Brittany Snow Hits Up 'Lopez Tonight'

Brittany Snow Hits Up 'Lopez Tonight'

Brittany Snow dolls it up in a cute blue dress as she stops by Lopez Tonight late last week.

The 25-year-old actress opened up more about her recent birthday celebration in Las Vegas. She shared that while in Vegas, she and her friends, including Vanessa Hudgens, did gamble just a little bit.

“But I can’t do it myself,” Brittany shared. “I can watch other people and tell them what to do and they’ll win all this money. But when I do it, I lose!”

Bigger pic inside…

Brittany Snow on Lopez Tonight
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  • HIH

    I love her in ‘John Tucker Must Die’

  • kerri

    She looks pretty. I love her friendship with Vanessa. Fun Fearless girls.

  • Hans Brix

    Brittany Snow is amazingly gorgeous. This sensual young woman is indescribably beautiful. I hope that she does more mainstream movies from now on.

  • babyvlover

    From all those million friends Vanessa has Brittany (and Laura) seem to me like the most loyal ones who really love V. And therefore I love Brittany. I wish I’d have such a great friend like she is.

  • fan

    Brittany is Vanessa’s most loyal friend that been to all of her movies premieres and events. She is a true friend to Vanessa more so than Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, and the rest of the HSM casts. Ashley Tisdale was always busy doing shopping, vacationing with boyfriend Scott and family, doing her TV series, filming DVD movie, or tweeting; therefore, she doesn’t have the time to attend none of Vanessa’s movie premieres (2009 Bandslam, 2011 Beastly & Sucker Punch). Vanessa came flying back from oversea from her Sucker Punch promotion and mini Paris vacation with her mother and on the same day so that she can attend Ashley’s Disney DVD premiere.

    Zac said he valued all his friends. Considered that he dated Vanessa for 5 years, doesn’t that mean something to him. Vanessa has attended all of Zac’s movies premieres except for one because it was just a limit release. Of Vanessa’s three movies premieres, how many did Zac attended? Bandslam, no because he was in Vancouver getting prep and rehearsing the filming of his movie. Beastly, no because they broke-off but he was filming a movie called New Year Eve that is the spin off of Valentine. Sucker Punch, no because he was doing skate boarding in a parking lot with his boyfriends and vacationing with his family. But most definitely he attended Ashley’s Disney DVD premiere. He did attended all three days of Vanessa’s stage performances of Mimi, however, that was just a side thing that she did a favor for Neil Patrick Harris, and it wasn’t that high on the publicities of entertainment especially if its not Broadway. Plus there was no red carpet walking for stage. Vanessa probably preferred that her friends come for her movies premieres because filming movies are what she is mostly focusing on and enjoy the most.

    Okay, let’s look at the devotion of the rest of the HSM casts and director. Monique, Orl (Kelsi), Martha, Kenny Ortega, etc., have attended Zac’s 17-Again movie premiere and Ashley’s Disney DVD premiere. Kenny Ortega attended one of Corbin’s Boardway’s showing. None of the HSM casts have attended Vanessa’s movie premieres.

    Brittany has been there for Vanessa’s Bandslam, Beastly, and Sucker Punch movies premieres. Plus she went to see Vanessa’s three days stage performance of Mimi, which that was just a side thing of Vanessa and the stage thing does not have red carpet or publisted as much. I am pretty sure that Vanessa would of perferred her friends to attend movie premieres and walk the red carpet. Brittany you’re a true true best friend to Vanessa. Thank you.

  • fan

    Since you are a true true friend to one of my favorite star, Vanessa, I will be one of your many fan.

  • Haters Suck!

    i could not agree with you more. What you said was absolutley perfect. It’s become obvious who Vanessa can count. She can’t count on Ashley she most certainley can’t count on zac and I’m wondering of she ever could. After all the support Vanessa has shown them they can’t bother to show up to just one of her premiere is just not right. But Brittany has been a true friend and has always been there to show Vanessa support and because of that like you I have become more and more of a Brittany fan.

  • ZanessaLuvr95/_iAzn_

    @fan: wow.. i havent really realized all those things until u pointed them out.. brit’s a really great friend to nessa. i’m really disappointed in zac

  • laquida

    yeah i loved brittany on lopez too! she was dancin to snoop dog song i was go girlllllllll!!!! lol

  • laquida

    @HIH: i do too along with ashanti! that movie is so funny!:):) and i love hairspray too!

  • kami

    ♥ brittany seems like a really sweet girl. ♥

  • ______

    She is sweet and hot. Also a great friend to Vanessa lucky her.

  • Vanessa 143

    I love you brith you are the real friend of nessa I hope it well not changes,I’m so proud of you..

  • Anita

    i love that brith and nessa are bff but is it just me or she’s at all the shows that v just was in….?