Miley Cyrus: Back on Twitter!

Miley Cyrus: Back on Twitter!

Welcome back, Miley Cyrus!

The 18-year-old actress/singer is back on the social networking site, reps confirm to

Miley will be tweeting from @gypsyhearttour, the same name of her upcoming tour which is starting up in just a few weeks!

Not only will Miley be tweeting from the account, but the tour’s creative director, plus her band and dancers will too!

Over the weekend, Miley took home the blimp for Favorite Movie Actress at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards.

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  • Rita

    I want @mileycyrus back!

  • Carla

    So happy! At least she will tweet personally… but I still miss her on @mileycyrus, she should come back<3

  • aussiemileyfan89

    Miley if you’re reading this can u please add more Australian dates?!?!?! They’re already sold out.. FML :((((

  • andrea

    @Rita: so do i

  • Warren

    I hope she keeps us updated on the tour with pics too. Miley should have won all 3 awards at the KCAs. Miley is so hot and sexy, but has loads of talent. I Love Miley!

  • anon

    what a hypocrite. she’s said like a billion times that she’s not gonna tweet anymore coz of her privacy, and now she’s back after saying that it would be hypocritical to come back. Lol.

  • Arpita

    I also agree with u .miley should win the all 3 awards at KCA. I vote 4 her but it’s ok i saw a video of miley’s.she is really happy to get she is happy so me too.

  • http://JustJared Debrico

    @Warren – I so agree with you. Miley has worked her ass off all year and deserved Favorite TV Actress, and Favorite Female Singer. I was pissed to see Selena win Favorite TV Actress. Her show isn’t that great to begin with, and Katy Perry’s alright, but Miley should have taken home that award too.

  • good-one

    Praise be the written word.

    W b, Miley. :)

  • amtfan

    yay i missed her :)

  • Ella

    It’s still not her own/personal account.
    Yayy!! She is following Nick Jonas!! :D

  • kerri

    I am 2 years older than Miley but i like her especially her music. I still love the song Can’t be tamed.

  • blahblahblah

    Me 2 :(

  • blahblahblah

    He should follow her 2 :)

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    i hope she doesnt delet this one too … i loved it when she had her old twitter we saw a nother side of her unlike what people posted about her

  • ValEm

    miley is back bitches :D<3

  • HIH

    I am now following her!

  • http://deeosment dee osment

    @Ella: wow,hope Nick will follow her too , I saw her pic w/ joe hugging, it’s soooo adorable….def miley n jobros still connect to each other….. I love them all….Miley rock!!!!!!

  • gaby

    @dee osment: They both follow each other. I feel kinda nerdy but that excites me that they at least still talk. I know she’s prob with liam but I’m keeping the dream alive!.

  • BillyTheKidNY


    Ok, Big Deal. So Miley contradicted herself about never rejoining twitter and keeping her private life private. Everyone on this planet says things that are true to them at one point, but become less relevant as time moves on. For Miley, that can be from 1 week to the next, but all it does is make her as human and normal as the next person. Your logic fails to impress me, and only makes me think that, whoever you are, you’re probably one of those who are critical of her no matter what she says or does.

  • headstrong

    @anon: she’s not tweeting about her private life wich she used to do before.She makes her fans happy, , is that “that” bad?

  • blahblahblah

    Nick followed Miley =] <3<3

  • amy


    I agree! People are quick to critiique Miley but often don’t see their own shortcomings. She is still a teen, she will make mistakes – we all make mistakes. I like her & I’m glad to see Miley happy. I’m also happy to see her family problems resolved.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Good Golly May, for some people there’s always something to complain about when it comes to Miley. Even if she isn’t doing anything wrong. I’m glad Miley’s back, but it’s obvious she’s only in this thing until the tour is over.

  • http://deeosment dee osment

    @gaby: they have special relationship that keeps going on…that’s why they never let it go…i’ts cute..I feel stupid too but I’m the happiest person now…hehehe,espcially knowing selena followed him too but he didn’t follow her back(i’m sorry for that but…………………………hehehe, i’m exciteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed,sorry!!!!!!!+___+

  • Becki

    I like Miley. She’s just growing up like every other teenager just that every move she makes gets publicized because she’s famous. I think she is very talented and I hope she does really well.

  • iluvu4ever

    miley became a role model 4 me but now she is not but dat doesnt mean i hate her songs =)

  • tumblr!


  • ggghjgug

    @Warren: you obviously dont no real talent

  • Lee

    @gypsyhearttour is a fansite. @MileyCyrus is the real one. :) I’m so glad she came back on twitter. :D

  • http://12345 mitchel lover

    she is so gr8 in this pic love this red dress

  • Xantara

    You have shed a ray of suinshne into the forum. Thanks!

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