she was like YELLING on stage, i laughed
    so hard but that wasnt nescessary, you
    won the same last year, ;p

  • steve

    She totally deserved it and she could NOT have looked any more gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  • Luxor

    oh good thing she won so she won’t be sourgraping all over her twitter – which she did a few years back.

    i like her singing voice – which is why i still follow her, but if she complains one more time how unfair these awards show are…

  • keke

    @Luxor: When did she ever do that? danwarp posted a pic about the teen choice awards having something at the end of the show saying that they could decide for themselves who would win despite the vote and she just responded to what he said by saying “wow that’s a shock can’t believe it”, that is all she said. She has never been on a rant or complained about how unfair award shows are.

  • kASSIE


    We could take this so many ways.

  • Shelby

    @vee.: I totally agree.

    Miranda did a great job while Jennette was just embarrassing.

  • Ella

    David Henrie.. :’c

  • BrendaSongFan4LIFE

    Rigged. Rigged. Rigged. Rigged. Rigged. Rigged. Rigged.

    There’s no way in hell that the KCAs weren’t rigged.

    She was always re-tweeting her stans that said she will win it this year, the same fans/stans who were dissing Brenda on their Twitter account (what kind of celebrity does this? re-tweet messages by haters who put down their idol’s competitors).

    Seems like she knew she was going to get the award a lot of weeks before the award show actually happened based on her tweets from last month and the end of February (which is before voting even began).

    And does anyone find it funny how Nickelodeon now has 2 wins in TV categories and Disney has 2 wins in the TV categories (there are 4 TV categories this year)… hmm.. if they had not actually rigged everything, Disney would probably have 4 wins in the TV categories and Nickelodeon zero. Because everyone on Twitter is saying they didn’t vote for iCarly.

    I’m glad Brenda didn’t get the award, because she’s not a TV sidekick and that award’s winner wasn’t even announced at the award show or mentioned, which is pretty devaluing and degrading the sidekicks of iCarly.

    More than 200 million votes were cast for this year’s KCAs. How many of those 200 million votes are from a person who didn’t vote 288383888883488383834884388 times per day?

  • BrendaSongFan4LIFE

    @Ella: David Henrie isn’t a sidekick.

  • 2bedatcool

    disney sucked this last year unlik nick which show can get view and ratings of 5>0 and up every time
    in a matter of fact th e beat wizards so hard that disney mooved it to fridays night so they wont clash

  • Logan

    Jennette deserved that award AND more, in my opinion. I think that she is the most beautiful and talented girl on nickelodeon right now. She may not be the most popular celebrity in the world, but she is so real. If you guys had a dream as big as she did and it finally came true, you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t be excited like she was! She was screaming out of pure happiness. THAT is the kind of celebrity that I want to see. A lot of celebs wouldn’t even be happy with winning that, but Jennette was! She deserves everything that has ever come her way! She inspires me more and more each day. Congrats, Jennette! Stay beautiful! <3

  • Galinda

    @Logan: Sorry but no one needs to act like that, excited or not. She was out of control.

  • rany Marshall

    Have you ever watched professional sports? Grown men run and jump in eachothers arms, scream, and carry on for great lengths. Why shouldn’t a young talented girl show some enthusiasm.
    When someone is nominated, they deserve it, and they win, why can’t you just be happy for them.
    Perhaps the obviously exciting news came at a time that was most needed and the emotion of happiness just flowed.
    Oh, and the award was announced! Good for iCarly, and good for Jennette.

  • steve

    @kASSIE I’ll keep that in mind.

  • James

    People should just stfu about hating on her. She screamed because she was happy. She didn’t even expect to win.
    Why she was retweeting all that stuff?
    Well I’ll tell you. NONE OF THE STUFF SHE RETWEETED was hating on anyone. It was just loving on her by saying they voted her.
    If the KCA’s were rigged, Nick would have won 4 of 4 awards. so stfu.
    Jennette is a celeb who is different. She doesn’t care about not being all lovey-dovey. She doesn’t care what people think of her. She is real. And if you aren’t okay with that, just shut up and don’t say anything.