Miley Cyrus: Sharky's Lunch With Noah

Miley Cyrus: Sharky's Lunch With Noah

Miley Cyrus and younger sister Noah spend some quality sister time together picking up lunch from Sharky’s on Monday (April 11) in Los Angeles.

“Getting my nails done with @theBrandiCyrus @partyyandnoiee and my mommy :) girls day is the best!” the 18-year-old recently tweeted.

Miley arrived in LA last Friday night after flying in from Chicago for a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show. The episode airs April 13th!

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  • jojo

    Why will she be on Oprah? what has she done lately that’s worthy of an Oprah appearance? wtf? Beyond overrated.

  • tia

    Miley you are so awesome forget the haters. God bless you.

  • mk

    @jojo: Overrated? Lmao she does a hell of a lot more than most celebs.. & she’s just breaking into the movie scene, idiot. Do you know how many charities she’s involves in? No, because she doesnt advertise it or try to get publicity from it.. LOL STFU & GTFO

  • mk

    @jojo: Overrated? Lmao she does a hell of a lot more than most celebs.. & she’s just breaking into the movie scene, idiot. Do you know how many charities she’s involved in? No, because she doesnt advertise it or try to get publicity from it.. LOL STFU & GTFO

  • rd

    @jojo: You jealous? If anything, she’s underrated.

  • Warren

    Noah’s hair is a lot better than last time. Sadly, I don’t think Oprah is going to be about Miley. Miley will probably just sing a song with Joan Jett or something. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    @jojo: She has a World Tour Kicking off this month and a new Movie that will be out in a few months .

  • good-one

    great to see these sisters out and about together.

  • Ella

    Miley is a great big sister for Noah.. (:

  • Neve

    Noah really won’t grow up to be very good looking…

  • blahblahblah

    Miley I don’t like you I Adore You <3<3<3 OMG Can’t wait to see her on Oprah Haters Above WTH , Really Mature !!!!!

  • cam


    Yeah, you should see the pictures of some of thre gorgeous adults that were awkward looking at age 10, 11,12. Noah was an adorable little girl at age 5, and she will be a beauty in a few yaers too. It’s really not nice to pick on a little girl so leave Noah alone.

  • Gen

    Awesome siblings! :)

  • himiley

    i can’t wait for all her upcoming projects…..she’s just great

  • http://deeosment dee osment

    so addicted to her…i like her outfit, n her on Oprah ,just can’t wait!!!!! love you Miley Cyrus

  • http://mia mia


  • kym

    i agree with jojo. she is over rated. and to everyone thats up her a** crack, just save your comments for someone that cares. shes only on oprah for promotion and there are many other celebs that do charity and dont get publicity for it and can also make good decisions. and i thought her new twitter was strictly for promotion of her tour. she is such a hypocrite -she made fun of social networking and said it was a waste of time and yet she is back on it- she just used the whole tour promotion thing as an excuse to get back on twitter. shes making the same mistake as before with displaying her personal life then she is gonna complain about the media always in her personal life. get real!

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    @mk: thank you !

  • http://deleted MileyCyrus twitter

    befor i got to my laptop i was thinking about if she will gonna be on oprah or not HAHA ! i think i just got my answer and im sooo happy cant wait
    love you miley and im praying for you to get better !

  • Music*for*president

    SMH at those who think Miley is fading. She’s down to less than TEN venues that haven’t sold out for her tour yet. Plus, though’s arena’s are her biggest and are almost sold out. She has 4 movies coming out, 2 already done. She’s working on a new album that is sure to rocket into the top ten on Billboard. And let’s not forget that she was the richest teen of 2008-2010 and is still going strong. And has been voted the most popular teen of 2011 already. Topping Justin Bieber. Haters to the left.

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    @jojo: @kym: @kym: @jojo: obviously u guys can’t be too tired of her if ur still wasting time commenting and reading her post on a daily basis. How bout taking ur negative energy else where and stop wasting ur pathetic lives on celebs u don’t like. And FYI, that’s the point of going on talk shows. Celebs fo there to help promote any CDS, Movies or Tours they have in the works and Miley is Near sold-out World Tour that kicks off and the end of this month..

  • http://deeosment dee osment

    @kym: haters are just confused admirers…..Miley is HBIC,live with it my friend!!!!!!

  • shannon

    haters get a life….so what if she used her tour as an excuse to get on twitter…im just glad she’s back on there. noie looks adorable with her big sis…and how is noie even ugly..i dont see how she’s ugly…so yea get a life haters and go comment on ppl you like and not waste your time on ppl you hate. I love you miley, you look gorgeous as always :)

  • beth

    @kym: first of all, i love miley and i think she DOES deserve to be on Oprah. Maybe she’ll be on Oprah for a big break that she’s getting: from a child star to… well, an adult actress. She’s done a lot of really good movies and she’s doing a lot more that will also be amazing. And yes, she does do a lot of charities, so bam. Another reason for her to be on Oprah. ANND who are you to choose who should be on Oprah and who shouldn’t? Secondly, you say to those who actually love Miley (like me) to save it for someone who cares? Why don’t you save YOUR crap for someone who cares? Most of the people who’re actually reading this care for Mi, and haters like you need to leave the country. And so what, she did a few bad things in her life, but that isn’t for you to judge, she’s just a teenager. Teenagers do that, I bet you did when you were younger. So get a grip, get a life, and leave Miley alone! Noone appreciates people like you who criticize celebrities for no reason. You have no proof that she’s a bad person, everything that she’s done, others do it too. It’s just been made a bigger deal because of she’s famous. Good for her though, good that she’s famous. She’s making tons of money and she’s doing great in life and she deserves everything she gets, just not the negative crap coming from jelous bitches like you.

  • headstrong

    @shannon: mte

  • headstrong

    @Bridgit Mendler Online: preach it!!

  • kym

    haha you guys are quite funny. im just telling it like it is. theres not shame or blame in it. everyone is hypocritical sometimes she just doesnt admit it.

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