Did Britney Spears Write A Song for Selena Gomez' New Album?

Did Britney Spears Write A Song for Selena Gomez' New Album?

Did we hear that right?!

Selena Gomez and the Scene have a track on their upcoming album called Whiplash” that was co-written by Britney Spears, according to ClevverTV.

With the junior album from the group dropping in just a few months — we can’t wait to hear and see if the track makes the final cut.

In the meantime, go pick up Britney‘s new album, Femme Fatale.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Britney writing a song for Selena’s album AND what do you think it will sound like?

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  • Girl

    Welp. “Whiplash” was supposed to be on Britney’s album “Blackout”…It wasn’t written recently.

  • Girl

    …or specifically for Selena.

  • Girlleader1

    Just the fact that Britney Spears would give one of her songs to Selena is amazing!! (: cannot wait to hear it. Britney Spears and Rock Mafia songs on the 3rd album?! Its bound to be good!! <33333

  • Didi

    YAY! Can’t wait to hear it…….

  • Meagan

    Whoa, SCORE!!! Go Selena!

  • Patty

    Former Disney star gives song to current Disney star. TEAM BRIT & SEL! <3

  • SAM

    Selena is reminds me a lot of Britney (except more wholesome). Both girls are super sweet and have irresistibly catchy pop songs.

  • a.m./p.m.

    That’s great! Selena’s voice would fit perfectly with a Britney song. Both have that light/pop singing voice. Hope it’s really edgy and danceable.

  • Zac F Ron

    Selena compared the sound of her new album to a rave, which is the perfect word to describe Britney’s new album Femme Fatale :D Can’t wait!

  • Selenapck

    I’m not really a big fan of Britney but I’ve heard ALOT about her and is she writes a song for Selena… it would be amazing. I mean being Selena’s biggest fan is something i’m proud of and when Selena will perform/sing that song or any other I imagine it being a huge hit!

  • brendan

    Britney can’t even write a song for herself, so obviously she’s not writing songs for anyone else.

  • bruno

    it would be insane awesome!!! so excited to hear it! its gonna be electronic for sureee! a dance song :D

  • Theresa

    a sucky singer writes a song for another sucky singer.


  • Demi&mileylove

    Honestly I don’t see why some people are hating on Selena so much ! She is so kind, talented, beautiful, sweet, nice, original & so kind hearted. She has NEVER been bullied in her childhood, & she even though, she still wants to help others with ” WHO SAYS ” ! She is so hot but she still wants to fill people with self-confidence & happines !! That’s so nice ! not mentionning every thing she’s doing for UNICEF ! why hate on her ?? Theresa get a life !

  • javi

    i admire selena’s courage first the beliebers hating because justin decided to date her second miley fans some of them hate her just because they are miley fans and don’t like selena ok no all of them this girl head would explode with all the things she’s got in her mind the new cd the tour the movie she’s got coming up that’s being a pro i take my hat of to her.

  • bowlingfan

    More likely it was a Britney reject. Selena used it. She might be improving but still not sure how Selena could have a jr album. She really can’t sing. Autotune on a CD works but live is really bad.

  • ness

    um are you people stupid? Just because Brit Spears wrote a song doesn’t mean it was originally written for Selena Gomez.

  • napacaaaaaaan

    STOP HATING! hate is bad! be positive then your life will be positive too!!

    respect others, and others will respect you too!

  • ????

    Britney doesnt even write her own songs….what makes you think she would write for someone else

  • Belle

    wait, since when does Britney write her own music let alone music for someone else?

  • luvd80s2

    @Belle: That’s what I was thinking! lol. Like the first poster said it wasn’t written for Selena, it most likely was a song that didn’t make the cut for one of her albums.

  • anybody?anybody?

    @Belle: Seriously with you on that. Just because singers get credit for music doesn’t mean they actually write it themselves. It’s all politics. Spears can’t even pull her weight in her own career, please don’t link her to Selena, who actually has one that hasn’t imploded yet.

  • Tex

    Her “Who Says” It’s inspiring, and on the same line, it would be a good EXAMPLE to encourage youth toward independency. Such as try to go live BY THEIRSELVES when they become ADULTS.

  • Tex

    Well, perhaps catchy at first, it seems somehow mental to ask in advance what something will sound like in the future.

  • blah

    of course britney gave her a song, selena never writes her own stuff

  • tEX

    Hmm….. after all it’s not a bad idea this future prescription. YES, you did hear that right!

  • Tex

    Hmm….. after all it’s not a bad idea this future prescription. YES, you did hear that right!

  • Alyssa JOnas

    that sond AWEmazing! cant wait! team selena and brit ftw!

  • kakak12234

    coool so excited, but i want to hear more songs written by selena herself

  • Ashley

    I love every song Britney Spears has written. She writes awesome songs!

  • Tex

    I don’t have the least idea.

  • vvv

    well i always knew that Brit had no talent at all, she cant sing, she inst creative but she is perfect at dancing. i could not believe it that she actually wrote a song, good for her but i still wonder how she managed to stay in the music industry for sooooo long, her team makes and tells everything that Britney has to do. but good for her.