Victoria Justice & Ryan Rottman: Let's Go Lakers!

Victoria Justice & Ryan Rottman: Let's Go Lakers!

Victoria Justice and Ryan Rottman give a thumbs up as they attend Lakers Casino Night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday night (April 3).

The Victorious co-stars joined other celebs such as Ashley Tisdale, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Camilla Belle to benefit the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation.

All guests were treated to fabulous food, interactive games, pictures with the Lakers and their Championship Trophies, Skee-ball, Photo Booths, and Pechanga Casino Games including Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack; all raising money for a good cause. Sweet!

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Credit: Wendi Kaminski, Jason LaVeris; Photos: FilmMagic
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  • andrea

    ryan hot! that’s all

  • kerri

    He is friends with zac efron and she is friends with josh hutcherson.

  • speachless

    he is such a fame junkie and now he likes young girls. what a waste of space, hey ryan i know your reading this because thats the type of loser you are so here it is you will never be in anything better then a 2 bit childrens program and im glad you and zac are friends coz losers need to stick together

  • Becki

    Wait, they’re dating? Isn’t he like 26 or 27 and she’s like 18???? Wow. Her friend josh is dating Vanessa and everyone is giving them crap because Vanessa is 4 years older, but now people are okay with this?? Ewwwww….

  • maria

    @speachless: Have to agree. Guys this age, who skateboard, hang around in bars looking for booty calls, and don’t want to grow up are LOSERS. Pretty face, not much else there. Guys of substance are SO worth waiting for, not players like this.

  • kASSIE

    Why is she dating that EXTRA? He is such a douche!!! I can’t take it when guys date girls who clearly take them as their plus one. EWWWWW!!!!! Victoria can date someone who can pay their own way and hers. She shouldn’t be slummen.

  • lauren

    ryan looks like a total tool.
    good job victoria

    uh victoria why arnt you dating josh?

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    yes they are dating and they both attend at the nick kids choice awards together!!!!!!!. he is hot!.

  • Dakota

    i cant imagine Victoria dating a loser/slacker. shes way 2 smart 4 for that!!! love her latest song and victorious episode BOYK!!! its climbing on itunes

  • Ruby

    Ryan is awesome so shut the fuck up. He isn’t old either, 26 is still young and he can live his life how he chooses.

  • Patworx

    I think that they are just friends.

  • michelle

    I think they’re just friends as well. On the other hand, I love her boots and jeans!

  • angie

    My parents are 10 years apart, 8 years is not a big deal. If shes happy she can date him, its her choice. Don’t freak out.

  • tee

    TOO MUCH HOT IN ONE PICTURE. i love them both and i hope they are dating <3 :-)!

  • jay


  • germaine

    So sad. I thought she was a smart girl. Her mom seems really involved. I wonder how she let this one slide. Sad. I hope Victoria moves onward fast. maybe she’s having a faze. Dating the guy to make her mom angry.

  • YeeDog

    i really hope she’s not a laker fan …

  • http://website Xojosselynxozanessaxo

    @germain what do u mean? and u guys dont know ryan personally netheir do i but he seems nice and i wonder what brittney would say about this they were also a great couple miss rittanny it was cute but it wasnt anything serise between them

  • germaine


    Brittany is closer to his age. He wasn’t praying on a girl who was barely legal. Plus they are broken up right? She got it. Hopefully Victoria will see this guy for the douche he is. He looks for the limelight…always someone’s plus one. You don’t have to know him personally to get that he stalks actresses for his self promotion. I would compare him to Scott Disick but I think Scott Disick is better than this clown.

  • kerri

    I read in that Ryan had his hand on Victoria’s knee. I know she is 18 and a adult but i think he is way too old for her. I can’t believe zac is friends with him. He goes after younger girls that could be his sister. I wonder why she never hooked up with Josh. They are the same age and have been friends for awhile i think.

  • morgan

    i hope she is a laker fan,i love her vidos ,i love freak the freak out,you will be bening on your knees ,he wil be bening on his knees for u.i love u

  • chris

    Ryans a tool he is a fame seeker just like he used Brittany Snow, and Zac Efron he is using Victoria Justice because his show Gigantic if a epic fail and Victorias is not. If she wants Brittanys sloppy seconds let her have him no one else wants him and he looks old and ragged it would be like Tom Cruise playing a teenager on Nickeloadean are they that desperate for actors they had to hire his old ugly self. If Victoria is dumb enough to hang with a guy who calls himself a ninja and beer pongs let what happened to Brittany happen to her. Zac hung out with this guy and look how he is acting. He dumped Vanessa for cheap blondes and still trolling with them while his bros suck up his money and his fame. Zac will be the next Charlie Sheen with his godesses way to bathe dude in p. Hey fans this is what you love the Ryans and Zacs of the world you do not care about talent enjoy the losers. Ryan if you are reading this we know what you are try and get a job where you actually have skill if they are hiring just anyone to act I may as well go act.

  • http://_iAzn_ ZanessaLuvr95

    why are you all assuming that they’re dating? just because they hang out & take pics together doesn’t mean they’re going out.. i take pics & hang out with my guy friends.. that doesn’t mean anything.. but i agree, he is a tool..

  • chris

    they all must be switch hitters Zac, Ryan, and Alix all wear the same bracelets real men dont do that it must be love tokens date girls by days and each other at night lol

  • Vanessa 143

    @chris: Lol

  • hollywood

    Such a beautiful girl. Ryan is a know party boy,user and d-bag. Run Victoria run, he will break your heart.

  • tumblr!

    water park.

  • todd

    It’s known that that group of guys hanging with Ryan treat women like objects. Most don’t care. Victoria is a smart cookie. She’ll drop him quick.

  • maria

    I am Sorry, but this photo says really much, who puts his hand on a girls knee when they are just friends??! I do agree with all of you,
    ryan really doesnt takes this seriousy and i hope victoria is going to see that! But it looks like she is enjoying

  • The Emperor

    The Reason Victoria should dump Ryan is because he’s a drunk freak who was arrested for DUI. As far as his age, if Ryan were 48 and Vicky were 40, it wouldn’t be a big deal, But because she’s only 18, it’s too big a gap. If Victoria is smart, (and I wouldn’t like her if she wasn’t) she’ll dump him like a soggy bowl of cereal! So, Victoria, if you’re reading this, please consider everything we’re saying, and move on. I’m looking for a girl ;)

  • Richard

    Victoria, please! Leave him! Find someone who is closer your age and doesn’t drink!