Logan Lerman Is 'Curious' About Percy Jackson Sequel

Logan Lerman Is 'Curious' About Percy Jackson Sequel

Logan Lerman has a ton of upcoming projects that JJJ is excited to see — The Three Musketeers, The Perks of Being a Wallflower — but what about Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters?

Looks like the 19-year-old actor is curious about that himself. Logan shared with Collider at WonderCon 2011, “I’ve been hearing about that all around today. I haven’t heard anything about it from the studio or from anyone who’s involved in it creatively. It’s all news to me, but I’m curious. I’m really curious.”

Logan also got a chance to chat with MTV about meeting Emma Watson for Perks. “It’s a book that we’ve all known, Emma and I, some other people, it’s really affected us since it came out. I read it years ago. It’s an honor to be in that film and to be able to portray Charlie.”

Logan Lerman: WonderCon Interview
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  • zzzzz

    That’s right JJJ! Keep on posting more Logan Lerman! :D
    Even though I’m a stalker, I get all excited when JJJ post something Logan-related. Haha :)

  • Celia

    He’s so cute. It will be so weird seeing him and Emma (love her!) do a love scene together. So weird.
    But I can’t wait. I hope they have great chemistry!

  • Miia

    He’s awesome. Love the interview! Especially the part where he tells the story about karaoke in Japan. He’s so funny!

  • http://dnck_hoon Ray

    @Celia: I’d love to see Emma & Logan together also! They must be a beautiful couple! But it’s a pity that, if the movie’s script goes along with novel’s content, … I don’t really read it because in my country it’s not pulished here, never, i just go around wiki and google and read some summaries about its story, … Sam doesn’t fall in love with Charlie right? Charlie is the only one who falls in love deeply with Sam, Sam just keeps her heart heading to her ex-boyfriend. Is it? Please some one tell me briefly about Sam & Charlie, I read whole thing about Charlie’s sister, first love, his friends, Peter, Brad but about Sam I didn’t reallly get it. :(

  • lalala

    I love the way he moves his eyebrows. So cute.
    I enjoy watching his interviews. ^_^

  • lalala

    yay they met!
    seriously can’t wait for the movie. <3

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