Emily Browning: Sydney Gets A 'Sucker Punch'

Emily Browning: Sydney Gets A 'Sucker Punch'

Emily Browning poses with costar Abbie Cornish at the red carpet premiere of Sucker Punch held at the Event Cinemas George Street on Sunday (April 3) in Sydney, Australia.

The 22-year-old actress laced it up in a cute floral Erdem dress at the premiere while Abbie wore a lovely Alberta Ferretti number.

Over the weekend, Sucker Punch slipped to the number seven position, according to BoxOfficeMojo.

HAVE YOU SEEN Sucker Punch yet? 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Brendon Thorne, Robert Wallace; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • good-one

    This picture received so much attention here last year. Vanessa was going to be in it (and there are plenty of Vanessa fans here), and we learned the film would contain many action/fight scenes. Then Sucker Punch‘s release date got rolled back and there were many expressions of disappointment over the additional wait.

    Upon its release, we learn it doesn’t draw the big box office as expected. It’s way too deep. Confusion abounds about what the film means. Some label it as sexist, and yet Titicut Follies (1967), portrayed some of the same thing, only the inmates in that picture were men.

    Some might find it an indictment of psychiatry, painting psychiatrists no better than the Nazi’s Doctor Josef Mengele. While I’m tempted to list comparative movie titles buttressing that angle, to do so would act as a spoiler. You deserve to see the movie before all that.

    They sacrificed a lot to give this a PG rating, just so you could see it. It’s meant for you as the audience. Go see it. Then we can analyze it.

  • Mariam

    @good-one: You are right ,when you watch the sucker punch you didn’t notice that Vanessa sences they cut it ,they put only little of her seances ,why and 70%of promotion is her,she is the one who make face to face on enterview but the others no,that’s why her fans is so disappointed on this,for me 5x I watch sucker punch in my place,#1 here in UAE #2 ranggo,I love it but there is missing on this movie .

  • Ashley P.

    I don’t really know what #1 is saying…or #2 up there but Sucker Punch was confusing! And then when I FINALY got to understanding it everyone just started dying! So that pissed me off! Idk… I love and hate it. Kind of expected more….

  • joan

    I Love Sucker Punch An Even When Nessa Doesn’t Appear in all the parts of the Movie She Has An Amazing Character and Her Energy make me feel like she was ther the Whole Time I LOVE IT

  • Alecks

    I saw this movie for Emily Browning and Jena Malone. I have been a fan of Emily’s since I saw Ghost Ship and Jena in Step-Mom. I was intrigued by the idea, the same as I had been since Amanda Seyfried and Emma Stone were attached to play Baby Doll and Amber. I was pleased with the film, the script, the acting, the CGI and the direction. I loved the soundtrack. Emily’s version of Sweet Dreams is absolutely haunting and is one of the best ways I could picture the opening going. I have seen this movie 10+ times now, and it gets easier and easier to understand and love. I was lost the first time, but I pick up on it a little bit more each viewing. It sucks that this movie isn’t finding the audience, but I am still holding out hope that when we get a Directors Cut Blu Ray [which is almost inevitable.], it will find its true fanbase.

  • Angie

    Emily looks so cute and Abbie looks stunning. Again @good-one: Again the each girl is getting the same treatment Vanessa’s fans know that and happy she was part of it THAT’S ALL. I would watch it without her. All the girls are equal Emily definitely has more stardom as she should.

  • http://twitter.com/_iAzn_ ZanessaLuvr95

    I had to go see Sucker Punch twice just to understand it.


    Basically, people think that they’re watching the movie from Babydoll’s perspective. We’re actually seeing it from Sweetpea’s pov. So, in all those scenes where Babydoll is dancing, she’s not actually dancing. She’s being sexually abused by blue. Blondie, Rocket, and Amber getting killed were all in Sweetpea’s imagination. In reality, they really just got lobotomized. All those scenes where they’re in the brothel, dance studio, dressing room, and theater are all in Sweetpea’s mind. Those fighting scenes were all in Babydoll’s imagination.

  • http://suarezryan mannysuarez

    @ZanessaLuvr95: but, how did blue abuse her all those times, if he was so anxious to do it with her after she stabbed him? he even said it, that he finally can get what he wants. that’s the crap that confused me.