Josie Loren Sings on Make It Or Break It!

Josie Loren Sings on Make It Or Break It!

Josie Loren gets up on stage to sing a few verses with costar Johnny Pacar in this new still from Make It Or Break It.

In the upcoming episode “Life or Death,” With the Hungary invitational only two weeks away, the girls should be at the top of their game. But when Darby arranges a meet against the worst-ranked club in the country in a misguided attempt to build team confidence, the girls feel their dreams of winning Worlds slip further away.

Meanwhile, Kaylie (Loren) struggles with the news about Maeve and leans on Damon (Pacar) for emotional support. As the NGO continues to keep Emily (Chelsea Hobbs) and Damon apart, how will Emily feel when she realizes her boyfriend and Kaylie have grown closer?

“Life or Death” premieres Monday, April 18th @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family. 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Danny Feld; Photos: ABC Family
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  • Cee

    The show’s probably going to try to stir up more drama as usual so that each character can have their own storyline/problems going on. Austin’s pulled away from Kaylie and had more scenes with Emily recently than in the past, so they may grow closer as friends since she isn’t allowed to have a boyfriend. That, and Emily’s going to be jealous and probably quite angry (?) that Kaylie and Damon have grown closer now that both have bonded over music. Everyone’s probably going to know that Lauren leaked the footage of Payson’s kiss soon, regardless of her conversation with her dad and how she’s fixed things so he “owes her” and shouldn’t say a word about it. And Payson’s probably going to become closer to the new guy at the Rock. So then every girl will have their own sort of drama. Just my predictions based on how things are going :)

  • lauren6

    it will maake me real sad if kaylie and damon get together….ive been loving damon and emily since the beginning….altho i do kinda love austins chemistry with emily…just love austin in general…lol….and @Cee i totally agree with you

  • Emily f

    i dont mind a little drama between kaylie, austin, emily and damon because itll be a little fun watching austin get jealous :) …but in the end, austin belongs with kaylie!!!!!

  • stacey

    Though I love both Damon & Kaylie individually, I most definitely support Emily&Damon, and Kaylie&Austin. That’s how things are meant to be in my perspective (;

  • hmmm

    is maeve her friend from rehab? what happens to her?

  • lyn

    I hope Emily & Damon stay together and hope that Kaylie doesn’t come between them, since she knows how it feels with Lauren betraying her. I love Emily/Damon & Kaylie/ Austin together. Also want Payson w/ Max and Lauren can just take a break from boys.

  • HIH

    Cool XD

  • Kamen Rider Red Fire

    Josie Loren is so cute and she reminds me of Gokai Pink from the 35th Super Sentai Series “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger” now currrently showing on TV Asahi in Japan and Johnny Pacar also reminds me of Gokai Blue again from the 35th Super Sentai Series “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger” currently showing on TV Asahi in Japan

    For the record, I’d love to snuggle up to Josie Loren and treat her to a nice Pepsi Cola someday because that’ll be real sweet.

  • mckie

    i love make it or break it! was josie loren actually singing in that episode? if so she is really good.