Ashley Tisdale: Allure Magazine Spread

Ashley Tisdale: Allure Magazine Spread
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Photos: Allure magazine
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  • hotmess

    Ash disappointed me with this!

  • http://! rox

    ash is nasty

  • krisssssy

    ash is nearly 26 years old. get over it.

  • danny mcdonald


  • ______

    She’s older, mature, and do whatever she wants. Do your thing babe.

  • Chanon

    Wow, now that we’ve seen you practically naked, Ashley, I guess we can now take you seriously as an entertainer right?

  • Girl

    So pretty; love her.

    She’s accomplished so much over the years. I’m always happy to see her face. I’m so proud of her. Big fan right here!

    & uhm, thing #1 & #2, She’s a young woman on a classy magazine spread. This isn’t Playboy, ingnoramuses.

  • amtfan

    how is this nasty? its classy and beautiful. not trashy like vanessas nudes.

  • Merlin’s mum

    Ermm? It’s a tasteful profesional shot of a beautiful young woman. What’s wrong with that?

  • Kristine

    everybody is naked underneath their clothes!

    how can this be nasty? this is a human body.

  • Kat

    @hotmess: @rox:

    I dont think there is anything wrong with this, its not my cup of tea but many people do it so they feel confotable in there own skin. The pic of ash looks beautiful and its not trashy at all, so please stop putting really unneccessary comments.

    Have you never seen Gok Wan? Now I bet you dont think that is nasty or dissappointing?

  • http://@mia luna

    hate this

  • pao

    Wow, nice tattoo Ash, well Lol!!! Now lets see what her fans think about her, she’s not the good girl any more!! Let’s see if hers fans call her trash like they do with Vanessa tattoo!!

  • Blenda

    A Ashley me decepcionou com isso,acho que se ela queria demonstrar que já era uma mulher procurasse outro jeito,não esse !

  • Krissy

    After reading the following comments, I am disappointed on what you guys are saying about Ashley. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but Ashley is a grown woman. She is 25 going on 30 – which means she is no longer the Maddie/ sharpay girl we remember her from Suite Life of Zac and Cody and the HSM Series. No, she is a sophisticated, classy, beautiful, mature woman who managed to stay true to herself and hasn’t done anything wrong over these past couple of years. Since most of you, are complaining of what you see in the picture, honestly, get over yourself. I am not trying to be rude, but I am just saying, there are many celebrities in the world who have taken worse photographs then this – and not one of them have been for good purposes. Ashley’s intention on posing like this was for everyone, including her fans to take her seriously. It was to show, she’s not the girl everyone remember her as ( and yes, she has stated this in the magazine) Exactly, how many of you, have taken her seriously once she left SLOZAC and HSM? My point exactly. I mean, she could have done something completely different but decided to pose naked. Why?
    Well, when I see this photograph, I see a young girl transformed into a beautiful young woman. (not taking anything out of context) Clearly, she has reached the stage where she’s comfortable in her own skin ( not an easy decision to make, I can tell you that) and isn’t afraid of what other people think of her. This girl has a lot of potential and obviously has a big future ahead of her. I am proud she has come this far. Hopefully you guys will see that too. Just because someone poses naked, doesn’t mean they are less of a person. A person is beautiful on the inside and outside – no matter how many mistakes, flaws, (etc) she/he may have.

    Also other thing, the human body is not nasty – we are all created this way. ( or as Lady gaga would put it – we ARE ALL born this way) Either accept or you don’t.

  • Lina

    @Krissy What you said! =)
    totally agree !

  • kerri

    LEAVE VANESSA OUT OF THIS. Ashley looks confident and the picture isn’t trashy.

  • Claire

    You practically read my mind. First, read again: it´s Allure magazine, not Playboy. This is Ashley Tisdale who we are talking about. She´s sucha pretty girl and has proved that she knows how to handle fame.
    When I look at this picture I don´t find anything dirty or nasty. I only see a girl who used to be this Disney sweetheart and now has grown up into a beautiful young woman. I mean, how can this be nasty? It looks gorgeous. There´s not even dirt in her look. Her facial experssion doesn´t look lusty or perverted.
    I´m a huge Ashley fan, I´m 14 and I don´t feel disappointed at all like some of the girls around here. I totally respect her decission for doing this. I´m actually really proud of her because this only proves Ashley is comfortable with her body and she´s not afraid to show it. I wish all the girls could feel that way, including me.
    I´m also a great fan of Vanessa and I feel very upset when some of you call her a s**t. I know she made a mistake, but she publicly apologized for it. Isn´t it what we all do when we make a mistake?
    And istead of Vanessa, you should be angry to the people who leaked her pictures THRICE cause they probably knew Vanessa was underage in those pictures and so distributing them makes it child pornography, as for them, criminals.
    So, please the people who are insulting Vanessa, calm down, cause it really hurts to the fans. And don´t bring Ashley into this terms, too.

  • Crystal


    So they would be trashy instead of classy and beautiful if they were private photos like Vanessa’s?. Nice double standard.

    Girl, Posing without clothes in a classy magazine spread is no different than posing without them in Playboy.

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