Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth ARE The Hunger Games' Peeta & Gale!

Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth ARE The Hunger Games' Peeta & Gale!

Congrats to Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, the newest additions to the cast of The Hunger Games!

Announced via press release, the two actors will join Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaption of the popular book series by Suzanne Collins.

Josh, 18, will play the role of Peeta Mellark, the male tribute chosen from District 12, the most remote and marginalized district of all the subjugated districts of Panem.

Liam, 21, has snagged the role of Gale Hawthorne, Katniss’ best friend from the District with whom she hunts with.

The Hunger Games will hit theaters on March 23, 2012.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the casting?

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  • Kim


  • Anne

    You just ruined the movie.
    So, blondes are brunettes and brunettes are blonds. AWESOME.

  • Butterfly

    liam hot.
    josh … not.

  • Holly Golightly

    People need to remember how easily you can change hair color.

    That being said, I think they’ll be fantastic!

  • Robsten Fan

    Miley’s boyfriend
    and Vanessa’s boyfriend!! ;)

  • Becky

    Ewwww….seriously? How about Hunter Parrish? He was perfect!

  • Anne

    Holly Golightly, can you imagine BLOND Josh? It’s like Paris Hilton with red hair

  • Holly Golightly

    @Anne: Hahaha. I know it’ll be an adjustment, but I’m just having faith that Gary and Debra know what they’re doing.

  • sahina

    IMO, i think it would have been better for freshly unknowns to audition for the roles, instead of already known actors.

  • Hollywood

    I think they are perfect. Great choices

  • joanne


  • peggy

    Make up artists have been successfully changing haircolor on actors for over 100 years I’m pretty sure they can make these guys believable.

    I really don’t think Josh is V’s boyfriend except he is a boy and he is her friend.

    But it does seem Liam and Miley are giving it another try.

  • Lizzie

    It doesn’t matter THAT much how they look but Josh Hutcherson is an AMAZING actor, has anyone here seen Bridge to Terabithia? He was so sweet! And Peeta’s not supposed to be some sex symbol, leave that to Finnick, he needs to be charming and endearing which Josh totally is! Also there’s this thing called hair dye, I’m sure some of you have heard of it

  • Liby

    I’m okay with Josh as Peeta, but Liam is just NOT my Gale…sigh

  • Shnelly

    Wrong Casting. Josh looks nothing like Peeta and Liam as Gale is the worst idea ever. Not a good choice. This movie is so not going to be as good as the books.

  • Josh Hayden

    And that my friends=R.I.P. Hunger Games. At least we still have the books

  • veronicka

    alright with it. just like i was alright with jennifer lawrence. plus liam’s a looker

    either way i would definitely have gone kaya scodelario for katniss, robbie amell for gale and freddie stroma for my peeta.

  • Littlebit

    I know you can change hair color and get them colored contacts but are they going to, like, starve everyone before filming starts? Because everyone in the districts is pretty much emaciated with hunger, which these guys clearly are not.

  • Joey

    People are acting like the most important thing about the characters are their hair color!! There is a lot more to those characters than hair color. It’s a lot more important that they got actors capable of displaying intense and conflicting emotions (especially for Peeta). They can dye their hair. But they can’t teach a bad actor to do a good job.

  • maximumride

    It should be the other way around. I think Josh would be a good Gale and Liam a better Peeta. Who’s with me??

  • lauren

    uh the only reason why is josh is up for this shit, is because hes friends with vanessa .

    @robsten fan
    josh and vanessa are not dating.

  • joanne


    you are delusional. Josh is a great actor. i’m happy he got this role

  • celia

    NOT HAPPY! They both are so wrong for the parts. If Josh were taller, then it may work if Josh played Gale and Liam was Peeta. But both of them are not at all what I was expecting. I’m disappointed.

  • Lea

    Yay for Josh! Don’t know about Liam… Haven’t really seen him in anything but we’ll see if he works as Gale…

    Now Alex Pettyfer just needs to snag the role of Jace in The Mortal Instruments, and I can die happy :D

  • ugh


  • kathren

    ohmygod. this sucks. …..

  • Fauve c

    Josh is a very good actor, and his resume includes one movie being Oscar nominated people are just judging him for his gentlemanly wants of supporting Vanessa during a hard time in her life. This makes him a good man, and friend, but does not affect or help his acting. If you all would have read, and paid attention to previous reports…. both Josh and Liam read numerous times for the parts. They were not handed this they had to read and impress in order to be casted… it’s a process. So, they impressed them with their skills… I know I been there that line is so long I fell asleep once ah ha <3 Congrats to all who were casted…

  • Karo


  • Allie

    Ugh, we go through this every time a book is adapted into a movie. Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter, Robert Pattinson in Twilight. Anne Hathaway’s new movie is an adaption in which fans are saying she’s too pretty for the part. I’m just glad it’s not Alex Pettyfer. He seemed to be making out he was first choice and he was keeping them waiting, not the studio deciding.

    There’s no point saying they’re wrong for the part as you’re all going to see it anyway.

    ALthough, I can’t see Jennifer and Josh together. Isn’t she so much taller than he is?

  • pup

    SOOOO DISAPPOINTED!!!! HUNTER PARRISH is Peeta! Liam’s okay.

  • D

    NO! not them.. they maybe are good actors but definitaly not Peeta and Gale worthy. Josh hasnt conviced me of being able to play a vunrubale actor and making people laugh. I dont have words for Liam. He is going to ruin Gale!!!! -.-

  • Katie

    I like both Liam and Josh but i’m really dissapointed that they were cast in The Hunger Games. I think casting unkown actors would have been better.

  • peggy


    That’s what they said when Robert Pattinson was cast as Edward Cullen and Daniel Radcliffe was cast over Haley Joel Osment as Harry Potter.

    Nuff said!!!!!

  • peggy


    More stupidness from you – it just never ends.

    Josh got cast because of things like The Bridge To Teribithia and The Kids are Alright.

  • taylor

    Great. Now when I watch these movies the whole time I will be thinking, Peeta’s blonde hair looks so fake, and he looks too young for Katniss. And also, hey look, it’s Miley Cyrus’ ex, the Australian one. Perfect. Way to go Lionsgate. I’m SURE you could have done better.

  • Courtney

    Umm Liam? Really?

  • gracemarie


    Do you guys have any idea how many times these young actors along with others read for these parts? The director made them fight for these roles.

    Obviously he has confidence in them – Thank Goodness Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Columbus didn’t pay the fans any attention when casting Twilight (Edward) and Harry Potter.

    Remember even Emma Watson was an issue, fans said she was too pretty and Kristen Stewart had the wrong coloring and persona.

    I’ll go with the director, thanks

  • Melissa

    The fact that I don’t find either of these guys cute kind of kills it for me. Guess I won’t have much eye candy in this movie. Maybe that’s vain, but hey, I had a big fantasy crush on the charcters in the book, and I don’t have a crush on Josh or Liam at all. So yeah, kind of ruins it for me. I think I’ll just stick to the books.

  • Becki

    This is awesome!!! Josh is such a great actor! He’ll be an awesome Peeta…and I hadn’t really thought about Liam as Gale, but I’ll go with it! To the person who said Josh is up for this because of Vanessa…really??? He has won numerous awards, been loved by critics for years and you seriously think Vanessa Hudgens has something to do with this!! Hahahahahahahahaha! Great choice Gary!! These are good actors who will do the book justice!!

  • Mich

    Hate this casting descion. I don’t care if Josh is a good actor or not, I don’t think he’s right for this role. and he looks too young compared to Jennifer, it would be an awkward looking couple. My enthusiasim for this movie just dropped 100%, I don’t think i even care to see it anymore… ugh. not happy.

  • Carleton

    Boo. not a fan of this casting at all, the movie is pretty much ruined for me now… Great. And I was looking forward to it too

  • Haters Suck!

    First off let me just say i’ve never heard of hunger games in my life so i thnk I have a more unbiased opinion. Second I agree with a couple people here when thy say people are always upset with desicions like these no matter what. The next time I see fans happy about the casting decisons in book adaptation of a movie will be the first time I see it. People were pissed with the harry potter casting choices, they were pissed at the twlight casting choices. You can pretty much bet if a book is being made into a movie the fans are going to whine and moan about the casting choices. Just relax and let’s see what happens, these guys auditioned for the part I believe and read for it many times so obviously the people involed in the movie saw something they like and maybe if u give it a chance u will too.

  • mariah

    JOSH should’ve been GALE and Liam should’ve been PEETA.
    Oh and.. LILY COLLINS should’ve been KATNISS.
    They’re ruining it :(

  • monique v

    URGH NO I HATE IT. I would atleast rather seen liam as peeta. Josh as peeta will ruin the movie, im sorry.

  • mimi

    well I can’t really say anything about Josh’s acting but I rally don’t like him as Peeta. Maybe if he was several inches taller and a bit more attractive then I’d be ok with it. And Liam for Gale. NO! I mean he’s hot but no, just no. I don’t like any of the actors cast for this movie. Their acting must be amazing and they must have a pretty good make-up team if they were cast. let’s see how this goes guys

  • cam

    you all act as if these guys are the worst actors. Iv’e seen them both in movies & I like their acting. Liam was really good in The Last Song.

    Give these guys a chance, you might just be pleasantly surprised.

  • e21

    I am disappointed with the cast.

  • merlina mujer divina

    The cast sucks, seriously it won’t be even close to resembling the greatness of the books. Not even the Twilight people scre*wed the cast this bad.

  • dani

    it was supposed to be kaya scodelario and hunter parrish. the cast is a total failure.

  • Aimee

    I don’t like this decision. I admit it, it’s mainly because I really want Lucas Till to be Peeta, and I don’t think Liam is a good-looking boy, at all. But other reasons include the fact that Josh isn’t taller than Jannifer!
    By the way, I still believe Kristen isn’t the right one for Bella, and while reading the HP books, I never pictured Dan as Harry…

>>>>>>> staging1